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    Damaged Goods, Return/Refund/Chargeback Time Frame

    I will do that crosshairs. The part about not selling to your community anymore. You should read the thread before throwing your weight around. I'm not refunding while dude has the item and you can't make me either. You are a mod not a state prosecuter
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    Damaged Goods, Return/Refund/Chargeback Time Frame

    You're always telling everyone to issue refunds immediately. You must not be too concerned about getting scammed. This guy is a flat out liar making up quotes from nowhere and I'm not issuing a refund period until usps gives me the go ahead. All he has to do now is rough up the 450d and take...
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    Damaged Goods, Return/Refund/Chargeback Time Frame

    There was no accusation. I said "for all I know". Not "you did this". There is no claim number as I said the claim is connected to the tracking number. I don't have time for this I have a four year old to look after and it makes it hard to be a good father when you're getting constant...
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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    I'm curious if you've ever personally tested one of these displays you always seem ready to bash. Could go the rest of my life without reading "You don't play a screenshot" ever again and that would be OK.
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    Guys what CPU cooler for 5930K i will be overclocking

    I'd say an AIO is WAY less dangerous than building a custom loop. Especially for a first timer. If the pump dies, the cpu will heat up and thermal shutdown (no damage, just computer turns off). $200 custom loop would be really spartan I can't imagine it. A decent pump is going to run you at...
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    Damaged Goods, Return/Refund/Chargeback Time Frame

    For all I know, you took the 450D out, put another crappy PC case in there and then ran over it with your car. That package is so badly torn it is not acceptable for shipment and NO POST OFFICE would accept it. Thus I didn't do anything wrong, you had BAD LUCK and you should cooperate with the...
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    Damaged Goods, Return/Refund/Chargeback Time Frame

    Actually what I told you was that I wanted pictures of the damaged item after you refused to take the item to the Post Office and said you would wait to have them pick it up. The 90 days issue came up after you started threatening to put in a chargeback. That's how long it could take to settle a...
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    64$ USD reward: issue w FFXIV and 295x2

    Thank you! I put a lot of sweat and time into it (even a little blood haha). It's probably going to get gutted yet again for an RIVB and a 4820k since apparently the problem does not affect the x79 platform and windows 8.1. I've tested z87 and z97 boards from both ASUS and msi and they all...
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    64$ USD reward: issue w FFXIV and 295x2

    See but you're clearly not reading the five different times I've said: a script is not a solution and I won't accept it or use it. Take a look at the OP. I can figure out how to write a script myself but I don't want the game constantly switching folders that's a terrible idea asking for...
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    [Videocardz] Goodbye GALAXY and KFA2, Meet GALAX

    Galax? Sounds like a stool softener from outer space.
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    Update on my Amazon Payments dispute with beautypc

    You guys are possibly getting muscled into paying these chargeback mercenary protection fees for no reason. Cc companies give you 90 days as the total possible processing time for CBs. This isn't because they're lazy it's because they need to allow themselves time to investigate if necessary...
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    64$ USD reward: issue w FFXIV and 295x2

    The logs of thousands of registry entries? Was not looking for a new life's work here... What suggestions didn't I try? :rolleyes: Here's the build log: And here's the requested New York Times "Proof of Life" with TriFireWater v2 M7H ed.:
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    ASUS Radeon R9280X-DC2T-3GD5 280X awful performance

    idk anything about watch dogs other than it is optimized for Nvidia. Are any of you guys running it nicely on a 280x? below 10 fps can't be simply a cpu bottleneck, can it? 14.8 is for APUs... AMD is being dumber than normal lately. Try DDU uninstall everything driver related and start over.
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    64$ USD reward: issue w FFXIV and 295x2

    This is still going on BTW. Took me a long time to get my 295x2 system back up and running. Here it is: Nothing has changed (probably because I'm using the same platform, basically z87/z97). Scenario remains the same: In Windows 8.1 Crossfire works with this game ONCE per folder name. In...
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    Best 1500W+ PSU

    Gonna guess this is about 2 295x2s based on the no EVGA comment? If so, it is recommended to use 2 PSUs.
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    ASUS Z97 Motherboards - Official Support Thread

    Ugh, I have an problem/observation I thought I would document here concerning USB issues. I have recently switched again from a M6H to an M7H. Took a couple of Win 8.1 installs to figure out why my USB drive (connected to USB 3.0 port) I was installing windows with wasn't being recognized once...
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    Which 27" 1440p Monitor should I buy?

    I definitely see your points. I may have gotten lucky repeatedly and you might not. Just wanted to throw it out there, also, I found the Korean resellers on eBay to be excellent, but who knows. If returning any of the 4 monitors you listed is not a problem, then I would start with the BL2710...
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    Which 27" 1440p Monitor should I buy?

