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    Facebook buys Oculus VR

    And Carmack now works for Facebook? Ha!
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    Facebook buys Oculus VR

    Seriously disappointed. Nothing good can become of this.
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    Grim Dawn Kickstarter

    I'm in! Worth supporting.
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    Starcraft 2 Beta

    Beta is over.
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    Bought a 1055T at Fry's B&M, open it to find it used

    Had the same exact thing happen to me yesterday with the same combo deal. Out of curiosity, you wouldn't be located in metro Atlanta, would you?
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    SSD - I can't tell the difference.

    Huh? What would an SSD have to do with your internet speed?
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    What is the name of the Windows System Menu button?

    I seem to remember it being called the Windows pearl. But never really hear anyone referring to it as such.
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    Dell U2410 Display Port Cable

    Can anyone that owns a Dell U2410 tell me how long the display port cable is that comes in the box?
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    Brand new EYEFINITy triple 27" monitor arm

    In for 1.
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    Live Torchlight Stream

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    is it possible to buy PC133 ram anymore?

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    Recommend Your Favorite Mouse Pad

    Icemat2 + G9
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    Strategy for dealing with Comcast

    I have Comcasts 22/5 service. After I first got this setup, my speeds were capped at 6/1. Took me a while to figure it out, but once I turned off QOS in my router and rebooted it, I got better than my advertised speeds. I am using a D-link DIR-655.
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    Where is Diablo 3

    I would guess it'll be 2011.
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    have you had any bsod's with win7? and, what is your main os now?

    No bsods here - been solid so far on rtm.
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    Philips Sonicare Essence 5300 Power Toothbrush - $50.70 w/FS!

    I use a Sonicare. I wouldn't go back to a standard brush.
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    Auzentech Forte $97.34 less $10 MIR = $87.34 plus S/H

    I Bit. I'm in Atlanta too.
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    Intel Core i7 920 Overclocking and Heat @ [H]

    Load temps are really what you need to be concerned with. But you may want to try to reseat it. I have an i7 D0 @ 4.0 / Noctua NH-U12P SE and it idles right around 40-45c in 75ish ambient temps.
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    how many operating systems exist?

    OS List
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    Windows 7 is gold!

    Anyone know if RTM has TRIM for SSD's fully implemented? Wondering if I need to continue to use the OCZ wiper.exe utility or if 7-RTM will step in and handle it.
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    Intel D0 Overclock question

    Motherboard: P6T-D Chip Speed:4.00 Voltage:1.2 Cooling solution:Air/Noctua NH-U12P
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    Microcenter Tustin i7 920 D0 In stock!

    I scored a D0 at the Atlanta/Marietta store.
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    *New* Wolfenstein Trailer! Looks great!

    This is looking like fun!
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    How to log ISP connection drops.

    pingplotter dot com
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    Dead PSU or Motherboard?

    You can most definitely get by with much less of a PSU - but I figured it would give you a quality PSU while allowing head room moving forward with upgrades and such. If you're on a tight budget, shop around a bit.
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    Dead PSU or Motherboard?

    $94.99USD AR + Free Shipping
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    Dead PSU or Motherboard?

    You sure that insulated paper clip was making contact between the green and black leads?
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    Dead PSU or Motherboard?

    Pull your CMOS battery, wait for a minute and put it back in, Try to boot. If no go, a power supply tester which can be purchased at a computer/electronics store pretty cheaply. Or, you can use a paper clip to test the PSU. Turn off power supply. Unplug the power supply from all devices...
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    Hands On: Got my Blackberry Bold (9000)

    After living with my Bold for a week, I must say I'm loving it.
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    Hands On: Got my Blackberry Bold (9000)

    I've got a Bold on order. Got it through Amazon for $150 after rebate. I thought about waiting for the Storm. However, given the Storm will be Rim's 1st gen touch screen effort, no WiFi, and likely will be at a higher price point, I decided to go with the Bold. Storm's interface looks great though.
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    Could this be a scam?

    Scam. Don't do it.
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    Disk cloning software . I've used Acronis True Image successfully many times. There are some freeware cloning softwares out there too.
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    Corsair HX1000W $165 at

    Bah. Just had one delivered today for $240.
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    This can't be right

    heh. Yeah. Not gonna happen.
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    XFX 9800GX2 $549 + FS @ Newegg

    For those that subscribe to the Newegg promo/deals email, and have been on the fence about snagging a 9800GX2, they have it for $549 + free shipping.
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    Upgrade from 8800 Ultra to 9800GX2?

    Same for me.
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    Anyone have anything bad to say about Abit IP35 Pro?

    Just built a new box for a friend, based on this board. Dropped in a Q6600 and straight to 3.0GHz without any voltage increase. Rock solid and error free for 12 hours while testing with Prime95 and OCCT.
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    Most Dissapointing game of 2007-08

    For me, the Hellgate demo really disappointed. The demo pushed my interest right out the door and I've not been compelled to give it a second chance.