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    RTX bonus games : can they be given away/sold?

    I'm looking at buying an RTX 2070, it comes with Anthem or BF. Can I gift it to my son who doesn't use a RTX? Or can these be sold?
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    RTX 2060 When should we expect a sale?

    I noticed that within a week or so of release the 2070 was on sale on some sites for about $50 off. Is this a trend among card retailers? Should we expect a 2060 version to be on sale in the coming weeks, especially with NVIDIA trying to show up AMD?
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    2019 Best value card as of today

    I've been looking around at video cards lately and have been trying to decide what the best value video card is. I see lot of opinions and even more options out there, so the questions I pose are : What do you look for when you're looking for a best value card? As of today, knowing that the...
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    NVIDIA shop prices (Canada)?

    I've been looking at buying a new video card and as we all know Canadian prices are a home. A scary joke. I went to the nvidia store for a look after picking Canada as my country and the prices don't look all too bad. What I'm wondering is if the store is pricing those cards in American prices...
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    2060 Canadian retailer sighting

    I was searching for a new video card to replace the mistake Asus Strix Vega 56 OC I had bought and returned. I ran across this on a Canadian site Anyone think it'll be worth it if it goes on sale?
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    2070 for $435 (plus taxes) good price?

    Hi all Ran across a deal I need to know if it's good or not. 2070 for $435 (plus taxes) good price? (I'm in Canada so it's currently $594). Comes with a copy of BF5. Zotac GeForce RTX 2070 Graphic Card - 1.62 GHz Boost Clock - 8GB GDDR6 - Dual Slot Space Required - 256 bit Bus Width - Fan...
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    WTB (Canada) 1070ti up

    Looking for a 1070ti and up video card. Being price concious (cheap). I know a lot of people refuse shipping to Canada hence the title. I don't want to spend retail price and it doesn't matter to me if it's been used as long as the card isn't burnt up or fans ate worn. Not looking for anything...
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    2 weeks till CES - video card prices expected to drop?

    I've bring seeing a lot of buzz about new cars lineups on the way. Are we to expect a decrease in the current pricing of video cards once these are announced? From what I've been gathering some retailers may already have the new (or will have) AMD gpu's ready to go during CES after the...
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    Need advice to keep from making more bad decisions

    Hi all I recently upgraded to a Ryzen 2600 system (not pre-made but built by myself). I picked up a Asus Strix Vega 56 and find that the problems I've had with it and it's performance don't impress me. Random blurry monitors, screwed up issues with it powering down monitors and resetting...
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    Installing Win10 on NVMe cause issues?

    Hi all Built an AMD based system and am using a Corsair M300 NVMe for my OS. Since I upgraded I've been having a tonne of issues with things (mainly display related settings not saving at all). Could the NVMe install causes this? I've installed and reinstalled about 7 times. On my old SSD I...
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    New AMD system - not saving display setup / desktop settings

    Hi I recently upgraded to a full AMD rig and really enjoy it's performance. Prior to the full upgrade I had gotten the Vega 56 and plunked it into my old rig to check it out and never had any issues.Now that I run the full AMD system with a fresh install of Windows I'm having an issue where if...
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    Radeon Vega 56 + GeForce 760Ti

    I recently ordered all the parts to upgrade my PC. Not a top of the line build, but a pretty solid rig for the money I have. Ryzen 2600 MSI B450 16gigs GSkill Radeon Vega 56 Strix OC Edition What I am wondering is about PhysX. I read that AMD and NVidia have allowed the 2 different cards to...
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    PC Ugrade assistance

    Hi I've been thinking on upgrading my PC and handing my current one to my son. Where should I start? Intel Core i5 3570 Asus P8Z77 motherboard 12gigs ram GeForce 980 GTX a few hard drives (2 solid state, 2 3.5") EVGA 750W PSU (brand new) That's the long and short of it. I do a fair amount...
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    Building a new PC : Should I wait?