    This is going to sound crazy but I've personally tested 3/4 of the monitors you're looking at and the best ones I've seen aren't on the list. All 3 of the Korean overclocking monitors I've had the fortune of owning were practically perfect. I paid 600$ for the Yamakasi Catleap 2B OC I currently...
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    Best desktop audio recommendations

    I realize this is OT but idk where to put it. I could have sworn 24bit/48khz was messed up on my Essence STX w/ Win7 but I've gone back to 7 and been listening to my exo2s all day they sound better than eva. It's strange. The clarity I'm getting is so stark.
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    PC starts, shuts off 10 sec later

    More likely a new PSU but it's possible. My money is on the TX psu.
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    Aquacomputer R9 290X Active Backplate in stock at FCPU

    I'm super tempted. What's holding me back is that Aquacomputer never put out a 295x2 backplate at all. I'm using EK backplates right now and I don't like the idea of mix n match being visible from above.
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    Cryorig R1 Ultimate CPU Cooler

    Best looking heatsink I've seen so far, too bad it's so tall. 158mm is about my cutoff
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    GTX 970/980 specs @ Techpowerup, plus 3dmark gpu-score leaks... Neo: "Woah."

    Will the temporal dithering be fixed?
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    HyperX Releases Savage Memory

    Sales will be much better with this color scheme.
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    Earth Bombarded by Twin Solar Flares

    No, the Civil War began in 1960. I had never heard of the Carrington event. Frankly, I'm dubious.
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    Earth Bombarded by Twin Solar Flares

    Quotes without citations... Has that anxiety/hysterical ring to it.
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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    Not to mention actual useful strobing effect, not seeing anyone saying theyre using it on the swift really. Not looking that hard tho, I'm sure someone is.
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    Aquacomputer R9 290X Active Backplate in stock at FCPU

    No doubt that's a fantastic deal. Alphacool seems to me the least money grubbing of the good Waco companies. Aquacomputer alternates impressing me and really really letting me down. They have some products (like their inline temp sensor) that are absolute garbage. But when you get a chance...
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    EDID override with Haswell?

    What does 4:4:4 color sub sampling have to do with resolution and blurry text?
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    Earth Bombarded by Twin Solar Flares

    AZ on the 34th parallel. Arrid and temperate, not very conducive to the kinds of atmospheric electrical conductivity that seems to make the aurora visible. However, the aurora does sometimes come very far South. One infamous occurrence was the night of the US Civil War Battle of Fredericksburg...
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    Worlds most powerful htpc?

    I'm just taken by surprise at the kink coils. They seem totally unnecessary because the bends aren't sharp at all; but the whole build is really nice. Must have been a little like doing a Chinese Puzzle box with your feet.
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    GTX 970/980 specs @ Techpowerup, plus 3dmark gpu-score leaks... Neo: "Woah."

    I think other games/tests would draw a more dramatic--and possibly more valid--comparison. Besides, is that 9/17fps avg? If were getting 60fps on the 770 and 77fps on the 780Ti that is a 30% increase.
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    Destiny Review Round-Up

    I really dont know anything about the game at all, but I'm hearing that it has cleared out a large portion of the final fantasyXIV MMO player base. My girl said her guild or whatever they call it has been hurt badly.
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    F@H: Do the most good for $1000?

    I'm trying to get into Folding... I have a 295x2 and a 290x in Trifire but they put out WAY too much heat for me to deal with--my loop can handle it, but the room and my house start to heat up pretty quickly and overwhelm the air conditioner, imo. I'll be downsizing most likely to something that...
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    Need Help first mod project

    Wait wait. You're going to put an all in one H20 cooler in that case? Where? Why reuse the case, is budget super tight? Maybe she doesn't like the idea of swapping it out? If you are wanting to do that case as a project that's one thing but if you are trying to get some points with her id just...
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    i7 4770k confusing temps.

    I think this post is correct. The temp is being reported incorrectly by the bios. Need to make sure you have latest ASUS bios for your motherboard. RT is probably correct, what is it reporting for max temp on IBT? 80c+ on haswell in IBT is normal. They have a very wide range of thermals. I would...
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    i7 4770k confusing temps.

    Try photobucket. Imageshack I'm not familiar with but when we try to look at your links by clicking the Thumbnail it's broken. About manual voltage it's hard to say what the best voltage is. It's different for each chip. That's why auto is convenient. But when you are using IBT to test, the...
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    Dell Kicks Puny 4K Monitor to the Curb, Debuts 27” 5K Panel

    Psh. Until we need exponents to express pixel density in advertisements, I am not impressed.
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    i7 4770k confusing temps.

    The temps are higher because you are leaving the voltage on auto... We can't see your screenshots. If you want it idling at 800mhz turn EIST back on. It won't help your temps at all, though. Temps concern voltage.