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    Anyone with an original Pebble?

    I LOVE finding new watch faces and trying them out... but the Pebble store? Oh my! :eek: Almost impossible to effectively browse it. What are YOU using for a watch face? What are your favourites? Thanks! :D
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    Nexus 5 and credit/debit cards

    Ran into a funny thing today... my wife was using her Nexus 5 with new case that also holds credit/debit cards. I heard the phone making a funny beeping sound. Asked her what it was and she said it's been doing it lately. Played with it and figured out, it's the pay to tap chip in the card...
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    Qi charger for Nexus 5

    Looking for something "cheap" that works. Any recommendations? Thanks.
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    Are you willing to die...

    ...for our mobile OS of choice?? These dudes were...
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    HTC M9 update....

    ....appears to have done WONDERS to the camera. The difference on some of the shots is night and day. Good job HTC!
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    Note 5.... 4k display? Wow... just wow. This display (if the S6 is any indication) will be absolutely amazing. Samsung is really pushing the bar here. Your "average" consumer is looking for 3 things in a phone (IMO)... looks...
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    Wanna try Windows Phone? For free? VERY interesting to say the least.
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    New MacBook

    Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook
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    Apple Watch

    Prices revealed... Tim Cook revealed on Monday the following prices for the various models of the Apple Watch: Apple Watch Sport – 38mm: $349 Apple Watch Sport – 42mm: $399 Apple Watch – 38mm: $549 – $1,049 (Prices vary based on...
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    vlan question

    I am at a place where I would like my guest wifi to receive IP addresses separate from our private wifi users. I only have one DHCP server running and would like that to change. According to what I am reading online this can be done via vlans?? One lan gets DHCP from the server and then the...
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    ubnt AC worth buying yet?

    I am needing another AP and wondering if I should get an AC or stick with the Pro? Thoughts?? Thanks!
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    Office 365 for mail

    Anyone using it? I have a domain and my email is being hosted by the company hosting the website. Really crappy email and interface. I work for a non-profit so we just got approved for Office 365 for free. Besides setting up all my users and pointing the MX records to Microsoft, is there...
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    min rssi unifi

    Has anyone do this?? Wanting to deploy this here at work.... just wondering. What is a "good" min RSSI?? I am seeing some places 25 and some 20. Any experience guys??
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    iCloud full... what do I do?

    My bosses iCloud is full and she is complaining about the error message she keeps getting. How does one "empty" their iCloud and start over again?? I was going to sync the pics to her iMac as a backup.... but how do I wipe her iCloud data so she can start from scratch?? :confused:
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    Do I dare??

    I am needing another Unifi AP... do I dare try an AC out?? I've heard there were still some "issues".... is this true?? Thanks!!
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    unlock att iphone5s

    I am wanting to unlock my bosses' ATT iPhone 5s. ATT won't do it because the contract is up BUT he doesn't want to break his contract(which I explained to the lady on the phone. I even told her that if he DID try to break the contract my boss would pay all the remaining months.... no go)...
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    shift key issue

    Wierd problem that just started happening. Shift key on the left side works fine. The one on the right?? It always does this... /???? .>>>> ,<<<<< [{{{{{ ]}}}}} aAAAAA eEEEE The first character NEVER capitalizes or changes. It always works on the second character typed. So...
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    Can nothing impress me??

    Seriously....Android fan.... iPhone user. Been playing with dozens of phones and NOTHING is impressing me. When is someone going to come out with something that "wows" me? :(
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    I was just sitting here when this popped into my head... did Samsung completely change the industry "standard" for what a smartphone really is/was with the Galaxy Note?? Not necessarily because of the stylus but because of the sheer size of the phone? It may not have been such a "revolution"...
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    Decommission an old Exchange Box

    Anything I need to know to remove an Exchange Box from a working Server 2008 environment? Basically our email is being hosted elsewhere but I still have my exchange box up and running (it's been sitting there doing nothing for the last 3 years. LOL). What is the "proper" way of removing it...
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    Does this look interesting to you?
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    iTime reveal?
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    Unifi 3.2.1

    Anyone here try the final release in their production environment? I am wanting to roll it out here at work if it's working OK for everyone. Thanks!
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    Did I miss something?