    Hi all I'm debating on building a new PC now, Ryzen 2600, thinking Tomahawk 450 motherboard, toss in 16GB of ram and wait for the RTX2060 to be released or grab an RTX 2070. Is there any real reason to wait a little longer for any hardware releases that may give me a better bang for the buck...
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    Wanted : Core i7 3770 (possibly the K version) LGA1155

    Wanted : Core i7 3770(maybe the K version), socket 1155 Trying to do an update to my PC and not kill my pocketbook. I'm a bit out of date here, been a long time since I've surfed the forums but I used to do a fair bit of trading, selling and buying.
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    New mouse comparible to the MX518?

    Howdy all, Been looking at replacement mice for my venerable Logitech MX518. I love the way the mouse feels and acts, but it's showing it's age now. I picked up a Logitech G600 but it's not long enough for my comfort, and a bit too wide. And the side buttons which attracted me (I play MMOs...
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    GPU + Integrated question

    Howdy all, I have a GeForce 760 card in my rig, plus the integrated graphics on my motherboard (Z77 based). I was wondering if there's any benefit to running my gaming monitor (TV) off the GPU while running the desktop off of the integrated graphics. Thanks :) (I'd research but I'm...
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    Best bang for the buck Motherboard/CPU

    Howdy all, Looking to upgrade most of my PC (mostly for gaming). I've been out of the loop for a long while, so I need some help. Already have all the hard drives and memory, video card (GeForce GTX 760) on order, got my monitors and tv set up. Just need a solid (price conscious)...
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    Win8 creating shortcuts on USB sticks?`

    Howdy all, Anyone know why Windows 8 creates shortcuts of files that are on the USB on the USB stick? (not a double typo). When I copy a movie over, it creates a shortcut soon as the movie starts copying..anyone know wtf is going on??
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    Driver problem in alot of games - stuttering while turning

    Howdy all, On a lot of newer drivers in games when I turn the graphics stutter really bad. Im running a Gigabyte GV-N560OC-1Gl GTX 560ti card. Anyone else experience this? It's not only new games, but old. Been trying to figure out a setting that would affect it but I can't seem to find...
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    ATi + PhysX question

    Howdy all, Debating between a 6950 (or 6870) today, or a TI560. Does anyone here use the PhysX hybrid with their ATi card and a GeForce card? Wondering if it works well. If I go the ATi route I'll be using a GeForce GTX 280 for PhysX. Thanks :D
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    Need help asap on deciding on a new card tomorrow

    Howdy all, My system is : Core i5 750 4gigs DDR3 PC 10700 Gigabyte P55-UD3r 24" monitor / 20" monitor I play all my games at 1920x1080, with the 2nd monitor just for internet surfing, watching a movie while I grind on an MMO, stuff like that. Basically I can get a video card from...
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    Need advice on GPU

    Howdy all, Been running my GTX 280 for a while, and now that it's Xmas I'm allowed to get an upgrade. My system is : Core i5 750 4gigs DDR3 PC 01700 Gigabyte P55-UD3r 24" monitor / 20" monitor I play all my games at 1920x1080, with the 2nd monitor just for internet surfing...
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    Need a new card for my rig Q_Q

    Howdy all My good old GTX280 just burnt's served me well in the past couple of years, but well, I have no choice but to upgrade. My rig is as follows : Core i5 750 4gigs DDR3 Gigabye PA 55UD3R (Crossfire, no SLi) 750watt PSU 24" 1920x1680 / 20" 1650x1020 (or whatever, just...
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    Hauppage WinTV Go Plus and Windows 7

    Hi all, Found an old Hauppauge WinTV Go-Plus and popped it into my Windows 7 machine. Has anyone been able to get this working in Windows 7? If anyone has any info let me know. Thanks :)
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    Looking for actual AMD Radeon retailer in Canada so I can...

