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    HOT! Mad Dog 8X DVD Burner $50 AMIR at OM

    Rebadged NEC 2500
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    Free Budweiser E-mail Account

    Same here, ROFL..... Whats the limit on this email address?
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    NEC ND-2500A (DVD-/+R 8x) For $69

    Make? It can burn movies and it should play in your Xbox.
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    Fs:shuttle Sb62g2 / Silent X 250 Ps/shuttle Mesh Cover

    oh hell, keep me in mind also on that mesh cover! LOL.... :p
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    Fs:shuttle Sb62g2 / Silent X 250 Ps/shuttle Mesh Cover

    Im interested as well. second dibs to the 250 psu. Also , interested in selling the 80 to 120 adapter?
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    WTB: Quake 3 and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter for PC

    Keep checking, you never know. I do have SS. But it never have or asked me for a CD key.
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    WTB: Quake 3 and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter for PC

    Sorry, it looks like its finish. Here's the link for SS in Compusa. $9.99.
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    WTB: Quake 3 and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter for PC

    Go to Compusa if you are in the US. I got mine FAR. Cost me $7.99 plus tax.
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    FS: 512MB Mushkin level 1 PC3500

    you posted on the wrong part of the forum. this should be on For Sale.
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    9800XT go insane

    Good job. Enjoy your new card. :D
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    Fs: Sn41g2 *moded* *pictures*

    Have the same one! It does have on board graphics.
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    FS: Barton 2500+ retail HS/Fan / 512mb PC3200

    Per Rule: No "Group Buys" If you do not own it, you can't sell or trade it.
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    FS: Complete P4 3.2 Radeon 9800Pro Shuttle SB75G2 System

    in case u part it out, i am very interested with the memory?
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    barton 2500 stepping, is this a good one?

    thanks for the reply. Using it on my SN41G which is a nforce 2 mobo. Unfortunately, dont have a setting to change multi so its stuck at 11. Limiting is my ram? What a good one to replace it with? LMK. Thanks.
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    barton 2500 stepping, is this a good one?

    AXDA2500DKV4D 98813628270088 AQXEA 0324RPCW 1999 AMD Bought it off from a friend including his whole setup, sn41g2. Is it a good one? I have oc to 11x185. Board only stays at the 11 multi.
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    WTB: retail Audigy 2

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    WTB: retail Audigy 2

    Thanks, u got pm. Only looking for a Retail Audigy 2 card. Platinum would be nice but wont fit in my SN41G2.
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    WTB: retail Audigy 2

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    Creative Live Drive NEEDED!!!

    correct link:[1].jpg
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    ATI Radeon 9700 Pro w/ tweakmonster ramsinks

    Sorry, you must Post a price before a mod lock this thread.
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    WTB: retail Audigy 2

    looking for retail audigy 2 card. the ones with the gold connectors. dont need the cd or games just card. lmk. will use paypal cc for faster transaction. pm box is nice and clean. thanks. FOUND ONE ---THANKS!!!!!
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    can u oc a barton 2500 on SN41G2

    i changed the fsb to 185. ran prime 95 overnight, no errors, hot though , cpu was at 55. other than that, i set my ram to sync and with optimal timings, forgot what it set. now, how do i know its not affecting my agp and pci? dont wanna mess them up?
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    can u oc a barton 2500 on SN41G2

    i just bought a SN41G2 with a unlocked 2500 barton, 1 gig of corsair xms and 9800 pro 256 mb. Its running stock at 1.83 ghz. I wanted to check with u guys 1st if i can oc this to like 2.0-2.2 ghz. not much. i know i cant changed the PS ( can i? ) to a higher wattage. Dont want to add a lot of...
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    best combo of mobo and this new m amd cpu

    Mag, would the DFI have agp/pci locks so it wouldnt affect my cards in case i OC the cpu? THanks for all the input.
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    best combo of mobo and this new m amd cpu

    Itching to upgrade, i wanted to get that new amd 2600 m cpu. what mobo to get? leaning towards abit nf7-s. Is that a good board? Of course i will try to oc it. Does it lock the AGP/PCI? so when i OC it,it doesnt affect my soundcard and video card. also if i upgrade my mobo and cpu, what memory...
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    upgrading memory

    i may have a chance to upgrade my memory. From corsair value select pc2700 to corsair xms pc2700. Would i notice a difference? Board would be a Abit kx7-333. Im not even sure if i can run dual channel on this board. Can i? What do you guys think?
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    Upgrade question? 9800 pro

    Currently i have a 9700 pro in a XP 2400 machine with 1 (pc2700) gb ram. Question is, will i see an improvement if i put in a 9800 ori 256 mb. A friend of mine is selling it to me for like $200.00. What do you think?
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    SBC DSL 1.5-6.0/384-608 for $45.

    How long did it take for u guys to see the change? Mine just said call them back i didnt see a difference in speed in a week.
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    SBC DSL 1.5-6.0/384-608 for $45.

    Who do you call to know how far you are from your CO?
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    FS/FT: GBA Games, nForce1+2

    Um, sorry i dont see any games listed?
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    wtt 9700pro 2.4c p4

    How much for the 2400 also? LMK.
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    Memorex 10 PK 4x DVD+R W/ Jewel Cases $11.44

    They were Arita 2.4 DVD+R. Some Drives sees it as 4x. Some dont.
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    WTB: Sound card in DFW, TX

    Its a long shot but OD has their Audigy 2 for like $43.00. Not all of them carries it. Check with them. Now if you can get somehow a receipt or something to prove that's their price, see if you can PM it to CC. Frisco CC has several still of their Audigy 2.
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    Office Max Deals Starting 2/1

    They are also subbing Imation DVD+r and Memorex +R for those Arita. Both Imation and Memorex are 4 X. Dang.................
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    Office Max Deals Starting 2/1

    They also have Arita 2.4x DVD+r for $39.99 after IR and MIR. They said the DVD's are ricohjprn00.
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    HOT - Pioneer DVR-A06 $114.70 Retail

    Time to do some Price Adjust from BB. :D :D :D