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    New image editing build

    With much support and encouragement, a friend of mine is finally ready to upgrade from a five year old laptop. I have a build in mind for him, but thought it best to get a second opinion from the fine folks of the General Hardware forum. :) 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming...
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    FS: Gigabyte GTX 670 OC

    Edit: SOLD 8/17/13 Not much to say here. I upgraded to a GTX 780, and I'm ready to sell my 670. This is a Gigabyte GTX 670 2GB Windforce OC card. Been in use for about a year, runs cool and quiet. Currently runs for about $350 on Amazon and Newegg, but I'll take $275 plus shipping. Price is...
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    New build for a friend

    I had a great experience in this forum when seeking advice on building my current gaming setup, so I figured I'd come back. :cool: Friend of mine is looking to get back into PC gaming after a long absence, so I'm looking to get a component list together for him. Cool and silent operation is...
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    GTX 670 Windforce OC suddenly crashing

    Uh oh. I got home and started playing some Arkham City… driver crashed barely a minute in. Tried GTA4… same thing. Crysis 2, same. I'm even occasionally getting a driver crash just sitting at the Windows desktop. I've tried updating to the latest beta drivers, rolling back to the WHQL...
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    Considering a new build

    Hey all, With a flood of overtime at my job lately, I've had some spare pocket change. I think it's time to retire the gaming PC in my sig and go with an entirely new setup. I'm also considering a new Mac, so I may just wait until after WWDC to make a decision. For now, I just want to see...
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    Multiple displays—with a quirk

    Hey all. Work-related question here. At my new job, I have two Dell 1908FP displays, but I can currently only use one because my PC, a full size Optiplex 990, lacks multiple display support in the configuration we ordered. So, a Visiontek HD6450 and a DVI splitter was ordered for me and...
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    Windows 7 deployment help

    Hi all. I'm having a difficult time getting Windows 7 deployment up and running at work. Here's my issue: I'm working on a Windows 7 32-bit image of a Dell Optiplex 990. I create a local admin account named thsystem, install all the needed drivers, make the necessary customizations (shortcuts...
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    Arstechnica article on Automator and OS X scripting

    GREAT article by Ars. A pretty solid and long overdue introduction to the real power features of OS X. Automator, Services, and AppleScript are excellent tools that don’t really have a parallel or analogue in Windows.
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    10.6.7 available

     → Software Update
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    Attn: New Apple owners

    First of all, Merry Christmas. :cool: And since it’s Christmas, that means people are getting new gear. PCs, GPUs, consoles, handhelds, and of course Macs, iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Lifehacker annually publishes a “guide to your new device” series of articles, and I figured it was worth...
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    GTA coming to OS X

    … Sort of. In a way. Halfheartedly. Emulated. So much for that whole “native version” thing. Hell, so much for that whole “current generation” thing.
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    iTunes 10.1 available

    Download from Software Update or Changes: No mention of AirPrint here or in the 10.6.5 changelog. Worrying.
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    10.6.5 available

     → Software Update. Release notes: Apple’s servers are pretty speedy. Downloading at nearly 1MBps. Eager to try out gaming performance post-update.
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    Apple: “Back to the Mac” on Oct 20

    Apple has sent out press invites for a press event in one week titled “Back to the Mac”. Based on the image they sent out with the invites, I’m guessing we’ll see a preview of OS X 10.7 Lion. (Note that I’m just guessing it’ll be called Lion based on the...
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    Skype 3G update coming soon

    From TUAW: iPad: your new VOIP phone, courtesy of AT&T.
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    Rumor: AT&T Outbid Verizon for iPad Data Plan

    This is pretty interesting if true, especially for those complaining that the iPad's data plan costs too much. If this is true, it makes me wonder what iPhone rate plans would cost should the phone ever make its way to Verizon. The grass might not be so green on the other side.
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    Security Update 2010-001 released

    Time to hit up Software Update. Changes include: I've also got an Airport Client, Java, and Bonjour update waiting for me in my Software Update utility. YMMV.
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    Apple TV updated to 3.0; iTunes updated to 9.0.2

    Just like the thread title says. Apple TV owners, what few of you there are, update away. You're treated to a brand-new interface, iTunes LP, and a few other things. A preview of the new interface and writeup of the new features is right here. The rest of us get iTunes 9.0.2, the changelog of...
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    DIR-655 resets during downloads

    Okay, I'm fed up enough with this thing to try and get some help. Background info that's probably unnecessary: I've got a DIR-655 (firmware 1.32NA) connected to a 2Wire 2701 DSL modem. The 2Wire is in bridge mode, and the DIR-655 handles DHCP, ISP connection, etc. I have six devices on the...
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    Google adds push GMail to iPhone via Exchange Activesync

    From Engadget: About damn time, I say. Also included is Google Contacts and Google Calendars. Google is using Microsoft Exchange to get all this set up. Instructions are here.
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    Price drops?

