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    PSA - DIMES is something everyone can run, no impact on other DC'ing

    Just wanted to make everyone aware that DIMES is an NCI project, meaning non CPU intensive. This means it can be run alongside other projects, whether that's F@H, one of the many projects using BOINC, or others, without affecting production. The aim of DIMES is to "study the structure and...
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    Project: Gear Up

    So, I'm fairly new to the team and forum, but I came over here to DC and kick ass, and, well, I already kicked all the ass that needed kicking (elsewhere) :cool: I decided to go ahead with the purchase of a few older servers at a decent price - they're NEC 120RGs, which are dual socket 771...
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    Worth picking up these for BOINC?

    I have a line on a decent amount of rackmount servers, which will have dual L5320 CPUs and 2GB of FBDIMM RAM each. I can pick them up for £34 each. Are they worth it, and worth running? I don't know how much power they will consume at full load which is I suppose the main concern for sustained...