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  1. T4rd

    Which XboX One X , monitor question and overall gameplay question.

    Any 4k 60 Hz monitor will be good and Freesync is supported by Xbones, but I'm not sure any games actually take advantage of it though. HDR support would be a good bonus as well since console games utilize it a lot more than PC games. But as a person who has a similar gaming PC and all...
  2. T4rd

    DOOM Eternal: The Final Preview

    I'm all for a slow, story-oriented and tactical shooter/adventure game as well (which is mostly what I play really), but I fuggin loved Doom 2016. But as good as I thought the game play was great IMO, the thing that really kept me playing through it was the soundtrack that kept me highly...
  3. T4rd

    Sony Is Struggling With PlayStation 5 Price Due to Costly Parts

    Indeed.. but I think it's mostly meaningless because most of us here that buy consoles also have gaming PCs anyways, if just for their exclusives and some other ancillary benefits (ease of use - stability/consistancy, media playback - streaming and DVD/BD playback, etc.). At least that's the...
  4. T4rd

    Is this normal for rtx cards ?

    My Zotac 2080 stays silent while gaming and seems to not go much over 70C either. It has 3 fans on it though, so they don't have to spin as fast as 2 fans would to keep it as cool. I've been really happy with its performance and acoustics so far.
  5. T4rd

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Finally played through Crysis and Crysis Warhead for the first time. It was a PITA mostly because it kept crashing to desktop randomly and after searching for a bunch of fixes, the only one that seemed to work was to disable some graphical options like AA, motion blur, Trilinear Filtering, etc...
  6. T4rd

    Storage space on smart devices

    The only semi-valid reason I can think of is to record lots of 4k60 video before you can upload it to the cloud or your home storage. Otherwise, I guess just for people who still looking to drag around their entire movie/show collections with them instead of streaming/downloading it when needed...
  7. T4rd

    Metro Exodus is returning to Steam after lengthy Epic Games Store exclusivity

    Not right at all. It was going to come to Steam regardless of sales performance after 1 year of release; that was the deal from the beginning. But of course they're going to get additional sales by selling the game through other stores and with it being 40% off will cause it to sell more...
  8. T4rd

    Holster or pocket?

    Yeah, I haven't been that guy since the first gen smart phones when I had my OG Droid. But at least then I was in the Army and my top covered the holster so you couldn't see it anyways. The only thing I holster nowadays if I ever do is my Leatherman.
  9. T4rd

    Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi thinks 4K is enough, wants to push higher framerates for PS5 instead

    I fully agree with him, esp. if the next consoles support VRR, which I'm banking on because I just got an OLED TV partially because it supports VRR over HDMI 2.1. I think VRR could be huge for consoles just so they're not hard locked to 30/60 FPS and devs can focus less on worrying about there...
  10. T4rd

    ATI vs Nvidia in the current market?

    The only price range I would recommend an AMD GPU at at this point is in the sub-$200 range for the old RX 570-590 8GB cards, which are still a pretty killer value IMO. I got my son a RX 570 8 GB for like $140 for Christmas 2018 and it still runs most games at high IQ 1080P great. Otherwise...
  11. T4rd

    Pixel 4

    Ahh, too bad. That could have been the kick in the nuts Google needs to actually start competing.
  12. T4rd

    Pixel 4

    Looks like Verizon may be dropping the Pixel line from their store. Maybe they'll get serious about hardware now and stop cutting corners in design, specs, and features, or at least price their phones appropriately if they don't improve all of that.
  13. T4rd

    Sony Is Struggling With PlayStation 5 Price Due to Costly Parts

    I'll pick one up as long as it's $500 or less at launch.. maybe more if they launch with a nice remake/remaster of one of their PS4 exclusives like TLOU2 or Horizon or something, otherwise I'll wait until the next big exclusive comes out and there's a bundle/sale on it.
  14. T4rd

    Epic CEO Tim Sweeney condemns loot boxes, says game companies should 'divorce themselves from politics'

    I don't see how any of that is relevant to game consoles in the context of exclusive game titles on their platforms. Sony and Nintendo are free to own their own game studios in order to make compelling exclusive titles that set them apart from most other PC exclusives (if any for AAA titles)...
  15. T4rd

    Epic CEO Tim Sweeney condemns loot boxes, says game companies should 'divorce themselves from politics'

    You said "Sony", so I was only speaking to that and console exclusives, not PC game store exclusives. I'm in agreement about game stores taking too much of a cut, but Steam doesn't seem any worse than most other store fronts too. Games have to be sold somewhere though and invariably that store...
  16. T4rd

    Epic CEO Tim Sweeney condemns loot boxes, says game companies should 'divorce themselves from politics'

    Lol, I've already dispelled these misnomers for you previously a while back. I'm sorry you're still too poor to buy your games legitimately though. Guess you think a rumour constitutes fact too; but sorry to say that Horizon isn't coming to PC as of right now at least and I don't see it...
  17. T4rd

    Epic CEO Tim Sweeney condemns loot boxes, says game companies should 'divorce themselves from politics'

    Sony? Console exclusives != PC game store exclusives. Console exclusives sell consoles and are a necessary evil to justify their existance and that's been the case since the dawn of video games and consoles in general. I'm good with it too if that's what it takes to breed the best games...
  18. T4rd

    LG V60

    Well if you want to dismiss Asus, that still leaves all those other OEMs that are much better than LG at pushing updates in a timely manner. So my point still stands.
  19. T4rd

    Do people here remove the tab on a phone case that guards the headphone jack?

