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    Peripherals won't turn on on new build

    So I just put together a new build using a new mobo cpu and power supply and using some old components from my previous build. Everything is compatible and should work together but when I power it on the lights, fans, etc come on but my display, mouse, keyboard wont turn on. I've never had this...
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    24hr sale - WD 2TB EARS HD - $109.99 @

    ditto, lulz.
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    Computer wont start help!

    I've installed hard drives with it on before so I somehow thought it would be ok, yea my brain wasn't working correctly. Anyways I'm off to buy a new motherboard, thanks guys.
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    Computer wont start help!

    So I did something stupid and tried installing a GeForce 7800 video card into my second computer while it was on. The computer froze and when I tried rebooting nothing turned on. The motherboard light is still on but that's about it. What's your best guess did I fry one of my components? Do I...
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    2TB WD Green - $120 Shipped No Rebates

    Got 1 thnx OP :)
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    Best monitor? 30" IPS?

    My two Samsung 305t just died on me in less then a year so I'm getting refunded and thinking about going with 2 30' Dells. I still have a 24' dell that has lasted me almost 4 years.
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    2x SAMSUNG HD154UI 1.5TB (3 TB Total) 5400 RPM for $159.98 (After CB & PP CB)

    Im a newb and never used bing CB. So I go to search newegg click it and then just add the drives to my cart? Also If I pay with paypal I also get $20 off?
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    A buncha HD DVD for $3.54 each

    LOL pretty soon their going to start giving these away for free.
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    Say Goodbye To All Touch Screens! crazyyyy! me want 1!
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    Windows Internet Explorer 8 RC1

    I use firefox mainly and chrome as a backup. Sorry IE there's just no space in my heart for you anymore </3
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    Ati catalyst 8.12 beta

    Does this mean that streaming hd movies will improve with this drive? I use my 4870 to stream blu ray movie to my tv.
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    Why upgrade to i7 and Nehalem ?

    What is next after Nehalem and when will it come out? Seems like that is what most people will jump on.
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    Another 1TB Hard Drive for $99....and others.

    Whatever you guys do do not choose fedex as your carrier. I ordered on the 16th and was supposed to get here on the 18th. Then it got delayed and rescheduled to the 20th, then the 21st, and now its showing up as the 22nd. Also on the 20th it said On FedEx vehicle for delivery, now it...
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    What's Next?

    I peed my pants.
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    Another 1TB Hard Drive for $99....and others.

    This isnt refurbished is it? If not this is a great deal, was gonna pickup one of the 1.5tb drives for $189 but this is such a good deal I might just pick this up instead.
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    Scare of my life

    dont be a pussy lul... like others have said watch your temps and voltages gradually change your settings and you'll be ok
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    Is [H] gonna do a HD4870 1gb review?

    Thanks that was really helpful. I was just about to place a an order for a second 4870 for my 30" monitor, guess I'm going with the 1gb version, guess I should return the 4870 512 I got now for a 1gb too.
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    Seagate 1.5 TB starting to show up!

    yes yes but when can we expect to see 2tb drives? :D
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    Run 2 cards in crossfire, have 3rd one running separately

    Is this possible? I just ordered an Asus P5Q Deluxe along side a 4870. Down the road I plan on adding another 4870 for crossfire and then a third card (probably a 4850) for streaming movies to my HDTV. Anyone know if this would work or would I have to run each card separately?
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    Just purchased a Samsung 305t having second thoughts

    Thanks for the help guys. I just received my 305T today and it really is impressive. No dead pixels no backlight bleading, color uniformity seems pretty good all around. I'm still not 100% convinced though, its more of me thinking "what am i missing by not going with the dell?". Also the colors...
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    Intel Q9650 $459.99 at

    still too high
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    Seagate 1TB - $126 @ ZZF

    I lol'd.
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    Just purchased a Samsung 305t having second thoughts

    Nope its already in transit, Im ebaying that shit.
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    Just purchased a Samsung 305t having second thoughts

    I just bought a Samsung 305t from the egg, which is scheduled to get here in 2 days, and I am having second thoughts. After reading some more reviews: I'm thinking I should have bought the dell 3007wfp-hc...
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    Ausus P5Q Deulxe - 4x agp slot limitations?

    Right but I would only be using the card in the 4x slot for outputting movies to my HDTV and second 2007wfp. I'm hoping 2 4870's in crossfire will take care of the gaming portion.
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    Ausus P5Q Deulxe - 4x agp slot limitations?

    Yea thanks for the correction, I meant PCI-E. Thanks for confirming the 1080p issue. I would like to know if crossfire would work with 2 4870's, in addition with a third card. If not I might just get a 4870x2 and then 2 4850 and have each card running separately.
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    Ausus P5Q Deulxe - 4x agp slot limitations?

    Forgive my newbiness I've never had a motherboard with three video card slots. I plan on buying the p5q deluxe along with 2 4870's in crossfire for my 3007wfp-hc and 1 2007wfp. I plan to use the third agp slot (4x) with probably a 4850 for my second 2007wfp and to connect to my 55" HDTV for...
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    It's Ordered - Thank You [H]Forum

    WTF are you doing with this thing to justify the price?
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    Dell 2408WFP Now Available

    I have dual 2405's and was thinking its almost time for an upgrade. Basically the 2408 seems to suck so what do guys suggest :confused:
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    Q9550 E0 Stepping - Where can I get one?

    I haven't seen anyone reporting that they've gotten one yet from any retailers. I'm holding out a couple more weeks, when someone does get one can you let us know please.
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    slightly used HP LP3065 30-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

    How long have you had this?
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    3007wfp-hc resolution too high for gaming on your rig?
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    E8500 vs. Q6600 vs. Q9550

    Can you let us know if you received a E0 stepping one when you get it plz :D
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    Q9550 E0 Stepping - Where can I get one?

    Looks like they don't even have the Q9550 in stock.
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    Q9550 E0 Stepping - Where can I get one?

    Well I'm ready to pull the trigger on my new build, only thing holding me back is waiting for the E0 version of the Q9550 to be available. I know it was officially released on 8/22 but when can we expect it to be available for purchasing on the egg and such :confused: I plan to overclock so I...
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    E8500 vs. Q6600 vs. Q9550

    I'm also considering teh Q6600 vs. Q9550. If I can hit 3.6ghz with both will there be a difference other then the price?
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    Pictures of my Dual 37" Westinghouse LVM-37W3's (How do I flash the firmware?)

    HA got nothing on my dual 50" plasma displays.
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    Building in 2-3 weeks, looking for opinions on mobo, case, display and graphics cards

    This one Its a pretty good case but its gonna be a bitch moving all of my old components to a new cheaper case and then putting my new build in the lian li. I just don't feel like shelling out another $300 on another case.
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    Building in 2-3 weeks, looking for opinions on mobo, case, display and graphics cards

    Crazy, I'm building pretty much the exact same system and in the same time frame. Only difference is I'm replacing the 4870x2 with just a regular 4870 (which I think will be plenty for my needs) and using my current lian li case. Heres wishing us both good luck :D