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  1. Col_Hogan

    RYZEN 1600x $170 W/ Google Express Use promo code ORDERNOW20 or NEWEXPRESS20 to get 20% off first order. Maximum discount is $30. Free next day shipping.Tax is applied to your order. can be applied site wide...alot of good deals to be had. Google Express offers New Customers...
  2. Col_Hogan

    Dell PowerEdge T20 Barebone server $149 Shipped

    Deal is back for the T20 Barebone Mini tower Server. great deal at 149 shipped..I have 1 of these for a file server. Dell PowerEdge T20 code for this awesome deal is: 149T20
  3. Col_Hogan

    Corsair 2100 Wireless Headset $80

    Best Buy currently has these for 80 bucks...damn good wireless headset. Picked myself up a set. cheapest price around.
  4. Col_Hogan

    FS: Zotac H77-ITX Wifi Supreme MB,CPU and Ram Combo

    Ok Selling this here Combo..Selling only as a combo..want it all gone. H-77 ITX Motherboard..this thing has everything that you could want in a ITX MB.. I even went so far as to upgrade the Mini pcixpress wifi card to a Intel part. its 802.11 AC...
  5. Col_Hogan

    FS: MSI Twin Frozr III 7950

    Looking to sell my MSI Twin Frozr 7950..was gonna get another for crossfire..but with the way prices are..decided I will go Team green for awhile. Paypal please. Heatware: $320 shipped.
  6. Col_Hogan

    Logitech G500s Amazon Gold Box Deal

    Excellent price for a excellent mouse. 40 Bucks Shipped
  7. Col_Hogan

    Antec GX500 Case $25AR

    Very Nice case. Bought one the video at the botttom of the ad page. Nice Deal. for only 25 bucks after rebate and free shipping...heck even at 45 bucks is still good.
  8. Col_Hogan

    Mushkin Io 256GB Solid State Drive - $200

    Seems like a very Hot deal here.. less than 1 dollar a gig.
  9. Col_Hogan

    HT Omega cards Compare to X-Fi?

    ok..Heres My problem..I have a X-fi ExtremeMusic(just the card) and Im getting tired of doing the ol Reach around to plug in the Mic and Headphones when I go to play BF2. I dont want to buy a IO Panel for the X-Fi cause cheapest I can find is 75 bucks.. Was wondering how the HT Omega...
  10. Col_Hogan

    Opteron-939 146 for $53 Shipped

    Stolen or Saw this on Anandtech. not a bad deal.!
  11. Col_Hogan

    WTT: BFG 6800Ultra for a X800XT AIW

    Just like the title says...Looking for a X800XT AIW or a X1900AIW(would work also) And yes I know the X1900 would be PCI-e..I can do either or..Im offering up my BFG 6800Ultra(AGP) for either card...
  12. Col_Hogan

    actually BF2 Patch out now

    Just thought I would put this out there for ya.Patches are universal..and Multilingual
  13. Col_Hogan

    FS: A64 2800+ and MB, 1gb(2x512) HyperX

    Basically have some Items for sale... Aopen MK-89L Socket 754 Micro-ATX MB w/ 2800 A64 w retail HSF. SOLD...YAY!!! Pic 1GB (2x512mb) Kingston HyperX DDR500 PC4000 125 Shipped. Pic Antc Aria Micro Atx Case. Not stock. 40 dollars Shipped pic1 pic2 of it running pic3...
  14. Col_Hogan

    ATI Express Socket 754 MB??

    Well I found one...and its made by Jetway...I had a jetway Socket A MB once..performed nicely..overclocked real easy... Anyways...this might be a nice MB for the Micro-atx crowd also...Im gonna see If I can find one... anyways here a Look at one thers also a 939 Flavored one...but...