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    Lost access to Seagate BlackArmor NAS 220

    I've been using this thing for years with virtually no issues. Recently I hit a 90% limit I had set so I used Windows Explorer (late version of Windows 10) to remove old backup archives and free up space. After doing this I spotted what looked like a HDD error reported form the NAS OS and then...
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    Lenovo C930 - bad battery performance

    Purchased not too long ago an seeing poor battery life. Wondering if anyone is familiar with this issue. Not seeing anything using up resources. Installed the latest battery F/W update and BIOS. I'm barely surfing and can see the battery depleting. Just yesterday I ran a battery report and it...
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    Win10 Pro drivers needed for Gigabyte EP45-UD3R

    My USB connections look very slow. When I transfer files I have the windows open that shows the transfer speed and it's pretty bad. When I look at the driver dates they all appear to be from 2006. I believe my mb is v1.1. Anyone have an idea where I can get drivers for my EP45-UD3R that will...
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    Cannot hit 2560x1600 - Dell 3007WFP and Dell Optiplex 980

    From the research I have done I should be able to hit 2560x1600 with this equipment. But, it maxes at 1280x800. I have tried using the old ATI Radeon HD 3400 with a Dual Link DVI cable. I switched to the DisplayPort using a Display to DVI with the dual link cable but still hit 1280x800...
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    Yahoo Weather Widget stopped working after Win updates

    This happened on both my Win7 and Win10 PCs. ESET Smart Security is set correctly the the Windows Firewall is disabled since ESS is running. Any ideas? Miss this widget.
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    Finally: moving from mechanical to SSD

    Running Win7 and Win10 (swap-able drive bay). Win7 is using a Seagate Hybird HDD and Win10 a Seagate HDD. I'm using a Gigabyte ep45ud3r motherboard and have been overclocking to 3.83Ghz since day one. Been watching the SSD prices drop and looking to move to a Samsung Evo 850 500Gb SSD. I'm...
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    Unable to recover deleted email. Samsung Note 5.

    Currently on 6.0.1. I've had this problem on an earlier version of the OS though. When I go into the email Trash I can tap, hold and swipe to the right and see an option to Move. However, when I first start to swipe to the right Move appears enabled but I cannot get to it until I fully swipe to...
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    Note 5: email issues

    Either I'm missing something or features have been removed from email on this later model phone. Cannot find Read Receipt Cannot move deleted email back to Inbox (or at least reply to a deleted email) My S4 I could do a read receipt and move deleted email back to the Inbox. But nowhere can I...
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    Will a Sapphire Radeon R9 270 play nice with the Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R?

    Been running this about five years now OC'd at 3.83Ghz with no issues. A friend bought a nicer video card and is willing to sell the Sapphire Radeon R9 270 cheap. Maybe a years use on it. I'm using a Benq BL3200PT monitor with my setup. Just wanted to find out if I'm going to run into trouble...
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    Logitech T650 and Windows 10

    Does anyone know if you can do the following with this combo (T650 and Win10): Three finger gesture by swiping left/right to move between virtual desktops.
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    Which nVidia graphic driver version for GeForce GT 630

    Seems I'm having issues with the nVidia graphics driver and perhaps more so the HD Audio Drivers (Win7 64bit). I started having random graphics issues recently (no updates). Thought I'd update the graphics driver but this didn't solve the problem. Shortly after doing so I got a Windows error...
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    Issue with Flash

    Have an odd situation. Perhaps I'm overlooking something simple. I have a web site that I visit frequently it has a few Flash movies through out the site. All of the Flash movies display fine in all of my browsers (Safair, Opera, Chrome and Firefox - current versions) accept IE v11. However, it...
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    Question about NFC tags - how do they...

    I need to know if an NFC sticker (in this case the Samsung TecTiles2) constantly sends a signal to my S4 if the two are in range. Here's what I'm trying to accomplish. Android 4.1.2 used to be able to identify the dock you were docked in and then start the app you want to use with that...
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    Best mod for the Verizon Samsung S4

    Curious to find out what the best mod is. Getting a little frustrated with the updates since 4.1.2 (actually back on my S3). Things seem to function better (along with recognizing different docks and which app to run for specific dock) then. Or maybe it's the Samsung GUI (TouchWiz).
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    Issue with Windows 8 sharing HDD partition for pagefile

    It appears that I've made a stupid mistake. I have an ICY dock that holds three HDDs. I only operate two of the drives at once. One for the OS and the second is partitioned so one partition is for the pagefile and the other partition is for file storage and data backups. Here's my problem...
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    Looking for 27" LED recommendations - WQHD

    I've had my old 20.1" UltraSharp LCD for years and it's time to retire it. I'm looking for a really good 27" that's WQHD. Uses: web surfing reading (a lot) some gaming photo editing web site development Getting burned out on reading reviews, etc. Been noticing the Dell U2713HM, ASUS PB278Q...
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    Which mobile phone security app?

    There's quite a few to choose from. Is there a consensus off which app really stands out?
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    Need help with menu CSS issue.

