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    WTT or WTB: 1150 MB for a good cause

    I have a high school student in my programming class that has been waiting a while to fix his broken PC, he finally ordered online and unfortunately was scammed ordering from a bad web site. Let me know if you have a board available for a good cause, looking for something inexpensive that...
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    FS: Budget Combo ( Z77 mATX, i5-3470, 8GB DDR3, Stock HS/Fan )

    I would prefer to ship it all together as a bundle, asking more than reasonable price. $75 Shipped anywhere in the USA Mainland, make an offer with zip if you like. Used prior for my home theater pc, solid build, no issues whatsoever. Paypal only. MSI Z77-G45 w/ io shield Intel i5-3470...
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    WTB Win 10 Pro Key

    Let me know, looking for windows 10 pro key.
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    FS: PowerColor AX7950 3GB Priced to Go

    Served me well, no problems or issues. PowerColor AX7950 3GB SOLD Heatware: 96redformula
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    WTB GTX 1070

    Shoot me a PM with price please. Must be EVGA or any version that is 4.5" (125mm) or less for the height to fit in the Corsair Air 240 case.
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    FS: i5 - 3330, 8GB Gskill, ASUS P8-Z77 mATX, Sound Blaster Audiology, Corsair Fans, combo

    I had this paired with a mechanical drive that died so I went ahead and took the opportunity to upgrade. Motherboard has a sound problem it stopped outputting on me via aux out, no other issues I have had with it, it was run with stock clocks on the CPU and settings. I am including a sound...
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    WTB 1155 mATX or ITX board

    Anybody have a mATX or ITX board available to buy for 1155? I have an ASUS z77 that is crapping out on me....
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    Google Play $130 FS

    Looking to off load two gift cards/codes for Google play that I received for a purchase promo, they must be added to your account within 60 days. $100 and $30 totaling $130. I am asking PayPal for $80 for the two. Heatware: 46 - 0 - 0 96redformula...
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    WTB: GTX 970

    I am looking for a GTX 970 for purchase. I need one preferrably with a card height of less than 5 inches if possible. Antec HTPC case doesn't fit the super tall cards like the MSI gaming editions. Shoot me a PM. Thanks.
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    TWC to Vivint Wireless Internet

    I was asking about Vivint wireless internet a while back and I went ahead and made the jump, check it out, upload is insane. I will run some more speedtest runs at another time. Speeds are bouncing around a bit, I am curious why so much fluctuation though. Vivint Wireless Internet, $45/month...
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    FS: Lot 13 USB PCI-E Risers

    I have a bunch of various PCI-E risers that were used to mine back last year, all are working and the lengths are various from 50cm up to over 100cm. I am asking $40 shipped for the lot or best offer. Heatware : 96redformula 47-0-0
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    FS: Crucial M100 512, Nexus 4

    Crucial MX100 512GB, Brand New In Box **SOLD to MrFOO*** Ordered this for my sister's PC build but we went with a prebuilt PC.**SOLD to MrFOO*** Nexus 4 16GB, Used, $110 Shipped OBO****SOLD via Swappa*********** Rooted, Unlocked, with CM 11 Nightlies****SOLD via Swappa*********** Minor normal...
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    Vivint Wireles Internet

    Anybody use or heard anything about the new service rolling out from vivint? They came today and he showed me a speedtest with it hitting 60Mb down / 40Mb up on the hub just a block away. I sent him away for 20 minutes and took some time to research but I am unable to find much at the moment...
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    WTB 1155 i3 CPU

    Intel i3 CPU 1155 Send me a pm please if you have one available. I am trying to get an inexpensive computer setup my for sister and have all the other remaining parts. Thanks.
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    FS: Seasonic x750 KM3

    **************************SOLD *************************************** **************************SOLD *************************************** **************************SOLD *************************************** **************************SOLD *************************************** Seasonic...
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    FS: Games|| BattleField 4, Daylight

    I have one of each for sale. I have these game cards w/ codes available. Paypal only. Heatware: 96redformula 47-0-0 Battlefield 4 PC $18 OBO Daylight PC $10 OBO
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    FS: Samsung Galaxy Tab, HD7950, HD5850

    Keeping remaining items for now. Thread Closed
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    $6 Wood Case

    I built several of these for myself and one for my brother, it works well and is cheap. I thought I would post in case anybody wanted another cheap option for an open air case. BTW, Lowes wood is horrible compared to Home Depot. You can put little wood stops to keep things in place or...
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    FS: Two HD7950 Gigabyte & XFX

    Summer is coming around the corner and its time to sell. They will be shipped via Fedex ground w/ insurance, Paypal only. I have perfect heatware feedback. Heatware: 96redformula 47-0-0 *******************************************************************************************...
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    Biostar BTC motherboard

    I just bit, trying this motherboard out as soon as it arrives. Any word on it? Biostart 1150 Motherboard Hi-Fi H81S2 PCIe x1 (5 Slots) PCIe x16 (1 Slot) I will try it with 6 cards when it arrives and post back if I get 6...
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    FS: Inwall Speaker Set ( Left, Right, Center Channel)

    Monoprice in-wall speaker set, used perfect working order. These speakers were being used in the master bedroom for a 5.0 system, but I just recently pulled them due to the wall being adjacent to the den and putting to much sound through. Sound great, work perfectly. I am selling them as a...
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    FS: Powercolor HD7950 & Sapphire HD7950 Dual-X