    What headphone jack? :P I would definitely cut that off if it's interfering with how you use the phone at all, esp. if it's IP rated anyways.
  20. T4rd

    LG V60

    Nah, OnePlus, Asus (they've recently commited to faster updates and it shows), Nokia, Sony, Essential, and Xiaomi are all considerably faster than LG and what I would call acceptable in terms of software support and updates.
  21. T4rd

    LG V60

    They make excellent hardware (when it's reliable at least), but their software leaves a lot to be desired in terms of UI, bloat, and support (updates) in a timely manner, esp. for their previous gen flagships. Meanwhile Samsung has improved all of that the past couple years with their One UI...
  22. T4rd

    Metro: Exodus

    I've had enough of a backlog that I'm still working through (playing Crysis series just now, lol) that I've been waiting for this to come to Steam. I still haven't played through Last Light either and barely remember playing through 2033 from several years ago at this point. The first time it...
  23. T4rd

    Cliff Bleszinski openly admits going woke can hurt games.

    Basically forcing "diversity" by adding whatever minority races you can think of and/or generally unattractive LGBTblahblahletters characters at the expense of any real character development because obviously one's race and sexual orientation is more interesting and important to their character...
  24. T4rd

    Next Gen Consoles

    They're still on the PSN store. But there's really only a handful of decent titles available. The only one I have is RE Code Veronica.
  25. T4rd

    Next Gen Consoles

    Yeah, I disagree. I want to play my older games that are locked to those consoles like the whole MGS series, Gran Turismos, Silent Hills, etc. IGN referenced a poll recently somewhere that BC is one of the top favorite features of the next Xbone as well.
  26. T4rd

    Next Gen Consoles

    Yeah, that's one of the few things I really like on the MS side; they really emphasize BC all the way back to their original console and in some cases they patch them for 4K support and improve their performance as well. It's one of the few key advantages the platform has that Sony could easily...
  27. T4rd

    Ubiquity / UniFi AP Setup & Edgerouter X Load Balacing

    Well one of my ISPs (TIM) messed my account up and took it down for over a month. I received Now that I have it back up and both ISPs connected, it seems my Edgerouter refuses to use my first ISP (Eolo) to route any traffic through, even after disconnecting my TIM router to try to force it to...
  28. T4rd

    Resident Evil 2 (2019)

    Did anyone get this ending?
  29. T4rd

    After Xbox 360 - Microsoft was originally planning to go all digital and ROMless right?

    I haven't played Xbone in a while, but on PS4, unless you want to play online, it doesn't force you to download updates and gives me the option to continue playing without an update, so I assume Xbone would work the same way. Not sure about consoles too, but I got that same CoD MW game on PC...
  30. T4rd

    After Xbox 360 - Microsoft was originally planning to go all digital and ROMless right?

    I've gone all-digital on my consoles now just for the convenience of not having to swap discs and also so I don't have to worry about losing/breaking discs between moving and with kids around. That's esp. useful on Switch where it's too easy to lose those little carts for it, kids will lose...
  31. T4rd

    Xbox One X from MS $350

    If that code works for Windows as well (which I think the Gears games work on both platforms with the digital copy), I might be interested.
  32. T4rd

    will this work with hl Alex

    Can't just bump your previous thread with the exact same title to ask? Would maybe be easier for you to track responses to the same question later on too.
  33. T4rd

    Should I go 1440p?

    You don't say what Hz your current 1080p monitor is, but I'll assume 144 Hz or so if you're playing at those frame rates unless you like tearing in your games. IMO unless you're an eSports player or absolutely live on these games and play highly competitively, I would definitely take the...
  34. T4rd

    Is a smartwatch a decent option for Medical Care Alerts for Seniors?

    Agree with Chang3d, plus she'll have the added responsibility of charging the watch every night or two and if she's not already accustomed to doing this routine with a phone or other devices, she could be wearing a dead watch half the time and negating the purpose of it altogether. I'd rather...
  35. T4rd

    Anyone Unlock Phones?

    As long as it's paid off and no balance left on it if it was financed through Sprint, you should be able to call Sprint's tech support in order to get an unlock code for it. Else there are 3rd party services (will have to Google some, as I've seen people use eBay and other sites for unlock...
  36. T4rd

    Half-Life Collection free to play until the launch of Half-Life: Alyx

    It's definitely worth playing whenever you get a chance. Prolly best to wait for full release too, because there were some performance issues on the Xen levels when I played it, which they were aware of in the update log and am sure they'll improve on as they continue to update it. My frame...
  37. T4rd

    Half-Life Collection free to play until the launch of Half-Life: Alyx

    The Xen maps on Black Mesa are completely different and reworked, and they are MUCH better for it IMO over the original (which was good too IMO). They seemed significantly longer/larger to me than the original levels as well. The Black Mesa levels seemed mostly the same with some decent tweaks...
  38. T4rd

    Last of Us: Part II officially revealed

    I'd say that has more to do with the similarities between that PC hardware and the next gen PS5 console, as they have already said it will have hardware RT support like Nvidia's current hardware does. Because you know they're going to re-release TLoU 2 on PS5 just like they did for the original...
  39. T4rd

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    I started Spiderman last night after trying to start Crysis and it kept crashing to desktop after attempting to launch. Apparently there's an issue with Crysis on Windows 10 and AMD platforms (I'm on a 2700x / RTX 2080 rig) and the download link for the 8-core bat file there is dead for me, so...
  40. T4rd

    Xbox and PC

    From what I'm seeing online, cross platform online play is only available between Windows and Mac users, not between any PC and console users. There's only a few games that I know of that support cross-play between PC and consoles and Borderlands 2 isn't one of them. Same with Borderlands 3...