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    Should You Buy Blu-ray?

    Netflix $100 downloader box, Xbox Netflix service & Players like Samsung & LG incorporating Netflix compatibility is clearing showing downloads are the way of the future. Though it will be a gradual transition. Blue ray just isn't worth the cost of the discs. The players are "cheap...
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    Another Technology Gone Wrong Story

    Thats been done, but they stole the actual plate off a traffic van with a camera... then drove past it shortly afterwards!! Now that was genius. But thats a good idea.... If they did it with the license plate of prominent officials, like the sheriff, mayor, etc... or the people who...
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    Another Technology Gone Wrong Story

    Wow, this is a great argument to use in court for denying it was you. As is now, my local parish (county) has a class action law suit against it, b/c people are complaining about the legality of it... burden of proof... to prove it was the actual person, etc.. Now this just really throws...
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    Study Says Personalized Spam Rising Sharply

    Yeah I got this one the other day. "Chris, we KNOW you need this penis enlargement and viagra product. Click here for more details about making your penis bigger and harder! " I was like dammit!! Which bitch ran her mouth? :)
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    MPAA Fears Economic Downturn Will Boost Piracy

    I've got an idea... don't post any news about the MPAA or RIAA unless its news about them getting slammed in court for trying to sue someone & failing.
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    Self-Balancing Robot Table Demo’ed

    I've already seen balancing robots that work similarly with 2 wheels. This one seems to do it very well AND with changing loads, which I don't remember seeing in the past per se.
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    Self-Balancing Robot Table Demo’ed

    Why?.... why not just add a 3rd wheel (with a small tripod-like base) and make it stable!!? Then work on the software to navigate between tables, take orders, & then deliver individual plates to the correct person at a given table.
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    Survey Shows 46% of Women Choose Internet over Sex

    those 30% of men.... didn't get sex regularly anyway.... so they said they needed the internet + hand for their "sex". So 2 weeks of no internet for them = 2 weeks of no "sex". Those 46% of women did most of their shopping via the iternet... so they couldn't give up shopping for 2 weeks. 2...
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    How to Spend a Billion Dollars This Christmas

    Where's the buy playboy magazine/mansion, retire Hugh Heffner & take his place option?
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    FarCry 2 DX9 vs. DX10 Performance @ [H]

    And by the time "he's" mature... they'll kick him out the house and get a new baby... and just when you almost have "him" trained they'll kick him out the house & put all of their efforts in to the new baby again. Dumb analogy... but PC graphics almost move too fast as by the time the...
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    Thanksgiving Day Parade Gets Rickrolled

    So I've had to explain to like 10 relatives what a Rick Roll was the past 2 days. And they still don't quite get it. Damn noobs!
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    What HDD for a balance of speed / reliability / size?

    WD 640Gb Caviar Black... just bought one... getting great performance. (about 94Mb/s with 11-12ms random seek)
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    Western Digital WD6401AALS

    I cloned the 74Gb Raptor to a matching sized partition on the WD 640Gb.... so it's short stroked for the OS, programs and virtual memory. Then left the remainder of the drive on another partition for storage. The 640Gb is quieter than the 74Gb.... and the 74Gb Raptor is in a harddrive...
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    Western Digital WD6401AALS

    I just replaced my aging 74Gb Raptor with an WD 6401AALS (Caviar Black) Here are benchmarks of both:
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    New GeForce Release 180 Drivers

    err... he talked about Tesla, CUDA, etc on the last page.... and cards with no-plugs.... I'd have thought Nvidia would have addressed FAH (or any CUDA app.) with this dummy desktop fix.
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    New GeForce Release 180 Drivers

    Thats why I dropped in on this. I would think if Anand said it works.... it does.
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    Which WD 640Gb, Green Blue or Black?

    I think I may just leave it on the 640Gb. When I run HD Tach on each drive.... I can barely hear the 640Gb. When I run it on the WD Raptor... which is in a harddrive enclosure (silencer)... I can hear it quite clearly. So I think for now just for noise reduction... I'm only going to...
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    Which WD 640Gb, Green Blue or Black?

    So I have it all set up. The cloning went well. Now I'm wondering where I should put my Virtual Memory file ? On the C:\ drive which is the 640Gb Caviar Black short stroked to 70Gb, 11-12ms seek, 93Mb/s transfers, higher minimum transfers too. or the E:\ drive which is the Raptor...
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    Which WD 640Gb, Green Blue or Black?

    Got the 640Gb installed. The 640Gb seems to be faster than my old Raptor....(see screenshots below) except for the random seek time, which is about 50% faster for the 50% faster spindle speeds. (10k rpm vs 7200rpm) So I used Clonezilla to copy the a 70Gb partition from my Raptor to...
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    Which WD 640Gb, Green Blue or Black?

    its a 5 year old raptor.... first gen... 8Mb cache.
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    Which WD 640Gb, Green Blue or Black?