    I thought the biggest thing since Apple was "Apple" was supposed to be announced at WWDC? To borrow an '80's catchphrase... "where's the beef?"
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    Carriers REMOVE S5 download "booster"... How many levels of stupid is this?? :mad:
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    Oh just great..... All we need... more fanboys(girls??). :(
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    The S5 Review Everyone Has Been Waiting For...
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    iMac wireless "issue"

    Posted this in the Apple Forums, but it applies here as well... My boss has a 2013 iMac... I have a UniFi wireless system setup and am currently running 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. The "issue" I am having is that the iMac will CONSISTENTLY connect to 5Ghz and instead of the 5Ghz "N"... it connects to...
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    Wireless "issue" 2013 iMac

    My boss has a 2013 iMac... I have a UniFi wireless system setup and am currently running 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. The "issue" I am having is that the iMac will CONSISTENTLY connect to 5Ghz and instead of the 5Ghz "N"... it connects to the 5Ghz "A" which is much much slower. Any ideas???
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    ftp question/problem?

    I have ftp setup on my server and it works great when I try to access if locally. Just type in and voila! Unfortunately from the outside it won't work... the BEST I can get it to do, is pop up and ask for username and password. If I type it in, it just sits and "thinks" for...
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    UniFi AP question

    I set up a bunch of these and I'm not "real" happy with the speeds I am seeing. Sitting virtually on top of the AP I am only seeing about 4Mbps... real world(mounted on ceiling and a bit away) I am only seeing like 2.5Mbps. Is this "normal"?? I am guessing the Pro would be substantially...
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    wifi saved password info...

    I've run into this before and didn't know if there was a work-around.... Let's say you have a network called "home"... on that network you have a password "1234567890"..... you connect using your phone or laptop, and it remembers it. Great! Now, I decide to CHANGE my wifi password to...
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    unifi question

    I have a bunch of clients connected... some have a blue N circle, and some have a gray circle with a little green "n" or lightning bolt coming out of the top of it. What is the difference?? :confused::confused:
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    good directional antenna for unifi AP+

    I have one and I would like to sorta/kinda direct the beams AWAY from the back of the building it will be mounted to toward a certain area. Any ideas or suggestions?? Thanks guys! :)
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    friend's daughter's iPod touch

    My friend talked with me last night and he said his daughter changed her passcode on her iPod touch, FORGOT it?!?! and locked it up solid now(after like a billion tries) and it's unusable. I told him I "assumed" there was a way to unlock the thing and get it back to factory, but I have NO idea...
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    POLL - The "best" Android Phone

    Was just reading an article on BGR, and they INSIST on calling the HTC the "best" Android phone in the world. I personally think it was at least as good as anything Samsung had at the time (I still don't consider it BETTER than the S4, but it was IMO at least, just as good if for no other reason...
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    Anyone familiar?? Wanting to set one of these networks up... from my understanding, it's as easy as running cat5 from a POE hub and programming the units using the included software? Want to make sure I know what I am in for before I go ahead and purchase. Thanks.
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    64bit..... hogwash??

    So here goes.... for the last 3 months'ish' I have been NAUSEATED with "64bit" this, and "64bit" that... specifically comments concerning the Apple iPhone 5s. I have been "trolling" message boards in this length of time swearing up and down that the speed increases that Anand found in his...
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    I am frustrated with my Nexus 7

    Why? Because when I load up a site on my iPad or iPhone it loads the "mobile" version in that it plays an HTML5 version of a video, when I use my Nexus 7, it tries the "full" site, and complains I don't have flash installed "" is the one right now I am complaining about. Any idea HOW...