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    French Woman Wants To Marry A Robot YMMV, I guess.
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    How to go from vinyl to digital and still stay an audiophile.

    We seem to run into each other a lot on forums. :)
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    This Music Video Was Shot In 4.2 Seconds

    That was some pretty slick high speed camera work set up going on there. But I'd imagine many things were pretty highly edited.
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    Appeals Court: It Doesn’t Matter If Cops Used A Stingray

    I've always loved them in the past never owned one myself. I used to work with a guy that owned one with a 327 with twin 4 barrels in it that got third place in the Indy car show that year. Was a damned sweet car, he rarely drove it and did a rare burn out in front of my house one day, that...
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    Appeals Court: It Doesn’t Matter If Cops Used A Stingray

    One of the coolest cars ever made. Even trying to find a Heavy Metal corvette opening is a PITA these days, won't bother.
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    How To Carve A Turkey...With A Waterjet

    I'd still like to see something like a HAAS VMC that would chop it up and put it on seperate plates and serve it :) Someone has to have the code for that saved :p J/K
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    Appeals Court: It Doesn’t Matter If Cops Used A Stingray

    Stingrays exist ? I jest a bit of course.
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    If your wife/gf likes $86 Obsession perfume...

    I have no idea, but the way some posts are deleted around here seems a bit biased really. It is almost like some people randomly shape the media here to support their opinons.
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    If your wife/gf likes $86 Obsession perfume...

    My wife still owns a horse that is stabled somewhere else that I want to shoot in the head, so I would consider that a minor problem.
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    Speakers for a Yoga Studio

    Depends on what you want to spend I guess, Fender used to make a pretty nice all in one walk around system with the Passports.
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    Fan-Funded Star Trek Film Claims Fair Use as Defense

    The Team Negative1 revamp of the original Star Wars was pretty slick, but of course they will go after anyone doing the same in most cases. They remade that into the original, unedited version basically.
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    President Says He Can't Pardon Edward Snowden

    I tend to agree, but is like a lot of things in the US. I'd be surprised if Obama goes out on a limb to give Snowden a pardon, he signed up for his job. It's politics as usual, he violated protocol. Good or Bad, that is the way things work in most countries. It is a reality thing, trying to...
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    Is 4k in a 25'' monitor a waste?

    I wouldn't buy one myself. But that is just my two cents, it would seem to me 4k on a small screen would not spending the money on it. If I had I couple million dollars in the bank I might give it a go on a whim, but reality says I would not piss with it.
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    Metallica Catalog Returns To Napster After 17 Years

    Fuckin A Dude,was long before the lame ass gamer gate shit showed up. I think even mentioning Fuckin A is a thing of the past. I'm getting old it seems.
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    Metallica Catalog Returns To Napster After 17 Years

    I did not know Napster was still a thing these days myself. The Napster wars with Metallica were epic almost once upon a time. Metallica has really been irrelevant before Taylor Swift showed up. I'm just making a stupid comparison, I rarely listen to her, but she has done it right as far as...
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    Windows 10 Informs Chrome And Firefox Users That Edge Is “Safer”

    I've tried out Edge a few times in the past, but I'm too lazy to migrate a lot of things over. It really did not seem to be a bad browser, but Microsoft has never had a reputation for a good browser to begin with. But that is common knowledge, edge could be the greatest browser in the world...
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    Positive or negative pressure? Fan direction?

    I've ran with the exhaust out the top for a long time, but the rear of the case does exhaust also. The CPU cooler shoots into a 220. Pulls a lot of heat off the GPU also. The RAID cards and the sound card seem pretty happy on the bottom end, the CP-850 has a 120 fan on the front and seems...
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    Windows 10 Informs Chrome And Firefox Users That Edge Is “Safer”

    The last update on Windows 10 tried to make edge my default. I just changed it, took about 5 seconds.
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    Humans Will Not Survive Another 1,000 Years

    Most people seem to accept that in one way or another. Spaghetti may have been involved in the far past.
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    Windows 10 now losing marketshare, Windows 7 gaining

    Win 7 is a thing of the past. I'd always thought the word amirite was also, but I'm not going to pass judgement. I still use a few things from the past.I guess that is a pet peeve of mine not worth going on about in detail.
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    Manned Spaceflight Is A Waste Of Resources

