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    Need a 512GB 2.5 drive for game installs. Recommendations?

    Samsung would be my top pick, but i had good experiences with Crucial and Intel.
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    Error when copying files over 2gb

    Is your drive formated FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS ?
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    Storage For Video Production

    If you want something premade that works, look into Synology to me the best OS for a simple storage server, i would recommend to check Synology DiskStation DS1019+ For bulding your own media server / storage i would recommend unRaid, hardware wise it supports lots of CPU/Mobos, so its up to you...
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    Poor write performance with WD RED HDs

    WD Reds are usually slower being 5400rpm drives but your sustained seem a little lower than normal for reds.
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    What is best set-up for Security Camera and Storage

    Depends on a lot of things, one of the things that frees up more cpu is direct to disk, also the mp/resolution, the fps that you will run the cameras, motion detect, etc. On ipcamtalk they correlate passmark with blueiris, yours is a very old quad core with no hyperthreading, still i think it...
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    What is best set-up for Security Camera and Storage

    Search for Dahua n Hikvision, cheap china cameras but work well. Recommended you check ipcamtalk forums for details on cameras and vendors. I ran Blue Iris on i7 4770k for 5 years, work well, recently i moved to Nx Witness, and now im running the same setup on Pentium J5005. Blue Iris you do...
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    Bestbuy now discounting WD 12 TB drive by $100

    Yea, i though you shucked the drives, but dont worry null confirm what i wanted to know. Thanks for the confirmation, i had hopes i didnt need to do this... but i guess cheaper comes at a cost for us.
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    Bestbuy now discounting WD 12 TB drive by $100

    Do you need to do the 3v tape mod on this drives?
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    2TB SSD Owners

    For me yes, but each person have different needs and budgets, so its up to each. I run two Samsung 860Pro 4tb, one in desktop and one in laptop, both around 50% fill. Its advised never to fill up an ssd completely. For me mechanical are only worth for storage on my servers. SSDs will get...
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    File/Media Server Upgrade thoughts

    If you are looking into synolgy and planning on PLEX in the future, look into 1019+, you can still add a DX517 down the road if you need more space.
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    Cost advantage of HDDs over SSDs will last more than a decade

    I agree, but for sata to decrese a new standard needs to be implemented, sata express never took off, and u.2 while for me its great not everybody likes it or implements it, and PCIe lanes are growning but not to a point where we can go fully, so something has to replace sata III, idk maybe sata...
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    Cost advantage of HDDs over SSDs will last more than a decade

    Personally i thought 10 years was a good timeline for SSDs to catch up HDDs, but they estimated more, Seagate: our disk drives are safe from SSDs for at least 15 years
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    Is it easy to shuck this WD external drive?

    Depends on each batch, in the past you usually got a WD Red, lately they have been change to the white label drives. Is it easy.... i would say its very easy but i have shuck more than 20 drives, my first ones were not hard but out of not knowing i struggle and broke a lot of the tabs...
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    Windows 10 NVME installation issue

    Glad you manage to make it work, now enjoy.
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    Recommend a very fast USB 3.0+ Flash Drive.

    You are correct, the P20 is a very fast flash drive, i own one and its been discontinued, it was imo the fastest flash until Sandisk released Extreme Pro 256gb, which i haven't found anything faster (not considering porable ssds like Samsung T5), i had high hopes for the new Corsair Voyager GTX...
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    Windows 10 NVME installation issue

    Do you have any sata connected? sometimes they share lanes or deactivate one if the other is in use. I would try with only the the ssd you are planning on installing windows, no sata or extra nvmes.
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    Recommend a very fast USB 3.0+ Flash Drive.

    The fastest USB flash drive, sort of speak, is the SanDisk SDCZ880-256G-G46 Extreme PRO 256GB USB 3.1 Solid State Flash Drive, it can sustain around 340mb/s on large transfer files. The samsung above will be faster still, but if you want a pure flash drive this is as fast as it gets.
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    Do we still need spinning drives?

    I have moved my main PC and laptop to only ssds, but storage servers will continue to use mechancial for years to come, still is too expensive, my guess is 10 years to start moving my servers toward NAD storage.
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    I think I might have a page filing issue with my ssd

    In the past when the endurance of the ssds was low i remember some recommended to remove the pagefile as long as you had lots ram, i did it on a couple of win7 formats, and then i decided to let it be, the only thing i disable is hibernation and in some cases windows restore points.
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    PCI-E 4.0 SSD

    Why is it that we havent seen PCIe Gen4 from Samsung, Intel or Crucial? is it because board manufacturers got to play with PCIe 4.0 before?
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    NAS Box Advice.