    Well, just placed the order for the Black edition. So can I short stroke say 74Gb of the 640Gb on one partition and have the partition RAID'd (mirrored) with the WD 74Gb... then the rest for non-raid storage or would that not be a good idea or even possible? BTW, ASUS P5K-E in case you...
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    Which WD 640Gb, Green Blue or Black?

    Yeah my 74Gb Raptor is like 5+ years old, so I'm starting to worry about failure. SS it? Assume you mean just copy everything over to it... don't know what "SS" stands for?
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    Which WD 640Gb, Green Blue or Black?

    WD6401AALS = Caviar Black WD6400AAKS = Caviar SE16 = Blue? WD6400AACS = Caviar Green Need to buy a new drive for my system. I was thinking of getting the SE16, then I saw there was the Black edition with a bigger cache... 32Mb... how come the blacks are always bigger? :eek: So...
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    G4saurus Defectus

    It took me like a minute in to the video to get what they were talking about! With your intro I was thinking AMD (not ATI) was talking about some Apple / intel based G4 or something. Then when I saw Ruby, I realized it was GeForce-aurus. not G4 - saurus!
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    Gigabyte EX58-Extreme Sneak Peek

    Very nice looking board. Having a little sticker shock though... as I'm used to being cheap and paying $150+- for a mobo. I guess I'm going to have to wait for the mainstream mobos for Nehalem to do an upgrade.
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    Second Life Affair Causes Real Life Divorce

    all I have to say is.... LMAO!! Those reality next to avatar pics are great:
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    Bulletproof Honeycomb Tires

    Yes, this would be great for civilian use. Improved fuel efficiency should be an immediate benefit as they'll stay "inflated" to the correct firmness all the time. Solid rubber tires like on forklifts would not be comfortable enough. These have shock absorbing properties (like the Tweel)...
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    AMD “Ignoring” Netbook Market

    Maybe they mean they're ignoring it for now?? B/c I don't think they'll be able to ignore it forever. Notebooks with 10-13" (eee to Macbook Air) are the ideal size for A LOT of people. As of right now, a single core Atom seems to be underpowered for a netbook, at least for me. Now a dual...
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    AVG Virus Scanner Deletes Critical Windows File

    I use AVG 7.5 & 8.0 and almost all of my computers. Haven't had a problem yet. Well, it did delete something that I used once. I think Ares, which I just told it to ignore. Other than that its been great.
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    Romanian NASA Hacker Gets Suspended Sentence

    Where can I get one of those?! :eek: :p
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    Romanian NASA Hacker Gets Suspended Sentence

    Everyone knows all the hidden UFO information is stored on the alien quantum computers which can not directly communicate with our slow dumb earth computers. Duh!
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    Circuit City Files for Bankruptcy

    First add in... new competitors selling TV's etc... cheap Bestbuy, Costco, etc... then add in... cheap online vendors like, etc.... then add in that they got rid of their only possible advantage... good knowledgeable commission-paid employees sprinkle of this... sprinle of...
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    Q9550 Stepping?

    Newegg has a fast/high turn over, so its probably a better bet than some retailers.
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    Intel Retail Edge Bundle Fall 2008 NEW details

    So $200 processor $150 motherboard $100 OS $450 worth of stuff for $260 isn't too shabby. I'd buy it if I could! Anyone eligible that doesn't want to take advantage of it or who wants to part it out, I'll take the processor for $150.
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    Blu-ray Player Holiday Price Cuts?

    Nah there's a difference. Normal DVD's were list price $24.99-$20.99 for new releases and often on sale for less. Within a month they'd be down to 19.99, 15.99, etc, then on sale you could get them for $5 cheaper than their list usually. Blu-Ray's are LIST: $39.99 as new release, then...
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    ASUS P6T RAM and OCing Follow-up

    very sexy hardware. now if I could just justify needing 12Gb of ram, 8 "cores", etc... over what I already have.
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    Dumb to buy i7?

    If you've got a Core2 system you'd be dumb to waste money on an i7. If you can benefit from a quad core system just get a Core2quad and thats good enough for pretty much everyone. My wolfdale at near 4Ghz is good enough for me for now. Later on at some point I'll just drop in a Penryn...
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    Bomb-proof Trash Receptacles to Debut in London

    They should have stealth launched it, so they could thwart at least one attack with these cans. So now they're just going to leave a school bag or whatever right next to the bin, or on a park bench, or in a car. A bomb proof trash can would have only been good if the terrorists didn't...
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    Netflix, TiVo Finally Team Up

    Should have been in the works 2 years ago, implemented a year ago. But I guess better late than never.
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    Traveling By Zip-Line At Google

    The city probably got in a tissy over the bridge as it could obstruct the water flow (debris getting caught on it, etc), if there was a major rain. The zipline would have probably gone unnotived if they hadn't put up that crappy "bridge". More like a few boards screw together to make a...