    Up for sale is two HD7950's. One Sapphire HD7950 Dual X and one Powercolor hd7950 reference model. Both are in perfect working order. Price includes insured shipping w/ Fedex Ground. I have tons of positive feedback, let me know if you have any questions...
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    FS: Bioshock Infinite, Crysis 3, Tomb Raider, FC3 BD (Dirt Cheap Prices OBO)

    AMD Bundle, I already have a set of all the games. Perfect feedback from heatware and eBay, long time seller here. Paypal only. I will undercut anybody that has listed so far and will consider all offers. Single Games: Heatware: 96redformula 46-0-0
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    Jump on Board Guys, CPU mining coin released YAC

    Sorry, seems the market isn't interested :(Sorry, seems the market isn't interested :( YAC, YaCoin, CPU mining has begun. It is a Alternative Crypto currency with some nice changes, not just a redo of another coin w/ changed numbers. You can do this while running GPU w/ other coins such as LTC...
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    FS: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon $8

    FS: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon $7 Ubisoft Code, came w/ AMD bundle. Game will be downloaded from ubisoft. Paypal only. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Game Code w/directions. Heatware: 96redformula 45-0-0
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    FS: Bioshock Infinite and Crysis 3

    AMD Game Bundle Games. The newegg description said Crysis 3 first blood was also included but it isn't indicated, I am not sure if it comes with Crysis 3 or not. Game Codes: Bioshock Infinite - $19 OBO Crysis 3 - $19 OBO Thread Closed **Sold**
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    Kingwin Absolute 550, Crossfire to much for it?

    I love this PSU, fan still does not kick on at full load with 2 7950's at full load mining(I don't think its getting warm enough), but I am a bit concerned. [H] Did a review on the modular 550w version at 650watt even though it is "rated" at 550W and it didn't seem to phase it much at all. My...
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    Kingwin Absolute 550 vs Seasonic x750 Review/Opinion

    I bought a Seasonic X750 the last time it went on sale for $99 and was extremely aggravated from it to say the least. For some reason the fan kept kicking on and off every minute or so. It seemed to be that I was at the threshold for it to kick on and it was incredibly annoying hearing it rev...
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    FS: Sleeping Dogs Digital Download $15

    Steam Game: Sleeping Dogs Digital Download $15 Paypal only please. Heatware:96redformula 45-0-0
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    FS: Sleeping Dogs, Hitman Absolution, Far Cry 3 Codes $20

    I will send key and instructions for download via steam or origins for Far Cry 3. Keys are 100% legit from the AMD bundle. Paypal Payment only. Sleeping Dogs – Steam Download $18 Heatware: 96redformula 43-0
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    FS: Sleeping Dogs, Hitman Absolution, Far Cry 3 Codes $20

    I will send key and instructions for download via steam or origins for Far Cry 3. Keys are 100% legit from the AMD bundle. Paypal Payment only, please gift as I have good heatware or pay the fee. Sleeping Dogs – Steam Download $20 Hitman: Absolution Steam(Release Date Approx, Nov 20)...
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    FS: WaterCooling Part Out / AM3 Board/CPU Combo, Fans, More...

    All of the items are in perfect working order. I would prefer shipping items together and will heavily discount for shipping items to the same location. I am setting pretty low prices as I need the cash. Feel free to make offers, I am not sure how much I am going to budge as they are already...
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    FS: HD6850 GTX460 Video Cards

    Video cards are in 100% working order, no problems whatsoever. Sapphire HD6850 1GB Asking $90 Shipped Galaxy Nvidia GTX 460 768MB Asking $85 Shipped I am not looking for any trades, feel free to make an offer w/ zip code if you would so like. Payment via Paypal. Heatware : 96redformula...
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    Custom House Home Theater

    I thought I would share my setup from our newly built house. Alot of time/planning went into the den/kitchen/dining/home theater great room. Room without dining off to the side is approximately 32ft x 25ft w/ 12ft ceilings. Can I call the HTPC area a home theater? There was some debate on...
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    New Home Pre Wire Images

    I must say I have been a bit disappointed with the wiring as I personally would never do things so disorganized even through the walls. I didn't get complete shots of everything but here are some pictures. The electric run next to cat 6 runs sure doesn't sound like a good idea, but I can't say...
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    FS: Infinity Beta 20 & Infinity Beta 10 Speakers

    I have two sets of speakers up for sale, they are in perfect working order and sound as well as new. The infinity Beta 10's are in immaculate condition, like new. The Infinity Beta 20's are in great condition, one has minor scuff marks from a wall on the side/bottom. They are discontinued and...
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    FS: XFX HD6950 Reference, Fully Unlockable

    *************************SOLD************************ *************************SOLD************************ *************************SOLD************************ I have had this card since the release of the HD69xx series. I have a home down payment coming up, so it needs to go. No problems...
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    FS: Elemental Designs A2-300 Subwoofer

    I have had this subwoofer since late 2007, no problems or issues to date. It is like new condition, no scuff or chips of any kind(does have 3 tiny white paint marks near the back), with the original finish they started creating. I am moving into a new house shortly and I need to switch subs...
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    HD Homerun Price @ Amazon, Pre-Order I have it pre-ordered now, I have been waiting a long time for this to release. Hopefully it ships soon.
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    Are xbox live arcade games like steam?

    If I go to another person's house, can I re-download the games at their house as long as I use my account?