    I’m migrating a client’s web site over to Wordpress. Means I need to hack the theme to get it to look close to what I created myself already for this person. They want authoring access so I felt this was the best/quickest way given the circumstances. I’ve almost got the framework laid out so I...
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    ? about UPS

    Has anyone every tried using APCs software on a TrippLite UPS? Just curious if it worked. TrippLite does the job I've liked APCs features better. At least last time I've used them. Been a while I'll admit.
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    ? about UPS

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    HP Photosmart C4640 problems

    Helping neighbor with PC. For whatever reason it stopped working properly and I thought it may have been do to some software corruption as the hard disk ended up with a few bad sectors and wouldn't run properly. That has been resolved (able to do system backup of old drive and restore to a new...
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    Outlook 2007 - Toolbar issues

    Looks like after I installed a trial of Onenote 2010 it made changes to my toolbar. I know how to customize it but even when I do, then exit Outlook 2007 and come back in it's back to where it was before I made the changes. I tried the reset tool bar (Standard toolbar) but no luck. Any...
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    Need help with BSOD on Win XP

    Getting this message at boot up which I cannot narrow down: A process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated. Stop: 0x000000F4 (0x00000003, 0x898A0020, 0x898A0194, 0x805D1658) Screenshot (so so pic from phone cam): . Cannot get past this point...
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    In a time pinch with sharing a folder over a small LAN with XP machines

    I have what I call a primary PC that is running Windows XP Pro, I also have a laptop running XP Pro and a desktop running XP Home. All with SP3 installed. I know XP Home has "simple file sharing" and both the XP Pro machines have this enabled by default. What I want to do is set the My...
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    ? about ntel® Core™ i5-450M Processor (3M cache, 2.40 GHz)

    I have this CPU in my laptop. I understood it was a dual core CPU. But when looking at Affinity settings for a running app and also when looking at CPU in device manager it looks like a quad core. I believe there is a quad i5 out there. I know there is said to be 2 cores and 4 threads. Is that...
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    What is the folder 32788R22FWJFW?

    Anyone know what the c:\32788R22FWJFW folder is. Recently found it on a Windows 7Pro 64bit system. Is this related to install of some sort? Looks suspicious with the files inside.
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    Sync issues converting DVD to video file

    I'm trialing AVS Video Converter to convert DVDs to video file formats to use on my Boxee Box via a NAS. At the end of the conversion the audio is out of sync with the video. The audio is actually ahead of the video by, maybe, a second or two. I've tried converting to AVI and MKV and get the...
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    Need Mac help

    I have a buddy of mine who's run into a problem. I'm a PC guy and not a Mac guy. Here's a breakdown of what he gave me: • I installed updated OSX Lion . • Tried to download update of iTunes but it quit installing and an error message popped up saying it was corrupted • The same message...
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    Laptop battery life: 55Wh vs 93Wh

    I know this is a tricky question as the use of a laptop can very greatly. But is there an average? If I'm getting about 3 hours and 20 minutes out of a new laptop and battery with a 55Wh and I'm wondering if it's worth the upgrade to a 93Wh considering the cost. It's disappointing to see...
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    Laptop battery life: 55Wh vs 93Wh

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    Outlook 2007 and auto reply.. what if

    This is not a PC connected to Exchange. So if its left on when a rule and template built to send and auto reply I see that it does after testing. However, if this persons PC is set to turn off hard disk after 1 hour, never sleep and never hibernate will Outlook beable to send a reply if the...
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    Win 7 showing wrong network icon

    This just started recently where the task bar shows the ethernet icon with the red x and I'm not connected to ethernet but WiFi and I have a WiFi connection. Any idea how to correct this wrong icon issue?
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    Recommended free backup software?

    Been recommending Cobian in the past but it does not do a full system backup. Any others out there?
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    Cat5e vs Cat6 for my application...

    My LAN is a gigabit network. There are a couple of devices on the LAN that are 10/100 that are multimedia devices (blu-ray, etc.). The rest are 10/100/1000 (PCs, swich, router, NAS). I would safely say that all but one of the cables are easily within' 10' long. So I'm wondering if it's worth...
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    Comodo Time Machine or Erunt?

    Looks like these two apps are somewhat similar? Is one better than the other?
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    Tor, PeerBlock...DD-WRT Privacy or ?

    I'm sure there is a long list of these sort of apps. Is there one that is "the best" to use? Thanks..
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    Comodo Time Machine

    Any feedback/thoughts on the program and if it's good?
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    Speed issues with Blackarmor NAS 110

    Only getting about 12M with this device on a gigabit network. Be nice to get it into the 30s or 40 range. Using DLink DIR-825 router and cat5e cables. Running Win7 Pro 64bit box with 4G of RAM OC'd at 3.83Ghz. Would really appreciate the help. Plan is to use this for larger backups and...
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    Unable to access any PC via Network-Win7

    Odd, at my laptop (Win7 HP 64bit) I can access my desktop (Win7 Pro 64bit) and laptop via "network" in My Computer. But on my desktop I cannot access the laptop or even the desktop (same machine). I get the following message: Click here I've checked my Eset firewall, checked the workgroup and...
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    Help with HDMI out and Graphics

    Considering the HP DM4-1165DX as BB has a great price on it and especially with my trade. I have two questions: What is the quality of the picture that comes out of HDMI the port? The laptop screen is 720P and it's shared Intel HD Graphics (not sure that indicates anything about HDMI port)...