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  1. Gorankar

    CBS Makes Star Trek: Picard Pilot Free On YouTube 'For a Limited Time'

    Whatever wokeness Discovery may have had aside, 3 episodes in and I absolute could not suspend my disbelief that a mutinous traitor is suddenly back in uniform, (it did not help that that actor was essentially a piece of wood or a boat anchor depending on your point of view), nor can I forgive...
  2. Gorankar

    New Star Wars movie to be made by Ragnarok director

    Even if fired, what can they do at this point really? Retcon everything since The Force Awakens except Roug One? That is about all that will satisfy many of the old fans.
  3. Gorankar

    Former or current 1080 ti/Titan (Pascal) owners

    The 1080 series is still doing fine, and I just can't accept the price of the 2080. I am just not paying 700-1200 or more for a video card.
  4. Gorankar

    Switch From Windows to Linux

    Made the switch to mostly Nix shortly after Xp launched, (Win for gaming Nix for everything else), came back after Vista SP1, never looked back at Linux again.
  5. Gorankar

    Elon Musk’s defamation trial over ‘pedo guy’ tweet kicks off in Los Angeles

    Musk does not have a good personal reputation to harm. It is not some unknown thing to anyone that has listened to him in the press. This does nothing really to alter his professional reputation, which is separate. "I don't care if you are a jerk as long as you are making me money" is a fairly...
  6. Gorankar

    Valve Index Controllers with HL:A in Stock on Steam - $279

    Well, this is just what I was looking for. I have been wanting a set of knuckles, and I do not intend on trading in the Vive Pro until something significantly better, and wireless comes along. Can't go back to being tethered. Edit: Well, crap, out of stock already. Booooh.
  7. Gorankar

    Valve confirms Half-Life: Alyx

    I have sneaking suspicion that this will be a very, very well made, and very short. Short enough that some will call it a proof of concept or tech demo. It does further point out how Valve has gone all in on VR though. I also suspect it will not stay VR only if it is more than just a short proof...
  8. Gorankar

    Valve confirms Half-Life: Alyx

    Should be interesting. May pick up a set of knuckles controllers. Still waiting on next gen wireless solutions. Not giving up VivePro until then.
  9. Gorankar

    AAA VR titles are starting to deliver...

    I believe he does not have a Rift. If Occulous ever decides to take issue with Revive, or other software that allows their exclusive games to be displayed on other HMD's, he would lose access to the game unless he bought a Rift.
  10. Gorankar

    Electronic Arts and Valve Announce Partnership to Bring EA Access Subscription and EA Games to Steam

    Some people are "it's on Steam or no sale" types. Losing 30%, or whatever it actually is, of what would not have been a sale otherwise, may still be considered a win by EA. Revenue is revenue. Still requiring Origin kills it for me anyway. So whether they sell on Steam or not, I am out, but...
  11. Gorankar

    EA may be looking to put its games back on Steam

    People use Origin? J/K, this is great except, as already pointed out above, the games will still likely require Origin, so.... meh.
  12. Gorankar

    Is it just me or...

    More story driven games than ever. They do tend to spend advertising dollars on the games likely to make them the most return though. So, I could see why one might think otherwise.
  13. Gorankar

    The End of Blu-ray

    Dead? No, not even close. Becoming a more and more niche product as time goes on? Yes, certainly.
  14. Gorankar

    GameStop stores are turning into retro gaming cafes.

    We are dealing with a wounded beast. It will try anything to stay alive. Can't fault them for trying it, but I really do not see this taking off outside of a very few places in the US. Who knows? GS may surprise us for something other than finding new interesting ways to lower the bar on...
  15. Gorankar

    Another useless launcher enters the fray.

    The best thing about launchers is that you can simply not download them or purchase the games that require them. Whatever you choose, it's your time, money, and PC.
  16. Gorankar

    The state of VR - Lost it's steam?

    I'd say that depends on the game. For Elite Dangerous, I had a hard time even playing it flat screen after trying it in VR. Space/Flight/Racing sims in VR with appropriate controllers make going back to "2D" seem like the proverbial poor cousin.
  17. Gorankar

    Top Gun 2: Maverick Trailer (2020)

    It is amazing that it even rates as average by today's standards, even with it's many refits. It was designed in the 1960's and first flew in 1970. I just hope they do not force inject too much social justice stupidity, or just perform one of their, now typical, feats of general IP destruction...
  18. Gorankar

    Prominent tech reporter charged by the FBI in connection with attempting to solicit sex with minors.

    People of middling intellect and above often believe they are too smart to get caught, which is pretty stupid. Though my belief is, that ordinarily smart people can be driven by their sicknesses or addictions to do incredibly stupid, horrible things. Prison is a good place for him. Though I...
  19. Gorankar

    Prominent tech reporter charged by the FBI in connection with attempting to solicit sex with minors.

    Planning a criminal act with another person is the very definition of conspiracy.
  20. Gorankar

    MS Brings games to Steam

    I would want to sell on as many storefronts/launchers as possible. They failed to make the Windows storefront a mainstream competitor to Steam. Only makes sense that they start selling on Steam. Though I would prefer they sold on more storefronts than just their own and Steam. I may only use...
  21. Gorankar

    Julian Assange Arrested

    Anyone on US soil has the same protection, and liabilities under the law. Once he is here, they can do what they want. The fact that the crimes were not committed here is not much of an impediment. I think the guy is an asshole not worth the spectacle we are putting on. As far as making an...
  22. Gorankar

    Senator to Introduce Bill to Ban Loot Boxes and Microtransactions Aimed at Children

    I get that part of it, but, if you invite politicians into our hobby in, (more than they already have been), they just will poop on the carpet, pee on the drapes, and chew up every internet/power/hdmi cable they spot. They will not "just" fetch the lootboox ban stick for us.
  23. Gorankar