    Quick question. As I understand it, the GTX295 is launching this week. Does anyone know if this will cause card prices to drop as a result? I'm eying a Sapphire Radeon 4850 X2 for $330, but if card prices are about to drop I'd rather wait. Do we have any news or rumors of price changes?
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    Requesting advice and suggestions

    Hey, all. I recently received a bit of a money windfall, and I've decided it's time to buy a new gaming PC which will replace the PC detailed in my signature. By replace, I mean completely--I can't even bring over my hard drives, as they're old IDE models. (My Audigy 2 sound card is probably...
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    PCI sound cards

    It's been a couple of years since I followed PC audio, so coming back into the audio forum and reading about new cards like the Asus Xonar line has really surprised me, and I'm now thinking about delving back into the market. I've got a plain old Creative Audigy 2 (not one of the variants...
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    Wireless keyboards

    Alright, I need a little bit of help and advice here. I recently bought a nice, shiny, new Samsung LN32A550 TV. It has a great picture, has all the inputs I need, etc etc. Well, it has a VGA input, and I'm thinking of hooking my gaming PC up to the TV so as to have all of my gaming devices in...
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    Did I screw up?

    Well, guys, I think I goofed. For background information, you should probably read this thread. Go ahead, I'll wait. Back with me? Alright then. Basically, I think I've screwed the pooch. My problem is my processor: going forward, an old Pentium 4 is going to be a huge limitation with new...
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    Bluetooth accessory questions

    I'm thinking of picking up a MacBook to replace a 3 year old Dell Inspiron 6000, and I have a couple of accessory questions for you guys. One: I'd like to use a Bluetooth mouse with the MacBook, so I'm looking at the Mighty Mouse. It seems to be tailor-made for OS X's feature set. Is it the...
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    Upgrading an old computer

    Hey all, I'm looking for a little advice. Currently the only PC game I play is Team Fortress 2. I play it on an old Dell XPS: 2.8Ghz Pentium 4, 1GB RAM, AGP ATi Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB. I get about 25-35FPS playing @ 1280x1024. I recently came into a little bit of money (hello, tax returns!)...
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    DIR-655/network configuration help

    Hey, all. Today, I replaced my old DI-624 with a new DIR-655. I plan to buy the relevant network cards in two weeks, so for now I'm still chugging away with 802.11g on a laptop (via the built-in Intel 2915ABG card) and a desktop (via a D-Link PCI card.) I've got a few issues with the...
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    Network file sharing

    I'm at a total loss here. I've got a three computer network. I have a desktop on the first floor of my home attached via Ethernet cable to a DI-624 router (which handles routing functions for a Bellsouth/AT&T 2Wire DSL modem), and a desktop and laptop on the second floor which connect...
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    Hard drive upgrade

    I've had an Inspiron 6000 for 2-3 years now, and the hard drive is finally getting to me. It's an 80GB 4200 RPM Fujitsu MHT2080AT PL that came pre-installed on this laptop. I believe it's the biggest bottleneck on my system even for casual usage. I'd like to get a new hard drive, preferably 5400...
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    Firefox memory leak detection tool

    One of the Firefox developers has whipped up a tool to detect when and where Firefox is leaking memory, for purposes of finding the holes and finally plugging them. More reading here. So, what's the catch? The tool will only work on a recent Firefox trunk nightly build (meaning, it won't...
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    Laptop/Centrino management software

    Yep, this is yet another software request. I've been using Notebook Hardware Control (formerly Centrino Hardware Control) 1.9B3 on my Inspiron 6000 for a few weeks now, and it's pretty nice, but I'm getting the feeling it's becoming abandonware, and there are some quirks with the software...
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    Nintendo hit by weak GameCube sales, DS price cuts

    From Reuters: So Nintendo lowered profit estimates but is still making money. Okay, good. But Reuters, in typical Reuters fashion, has buried the meaningful part of the article: Whoa! Say what, now? Hefty development costs? Now, are these hefty costs a relative cost increase compared...
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    Combining split DVDs

    Okay, odd question here. I have a rip of a single DVD movie in my possession (Yes, I own the movie.) However, the rip itself is somehow split into two halves totaling 6GB, even though the source movie comes only on one DVD. Is there any program that will allow me to merge this movie back into...
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    Microsoft and Intel get behind HD-DVD

    From Engadget: It was a rough week of hazing, but it looks like both Microsoft and Intel successfully rushed and are going to be accepted as full members of the HD DVD Promotion Group. We figured these guys would at least make a pretense of staying neutral in this dogfight, but in their press...
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    No signal with new video card

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but here I go. A friend of mine is trying to install a GeForce 5500 PCI on an old PC with an Intel onboard video chip. The card and its drivers installed fine, are recognized by Windows with no errors. However, when booting, the system will not display...
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    PS3 specs revealed

    Thanks, Shacknews! * Backwards compatibility with both PSone and PS2 games. * Will use Blu-Ray discs for media; also supports: CD-ROM, CD+RW, DVD, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD+R * Cell processor at 3.2GHz * 2.18 teraflops of performance * 512MB total: 256MB XDR system RAM at...
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    Firefox memory leak fixed!

    I hope this warrants its own thread. Bug 131456: Memory use does not go down after closing tabs (resources not released). Status: RESOLVED FIXED. Current nightly trunk builds of Firefox 1.1 have this bugfix, meaning Firefox 1.1 final will have it also.
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    Trackpad gestures in Firefox

    Alright, I think this is the proper forum for this question. Mods, if this belongs in Mobile Computing, please move it for me. Anyway, I just got a shiny new laptop (Dell Inspiron 6000) and I've gotten everything up to date, including drivers and the OS. I've enabled trackpad gestures, just...
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    New PC boot-up errors

    A friend of mine recently had his computer die due to a faulty motherboard. He bought new components the other day, and finally assembled his machine tonight: pretty much everything except the two hard drives are brand-new. However, when he boots up, he gets the following error message...