    Populating Mars is even still a silly concept atm, even in anyone's wildest dreams. But that still falls back on the AI thread also, if it hits level 3 in 50 years all kinds of things might be possible, if the AI would decide to keep humans around at all. People seriously think it is a joke...
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    Google Senior Security Engineer Says Antivirus Is Useless

    Personally I just use Windows Defender in WIN10 with No Script and another add on or two. Most freeware AV seems more like bloat than it is worth to me. I've paid for Defender with WIN10 and it seems to be pretty up to date and working well.
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    Amazon Prime HD Videos Stuttering

    My old HTPC in the bedroom with a X5650 streams Amazon Prime just fine on wireless even. The X5680 on the main rig seems to be having a few issues lately, and is direct wired. I think I may have one of the 4 HDD's on the storage RAID puking on me there atm, things have been weird even though...
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    Manned Spaceflight Is A Waste Of Resources

    Compare what NASA produces to what is spent there it is relatively small beans. NASA still produces results on a regular basis that are not even related to manned spaceflight, has always been one of the most beneficial government programs vs the money expended...
  25. MongGrel

    Beware of backing up important data on mechanical drives!!

    I still use RAID 10 on my old Areca 1210 second array, but it does eat up a lot of HDD space on the 4 drives. But I'm not running a server either. Maybe see you elsewhere after the new year after the last time I told Allisolm to screw off. She has been headhunting me for years, on any...
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    Help me get some better computer audio going

    I have a ghetto old school almost a soundbar :) But I've collected speakers over the years, even have a couple old Kenwood trip Z's I use for dual subwoofers on a separate receiver these days. If I were buying new speakers these days I would look at the mid ranged ELAC's, but they are not...
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    New Headphone Burn In

    My bad, typo. ;)
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    New Headphone Burn In

    Dave Rat looks like a fake audio professional to me, I had a spectrum analyzer in the 70's when they were a big deal.
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    New Headphone Burn In

    They are not headphones, but even the Alex Jones center channel speaker I almost RMA'd became a lot better after about 50-60 hours of burn in. Not the fanciest center speaker in the world, but I like it and it sounds good now. It's actually very yugggge. :)...
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    Manned Spaceflight Is A Waste Of Resources

    Manned spaceflight is a waste of resources in many cases. It's not like we'd send Mars Rover's up there years ago that are human controlled on a one way trip, or a human on Voyager would still be flying. There might even be a way to set up a valid moon base in the near future just from caves...
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    Humans Will Not Survive Another 1,000 Years

    Starvation exists in large levels in many countries. But that is usually in the form of a Government denying aid to control the populace to a degree.
  32. MongGrel dns error.

    I'm seeing some DNS issues in some other sites also. Wonder what is up there.
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    Humans Will Not Survive Another 1,000 Years

    There are estimates AI could hit level 3 inside 50 years, and that is not just from Hawking's opinion by a long shot. If that occurs, it's all theoretical on what could happen. People joke about it, but if it hit that stage would be a self aware learning system that would be outside of the...
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    Should We Ban Killer Robots?

    It would be almost amusing if a sentient Roomba ended the world as we know it. I once got the killing blow on a dragon raid in WOW with a 3 point DOT playing my warlock :p Was pretty epic, the guild busted on me over that one a long time, was dumping everything and the kitchen sink I had to...
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    Should We Ban Killer Robots? There actually was an autonomous version tested once, but it was not up to par.
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    Facebook Killed Everyone Today

    The future AI Overlords won't allow that :)
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    Facebook Killed Everyone Today

    Stage III AI, and we'll either be absorbed and evolved when it goes rampant or killed off. Give it another 40 years or so, I won't be around.
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    Razer ... never again

    I've been using a Logitech trackball for years when gaming, but I do not even game much these days. Haven't used a mouse in a couple decades personally, I even have a trackball on the small keyboard on the HTPC. A mouse has always seemed backwards to me once I was used to a trackball IMHO.
  39. MongGrel

    Facebook Killed Everyone Today

    I looked at FB for the first time in about two years a couple days ago. You might make me look again, you troll. J/K :)