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    FS: Zotac GTX 1080 Ti Blower

    Local: Highlands Ranch, CO 80130 Heat: SolidBladez
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    Same internal drive.
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    WD Easystore External Discussion
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    HOT: Micron 512GB SSD TLC 3D SATA M.2 6Gb/s $44 Newegg

    I think it depends on your use case. The nice thing about this is it's based on the MX300 which is better than a lot of cheaper TLC 3D NAND SSDs because it has DRAM. It is based on the MX300 after all. It also has conformal coating so it's even suitable for harsher environments.
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    Intel Xe Lineup leaked

    Launch date says 6/31/2019. There's only 30 days in June. Definitely an early April Fool's article.
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    AMD slashes prices for Ryzen 7 CPUs

    They also have a combo for $50 more with the CPU, semi-okay X370 board, and also a 250GB PCIe SSD.
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    Pretty much confirms the bottleneck of DMI 3.0 is ~PCIe 3.0 x4.
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    FS: EK Supremacy EVO AMD waterblock

    Local: Highlands Ranch, CO 80130 Heat: SolidBladez
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    HOT: Intel 660p 1TB NVMe 4x PCIe SSD $124 ( AMAZON - USE HardOCP AFFILIATE )

    That's during long strenuous workloads. I can certainly see video editing or something that takes a long time to finish causing that but for most end users it shouldn't be an issue.
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    Transcend 256 GB High Speed 10 UHS-3 Flash Memory Card Bidding starts at $0.99, free shipping in USA.
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    10TB WD Easystore + 32GB USB $180

    Mine get about 220 MB/s sequential read and write. With software RAID-0 (Windows) I get nearly double that. If you use them in the USB 3.0 enclosure your random writes and reads will suffer a bit.
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    FS: Kingston 960GB NVMe SSD

    Local: Highlands Ranch, CO 80130 Heat: SolidBladez
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    For those who have BF4, BF1, BFV...

    Enable screensaver and load up any of those games. Doesn't matter if you play them just that you get into the menu then exit. Wait X minute(s) for the screensaver to activate. Does it start?
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    FS: (4) 6TB Toshiba MG04ACA600E HDDs

    Local: Highlands Ranch, CO 80130 Heat: SolidBladez
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    Crucial MX500 500GB M.2 $46 shipped

    According to the specs pdf it says you have two M.2 slots which support PCIe/SATA drives.