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    WTB WD80EFAX 8TB 5400RPM 256MB (RED)

    Just looking for 2-4 drives :D
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    WTB Antec Solo II

    Looking for this case or the front panel/ front io
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    Black friday for the [H]

    So i figured what the heck what are people seeing that may actually be worth the trouble for black Friday deals? *This main post will be updated frequently in list form below* **Sites worth checking**
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    Wireless Headset Hell (help me decide)

    So i am in headset hell i had a Turtle Beach PX4 and after years of faithful service it has gone into the great beyond. So its time for an upgrade and i have paid the stupid fee to unlock Dolby Atmos 7.1 virtual surround for windows 10. the choices are as follows SteelSeries Siberia 840...
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    $300 phone options

    So in the data center yesterday my beloved moto g4 plus fell face down and the lcd is toast. I see this as a sign to upgrade what are my options?
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    Mining cards are here!

    Someone needs to grab one and answer this question. Can they be able to be used in crossfire/sli with non mining cards?
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    play ps1 and ps2 games on your ps4 note this just a rumor but it is possible they could also emulate the ps3
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    AMD unveils ARM Opteron a1100 chip And boom goes the dynamite
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    9590 all the speed now -$500 according to kitguru amd has slashed the price of its most expensive processor to date may be a good thing for am3+ users looking for a drop in upgrade if your board can handle it
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    This could be Kavari... WOW

    This could be amd 22nm/20nm apu with VI GFX or kavari either way. Talk about go big or go home this monster has 8 x86 Modules,1024 Stream processors, 512 Bit Memory Bus...
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    500+ gb ssd reviews

    since i am in the market for a 500+ gig ssd where are the reviews anyone seen any
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    EA: Consumers 'enjoying and embracing' microtransactions welcome to the new world of gaming brought to you by ea i really hope they choke on it and die. in other news piracy surges for ea games
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    A New Forum For Jobs & Resume & Business

    i think it would help out of work [H]'ers and those looking for better careers or starting their own business another resource to aid them in the pursuit to attain their American dream.
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    Any killer hdtv deals

    looking for 32 - 50 in tv's need one for the rents
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    Enthusist laptop review

    I just had an idea from left field here Could it be possible for hardocp to do laptop/mobile reviews that are more aimed at the mobile enthusiast?
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    Fx 8350 for sale on ebay It has liquid cooling its a buy for me
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    Vishera prices are out not too shabby now onward to get performance numbers
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    Am3+ is dead after...

    STEAMROLLER'S 28nm BOOTY yes folks it looks like am3+ is going to have a life after piledriver. "What wasn't known up until recently, however, was that AMD intends to stick by the AM3+ socket for at least one...
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    Get a 2nd 6870 or just buy a new card

    I want some more gaming performance. Should i get a 2nd 6870 for around $150 or just buy a newer card? what are the performance benefits of adding a second card vs buying a new one?
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    Cant subscribe?

    Finally found the subscribe link in the stickied post however i cant subscribe as it fowards me to this page Thanks
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    amd 3rd Generation FX Questions

    I have a really huge question here will we see the steamroller core in the am3+ form factor? I ask this since the roadmap for 28nm cpu/apu AM3+ is essentially dead. If that is the case will amd release a full 8 core Steamroller FX APU?
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    Half-Life 3?

    Valve is up to something could hl3 be coming to our pc's in the near future. note i said pc's console users go die in a fire :D Note it wont be showing at e3 but who gives a damn...
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    The devils in the details AMD 28nm FDSOI!

    In my usual stumbling on the net i came across this article at xbit said ok interesting then i read this part "Soitec’s FD wafers offer an early...
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    have a 21inch SONY CPD-E500 need some advice

    well since my cats used my lcd as a litter box im thinking about bringing my old heavy ass crt out of retirement. the question is however is the it worth fixing it needs a new control board for the wheel that controls the crt options and prob a little work done on the tube or behind it.
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    help me cats and monitor

    cats nuked my lcd monitor and now i have blotches of black spaces on it any idea how i can correct this. or should i just toss it out when i get my tax return in a month.
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    Hot Trinity CES Information

    the gang at pcper and some rather intresting info on amd new apu follow the link for all the details
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    Counter Strike:Source sever?

    I thought i would toss this one out there since the 1st incarnation of hardgaming was spawned from hardcs back in 03. so i ask how about a hardgaming cs:s server?
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    Hardgaming link on the front page

    i think the title explains it and thanks kyle for bringing it back *edit* if im not mistaken i did this for the really old incarnation of hardgaming or was it hardcs at the time idk lol
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    RAGE from Carmack...

    this guy just literally hit the "i will never buy a another game that he has anything to do with" button. "We do not see the PC as the leading platform for games," i would like to have the drugs carmack is on...
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    Will We see amd based ultrabooks?

    The era of fat notebook may be at an end; so as the title suggests will AMD get into the Ultrabook market? There is only one thing i see that is holding them up that is the lack of Intel Rapid Start technology. For the sake of completeness Intel Rapid Start is flash storage that has been...
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    Ok i have a 6870 need to output to a SDTV

    Ok so yeah i have a sdtv with component cables attached to my dvi port via this it is not working as planned. so any ideas on how i can get videos to play on my old 27" tv with...
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    Old school [H]ardgaming people sound off

    im talking the people and admins from the olden days where cs was the game of choice and people involved with the site back in the day i was former news lackey for [H]ardgaming and cs/cs:s admin.
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    And yet another reason to hate Crytek,-says-Crytek-boss--a010491-p0.php "Because of the lack of a new generation of consoles... inevitably the PC cycle is being held back. So the PC generation has to innovate in different areas where it can be faster and more user-friendly...
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    It's the End of the World AMD is Profitable things are looking good for the green camp.
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    NV finally allows Sli on amd chipsets

    not that most on the amd side give a crap about nv but to each their own gfx company and form of dual gpu's link
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    AMD's New cpu/apu naming system,12183.html for the love of everything holy we must not let amd do this to us FFS Vision Black FX is bulldozers supposed name. may i be the 1st say WHAT THE HELL HAVE THEY PUTTING IN THE WATER AT AMD'S HQ. they need to keep...
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    Should Intel openly licence x86?

    Obviously arm is knocking at x86's door the proof is in the pudding i honestly feel intel needs to change its licensing plan for the x86 instruction set. not taking anything from via or amd or intel they are great x86...
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    Llano launches this week?! @ CES "And it has more in store. This week at the 2011 CES it is expected to launch its "A-Series" lineup, formerly know as Llano." If this comes to pass this is an unexpected surprise last i heard Llano was to be launched many months after...
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    Sony Vaio catches fire

    ah poor charlie