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    FS: Apple Watch Series 4, LG 32GK850F 144Hz FreeSync 2, Dell 24" 1080p, HP EliteBooks

    Used to have the HP EliteBook 8740w with the Dreamcolor screen. Excellent notebook.
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    iPhone 7 128gb att TMobile gsm

    Is the phone still available?
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    Wanted: iPhone for T-Mobile

    Looking for an iPhone compatible with T-Mobile network.
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    FS: EVGA GTX 1060/6GB and Note 9's

    I can vouch for this seller. I bought Note and motherboard from him. Both came in excellent condition. I love the phone works great. I'm tempted to buy another one. PM sent
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    Moved to eBay

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    FS: Note 9, RAM, PSU etc

    PM sent
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    PM Sent
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    FS: Z97 combo/parts

    PM sent
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    FS: Thermaltake The Tower 900 Case | OLD BUT GOLD - PSUs, Radeon

    Where in So Cal are you located?
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    FS: 2 x 8tb WD Reds Brand New

    Could use another 8TB drive.
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    All Sold

    Was the memory used on this board?
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    FS: XFX R9 280X Black Edition -Sold

    Ok you asked for it. PM sent.
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    FS- Brand New Ryzen Combo, Z390 Combo

    nice prices on x58
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    FS: Corsair HX1200 Platinum and Seasonic Prime 1200 Platinum PSUs

    I will probably take one if you still have both. Just not sure which one.
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    Random Hardware and things

    nice drives
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    Windows 10 Pro. Gibson Acoustic Guitar. Office 2016 Pro Plus. Logitech Mice. WTB i5 8600K. Visio

    Need Windows 10 Pro Key. How do I get copy of Windows 10 if I don't have the disk? PM sent
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    WTS: 32GB DDR4 3200

    PM Sent
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    FS RX 580 8GB

    This card is sold? PM sent
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    HP Pavillion DV8 Notebook

    HP DV8 notebook still available price reduced.
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    32" Glossy/Semi Glossy Displays

    Guess I can get a used Samsung 305t again.
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    32" Glossy/Semi Glossy Displays

    Are there any glossy 30" monitors around? I'm realizing the 32" are too large for me. My Samsung 305 (PVA) just died.
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    FS: Thermaltake F51 / Core X9 cases

    Maybe interested in one of your cases
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    SOLD: Roku 4

    PM sent
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    HP Pavillion DV8 Notebook

    Still availablle
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    FS: XFX r9 280x 3gb

    PM sent