    My first suggestion is to build your own, an unRaid server is what i would go for, specially since you are into media files and you can grown the array as you go, still has a max 2 disk redundacy if you chose to, it has a wide amount of apps including plex, and you can chose your own CPU and...
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    Whats next for HDDs?

    Link me a 10tb ssd from amazon.
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    Whats next for HDDs?

    In the next five years SSDs will reach the amount of space that hdds will have, price is likely to still be a lot higher, but space wise they will be fairly similar, in following five years the not only the ssds will be bigger than hdds but the pricing will slowly match the capacity. I strongly...
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    Whats next for HDDs?

    It should at some point, my guess is around 10 years.
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    SSD for NAS, do you think that high volume ssd will replace the hdd?

    It will happen, pricing on NAD and thus SSDs have been falling gradually, and will continue to do so, as has happened with all storage over time. The real question is when will SSDs will be as cheap per tb as mechanical hdds, and there is no real definitive answer, as hdd manufactuers continue...
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    Recommended SSD Brands for Business Laptop Upgrades

    I currently own a SX8200 and SX8200Pro, the none pro has been working fine, no issue, the pro booted fine three times, and the fourth was no longer recognized by the bios, tried it on other motherboards and was dead, i cant say much about ADATA support as Amazon exchange it, and the second has...
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    Recommended SSD Brands for Business Laptop Upgrades

    Samsung, Intel and Crucial are really good brands in my experience, those are my gotto every time i do a build.
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    System has been hitching, games very slow to load - probably due to SSD. How can I check?

    Both ssds are past 85% full, you should try dumping some files on both drives and try to see if you still have the issues.
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    Beware the Bling (RGB) on your HyperX SSD

    I dont get it what LED did kingston used? HID? i thought leds that were used for cosmetic purposes didnt produce much heat, but this makes me change my POV, will current LED affect GPU and CPU temps? most of todays GPU have leds... :(
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    LSI 9201-8I Compatible Motherboard

    I dont own a 9201-8i, to say for sure, nor i know if yours has any limitations due to the bios/firmware it currently has, i did try a couple of 9207-8i on an Asus H170 Pro Gaming and had no issues. In the past i had issues with some motherboards recognizing certain LSI Raid/HBA cards, but not...
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    So where will ssds move from NVME?

    Just wondering with all the NVME m.2 SSDs starting to reach 3k+ reads/writes, whats coming short term on the storage industry, are we moving on full PCIe ssds on the future or will we get 8x NVMEs? or any other format that its coming short term?
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    Best bang m.2 NVMe

    The only thing that i dont like on the 660p is the drop on sequentials, if it was to sata III ssds levels would be fine, but to hdd levels to me its too much, its a drive that depends purely on the slc cache, not that it will matter to most, just more a personal thing.
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    Time to update my data storage.

    TeleFragger, what OS you are using? im also a stablebitt scanner/drivepool user, really a nice piece of software to make a simple server.
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    Assembling a high capacity NAS

    Go with WD PURPLE over RED if your primary use will be Surveillance, the drives are similar but with different firmware oriented for their intended use.
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    Assembling a high capacity NAS

    Thanks for the reply, just ordered 2x Ironwolf 12TB for a Synology DS718+, hope they are not so loud.
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    Assembling a high capacity NAS

    Any chance you share which drives? i mean there are ironworlf, barracurdas, nighthawk, even enterprise, and if you are also talking about helium or not?
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    Best bang m.2 NVMe

    The adata x8200 pro is going for $188 on massdrop.
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    High Density SSD's

    IIRC the 1030 dont have any encoders, but maybe does have decoders, so you use the GT1030 to decode and CPU to transcode?
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    High Density SSD's

    I would go the nas route, i would suggest to look into something like Synology DiskStation DS218+ and 2x 8TB hdds and set them up in raid 1, and place it where you have a wired connection to your router/switch, setup the share folders. If you dont want to go the nas route, and you have 2 sata...
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    Samsunh 860 Evo vs Intel 660p

    amazon has a review stating some intels from 3rd party vendors were fake, so be careful into buying from a reputable retailer.