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    Waterfox browser sold to ad company...

    This was my response to PIA being sold.
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    First Time VR

    I'll have to check it out! I haven't bought anything through the oculus store yet, but I saw a ton of good looking games. Also great advice on the sitting down. I tried the Spiderman experience and was immediately thrown for a loop. I got Skyrim, but haven't bought asgards yet. Any other...
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    First Time VR

    Thank you EVERYONE for your input. I grabbed a Rift S over the weekend and had an amazing time. I spent about $400 on steam games during the sale. Picked up a lot of great games!
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    First Time VR

    Bringing this back up since next gen VR has been released. Looking at Rift S or Valve Index - Can pickup a Rift S at best buy tonight - Index is sold out for who knows how long? Which route to go? Not worried about money. What will give me the best experience/Visuals/gameplay?
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    [found 2060] WTB 1660/1660 TI 1660's pop on here all the time, prices drop every so often too... Just check back every so often.
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    FS: i7 4770k Haswell, RTX 1070 FE combo, Asus Maximus VI Extreme, Mac Mini 2009

    I'd love to have your RTX 1070 FE. Very rare card.
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    Nothing going on here, move along

    Looking to buy a VR headset! Index preferred!
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    FS: Ryzen 9 3950x + Alienware M15 R2

    PM'd - Ryzen CPU Sold.
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    2500-3000 USD 3950X + 2080 Ti builds

    I actually had a S36 on my 9900k and my noctua nh-d15 I upgraded to out performs it considerably. Maybe I had a dud?
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    WWE 2K20 New Year Bug Made It Unplayable in 2020

    Honestly I think it was pretty unplayable in 2019, too.
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    Nvidia Ampere Purportedly 50% Faster Than Turing At Half The Power Consumption

    50% more performance, 50% less power draw, 100% more price!
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    Intel Core i3-9350KF Review: Coffee Lake's Stagnant Waters

    I grabbed an 8350k for a 2nd gaming PC and bundled it with a 1080ti a year ago. It really holds its own. Yeah 4 cores isn't a lot of cores, but this does great with gaming.
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    John Wick 4 and Matrix 4 to Release On Same Day

    I've made it a point in my life to never trust anything that goes by the name "Verge" - The or otherwise.
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    Russian police raid NGINX Moscow office

    All your base are belong to us.
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    Looking for upgrade for 970

    Correct, a 5700 exchanges blows with a 2060 for around the same price (sans RTX if thats a selling point for you.)
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    Looking for upgrade for 970

    Guys! I figured it out! He has an asus 970 in his signature :) You can pickup 1660ti's from CDW outlet for less than $200. Userbenchmark shows a 1660ti being 50% faster than your 970. Or you can do a 2060 (find one on sale) I got one for $260 a while back. A 2060 is 65% faster than a 970 - Plus...
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    Looking for upgrade for 970

    From an i7-970 or...?
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    Intel Core i9-10900K 10-core Processor and Z490 Chipset Arrive April 2020

    Right... I would have considered a drop in upgrade, but eff buying another motherboard for a minimal boost over my 9900k.
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    FS Misc 9600k , Corsair Fans, Yeti Mic and MSI 570 8GB

    "Misc 9600k , Corsair Fans" are not for sale, title misleading.
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    MSI Optix MAG161V launched - its first portable gamin' monitor

    I think "gameable" is what they're going for. I had an old portable AOC monitor, it had a refresh rate of like 5hz. 60hz is definitely playable vs that old thing!
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    all sold

    Depends, if he pre-redeemed it to get the epic key, you're good. If he gives you the AMD rewards key, it'll require an AMD CPU/GPU whichever the giveaway falls under.
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    NVIDIA: We Would Like To Surprise Everyone With 7nm (GPU) Announcement

    I agree... Erek, if you could please quit your job, abandon your family. Call all these leads, attend news conferences, and build a massive network of relationships so you can post original content and stop this crap, that'd be great. Thanks... /s Sarcasm aside, Erek, you're proof that not all...
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    FS: The Outer Worlds Key (Epic Games store)

    Beat this game over the weekend. It was great... Its a perfect mix of Fallout 4 (some obvious borrowed parts of the game) and the old school charm of Fallout 1/2. The dialog is good, and thought out. There are tons of ways to play the game with multiple endings (I haven't replayed other paths...
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    TikTok accused of secretly gathering user data and sending it to China

    Bwaaaaa?? Next you'll be saying the Russian FaceApp did the same thing? How dare you tarnish the good name of TikTok!
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    FS: The Outer Worlds Key (Epic Games store)

    Been playing this a lot lately, got my key from an AMD CPU. Worth $30 IMO.
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    Some Stadia Features Won't Make Launch

    Won't be able to test this on your existing chromecast until the "near future."
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    Billy Mitchell's Records Being Reinstated by Guinness!

    Those are nothing now that Clark Kent isn't hosting their TV show.
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    T-Mobile announces a new Un-Carrier move

    Seems like a great learning moment to review "Preferred Demographic."
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    FS: 4K Monitor, Emotiva XPA 5 Amp, etc
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    T-Mobile announces a new Un-Carrier move

    T-Mobile will be launching its new, faster network will cover over 5,000 cities and towns with the signal able to work indoors as well as outside. Source: P.S. You gotta google your own shit from now on.
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    T-Mobile announces a new Un-Carrier move

    -One of which is its new T-Mobile Connect prepaid plan. For a measly $15 month, customers get unlimited talk and text as well as 2GB of high-speed data. -Free 5G access to “every first responder at every public and non-profit state and local police, fire, and EMS agency across the entire US.”...
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    FS: 4K Monitor, Emotiva XPA 5 Amp, etc

    Your monitor goes for $200 on ebay, FYI.
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    Transporting Large cases strap

    This is why I always build ITX. Excited to get my velkase 3. Then I can put my PC in my back pocket.
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    Netflix Test Varying Play Speeds: Makes Filmmakers Mad

    Actually no. I prefer the visual experience... This is why I watch TV and movies, but don't read books.
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    Netflix Test Varying Play Speeds: Makes Filmmakers Mad

    Once we purchase the license to view the material, isn't it our decision at what speed to watch it?!
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    Nvidia GTX 1660 Super Specs confirmed?

    If I were looking for a mid tier GPU I'd still go AMD so I didn't have to sift through 50 SKU's to find the that suits my needs.
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    Stadia not so good after all?

    I canceled my pre-order today. I'm not going to pay monthly AND buy games at $60 a pop to stream them. I can already stream from my gigabit connection at home to anywhere I want, if I wanted to. Plus I don't have to buy the games twice.