    Julian Assange Arrested

    If CNN and Fox can be called legitimate, anyone can. I doubt they will be able to successfully challenge the "legitimacy" of the title "journalist" or whether wiki leaks counts as a legitimate news organization. Like how Assange and Wiki Leaks do things or not, (and I don't), at least so far...
  24. Gorankar

    Prince Harry wants Fortnite banned

    Let them ban it in the UK. They love to ban stuff there. Here in the US, there is nothing particularly ban worthy about the game. I do seriously dislike Fortnite though. It is the poster child for a revenue model I don't much care for, as well as being a boring 3rd person shooter designed...
  25. Gorankar

    Taiwan to block Tencent and Baidu streaming sites on security risk

    Isn't Tencent, in addition to being only 20% as cool as 50cent, also the biggest owner of Epic?
  26. Gorankar

    Borderlands 3

    It is looking like more of the same, with a bit more variety of location. Which is a good thing in my book. I am still holding onto the the thin hope that this will not be another Epic exclusive. I only use GOG and Steam, so this being an Epic store exclusive, would be a disappointment to me...
  27. Gorankar

    Metro Exodus Is Now Being Review Bombed on Metacritic

    That or metacritic is protecting the game from the review bombers.
  28. Gorankar

    Metro Exodus Is Now Being Review Bombed on Metacritic

    I am not happy with their decision to go Epic only, and have no intention of ever buying anything through Epic's storefront, but review bombing is just plain wrong. It further reduces the already limited value of those reviews. The reviews are supposed to be for customers to share, in good...
  29. Gorankar

    "I Don't Want Your Respect": NetherRealm Responds to Mortal Kombat "Going Woke"

    If your player base wants tiddies, and you don't give them tiddies, they are going to complain. The proper response to those complaints, if you really don't want to give them what they want, is to say nothing. Attacking your customers is a good old fashioned no no. It almost never benefits you...
  30. Gorankar

    Bethesda Purges Duped Items from Fallout 76

    It's only ridiculous if it it's not true. Which it was for a time. If you have near unlimited materials, you can power level by crafting, which gives you XP, and by scrapping, which gives you mods and some of your scrap back, then mass crafting, then scrapping, round and round.. It is a small...
  31. Gorankar

    Bethesda Purges Duped Items from Fallout 76

    On every server I joined, there seemed to be a group of dupers. Even after the can't pick up if over encumbered update. Why would you dupe so much junk if you were not going to use it as I described? My opinion is based on anecdotal evidence and what I would do with so much junk were I a duper...
  32. Gorankar

    Bethesda Purges Duped Items from Fallout 76

    Everyone knew it was going to happen, and I suspect most dupers acted accordingly. They server hopped to sell duped items for a ton of caps, scrapped, then forged, then scrapped, then forged, to power level and equip multiple toons with legendary items, and get access to weapon and armor mods...
  33. Gorankar

    Senate, House Bills Aim to Kill $7,500 Electric Vehicle Tax Credit, Add New EV Tax

    They would not die, they would get more expensive and actually have to compete on price/features/reliability/etc. Of course that only works if every country with an auto mfg eliminates subsidies and tax breaks. Since pretty much all of them give credits/subsidies as needed to prop up their own...
  34. Gorankar

    "Criminal Conduct": NYPD Asks Google to Scrap Waze's DUI/DWI Checkpoints

    Quotas are illegal, but if raises and promotions are based on arrest, conviction, or revenue generation, those performance criteria become de facto quotas. Making the assumption that something being done that results in personal gain was motivated, at least in part, by personal gain, is...
  35. Gorankar

    "Criminal Conduct": NYPD Asks Google to Scrap Waze's DUI/DWI Checkpoints

    Quotas are a thing. Yes, yes, supposedly they don't exist, and in some department actually don't. However a LEO, like as not, is going to be rated based on arrests, convictions, and revenue generation. Who gets that raise, that promotion? Why do you think civil forfeiture has become such a...
  36. Gorankar

    Senate, House Bills Aim to Kill $7,500 Electric Vehicle Tax Credit, Add New EV Tax

    I am all for eliminating subsidies for wealthy people to buy expensive cars. Which is pretty much exactly what the $7.5k credit is. When the question being asked is "Tesla Model S or BMW M5?", we should not even be considering a subsidy. Now, it sort of makes sense when we are talking about the...
  37. Gorankar

    "Criminal Conduct": NYPD Asks Google to Scrap Waze's DUI/DWI Checkpoints

    Yes, some states do not allow them, and the state appeals court in MI actually ruled against the state in regards to them, but the Scotus overturned them, and their opinion is that they are constitutional. I am not saying I am for them, merely that there is case law saying they are...
  38. Gorankar

    "Criminal Conduct": NYPD Asks Google to Scrap Waze's DUI/DWI Checkpoints

    They are legal. Though there are rules in how they are conducted to prevent violations of the 4A.
  39. Gorankar

    "Criminal Conduct": NYPD Asks Google to Scrap Waze's DUI/DWI Checkpoints

    No, they don't but it never hurts for them to try and protect that revenue stream. As long as the NYPD do not try to go any further with it than just this statement, it's fine. It is not a crime, and then trying to make it out to be one would just get it slapped down sooner rather than later in...
  40. Gorankar

    Metro Review-Bombed: Dev Threatens Next Game Won't Be on PC If Sales Are Low

    Calling Steam's cut massive is pretty silly, since b4 Steam came along, EA, Ubi, Activision, and most other publishing houses were taking 100% until games reached sales goals, and then took 60-90%, after that. I do agree that the review bombing is idiotic and should never have happened. Reviews...