    Howdy all Looking for actual AMD Radeon retailer in Canada so I can price check at Best Buy with their AMD name brand 6870. They're trying to pawn it off for $300 and give the excuse of "Oh but it's the name brand" Thats bullsnaps. I'd like to find this card for as cheap as possible so...
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    LF solid upgrade to GTX280

    Howdy all, Selling my PS3 and getting a new video card, an upgrade to my XFX GeForce GTX280. Running at 1920x1080 for my games and 1680x1050 on my 2nd monitor. Looking for a solid price/performance ratio, just 1 card. Something from $2-300 Current setup is : Gigabyte GA-955-UD3R...
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    Whats wrecking my video card? LOL link inside

    Check this one out, sure beats dustbunnies
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    WTT my Xbox 360 / 250gig HDD / 1 wireless controller, etc for PS3 Slim

    Hi all, I'd like to swap the following for a PS3 Slim. Only caveat is that I'd prefer you to be in Canada (I'm in Ontario and I'd be willing to drive a few hours to swap, as of the end of October I'm posted to Nova Scotia so if you're there let me know too) - XBox 360 (HDMI port on back...
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    What card to replace GeForce GTX280?

    Howdy all, Topic says it all....what card to replace GeForce GTX280? It's coming time for a upgrade to DirectX 11 capable card and I want something that will handle that as well as be a performance upgrade. Whats the best priced option for me now (performance too)?
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    Need help RE HDD recovery

    Howdy all, A few weeks ago my backup hard drive, with all my kids photos, home movies, etc on it crapped out. The goddamn thing is less than a year old but the warranty doesn't cover recovery of the info on the hard drive, so I'm stuck looking for a good place that can recover data. Does...
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    WTB Netbook

    Hi all, I want to buy a netbook for a trip I'm going on, I'd prefer a N4xx CPU. 2 things : 1 - I live in Canada (Ontario, near Barrie to be precise) 2 - PayPal is a bunch of jerkoffs that let me get scammed so I'd have to pay some other, cheque, good looks, etc. 3 - I'd like a...
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    Is there any way to make ATi Radeon 4550 fit the WHOLE TV Screen with HDMI?

    Hi all Got a ATi Radeon 4550 (Asus flavor) and was going to use it in my movie playing system with Windows 7, but it's driving me crazy. Maybe Im missing something but I can't seen to get it to go the full screen (to the edges) like my NVidia laptop does. Am I missing something, or is the ATi...
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    Need help!

    Hi all, I recently built a Core i5 system to go with the GeForce GTX 280 I had, but when I boot it up there's horizontal lines throughout the screen, from 1/2 inch to an inch long. The are all moving (jittering) and some are flashing colors. Does this mean my GeForce is screwed?
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    Buying an i5 some questions!

    I need help..STAT! I'm snagging a new i5 today and I got some questions. Remember that I am in Canada so when I toss a price it's going to be a tad different 1 - Does the DDR3 ram speed make much of a difference, and if so what speed ram and how much is recommended? And does the i5 make...
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    Building a new PC...trying to decide!

    Howdy all Ive recently come across a Phenom 2 X4 965 and a Core i5 750 for a near identical price (2 different sites here in Canada) that are appealing to me. Motherboard and ram are the same price also, so now it comes down to the clincher. And this is where I need help. As a side note I...
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    Cheap but solid recommendations to go with my GTX280

    Howdy all, I actually posted a post very similar to this in the AMD forums, but hell, why not post it here too and see what fish nibble ;D Xmas time is rolling around again and Im hoping to beg the wife into letting me do an upgrade. Essentially I have the video card already (GeForce...
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    Cheap but solid recommendations to go with my GTX280

    Howdy all, Xmas time is rolling around again and Im hoping to beg the wife into letting me do an upgrade. Essentially I have the video card already (GeForce GTX280), case, PSU and all that, so all I need is a solid, lower priced recommendation for a motherboard, cpu and ram combo. I don't do...
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    Want to swap my laptop for something better

    I bought a nice gaming laptop last year since I've been away from my family alot doing the training thing in the military. I'm now looking to get something better, and would rather just swap mine plus whatever for a laptop with at least a GeForce 260 in it. It doesn't need a large screen or a...
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    Want to upgrade my laptop, swap things, etc

    Howdy I'm looking to do a upgrade to my laptop to something with a GeForce GTX260 or better, or looking for PC parts (if I swap for PC parts I'll probably keep the video card or look for a ATi 5xxx series swap) If I decide to swap for PC parts, I'd also want some cash to make up the...