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    Anthem Demo a "Clusterf*ck": Connection Errors, Loading Issues, and More

    I have been playing it since launch yesterday and playing in private as a single player game it works. Trying to do a squad match is absolutely unplayable as the rubber banding is ludicrous. I don't understand how BioWare using the Frostbite engine with proven networking code can't get this...
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    Woman Sues Apple over iPhone Notch

    Frivolous. Absolute waste of time and money...
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    9900k worth upgrading to ?

    I just changed from a 1950X to the 9900K and even at stock clocks the 9900K feels much faster and smoother. I also notice smoother framerates even at 4K which I can only guess must be due to improve frametimes. Just for reference, my 1950X @ 4.0ghz had a Passmark of 7155 and the 9900K at stock...
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    Windows 10 Pro Has Amnesia and Wants You Buy a New Copy from the Windows Store

    Mine reactivated again after running Troubleshooter. Looks like Microsoft may have corrected the issue.
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    Anyone go from TitanPascal/1080ti to 2080ti that does 4k 60hz gaming?

    I am running a Zotac 2080ti AMP and I went from ~48fps in AC: Odyssey at 4K to nearly 60. The overall experience is smoother too as I have far less hitching than I had with the 1080ti. As someone mentioned above, you have to turn down the volumetric clouds setting as the hit is enormous.
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    Windows 10 Pro Has Amnesia and Wants You Buy a New Copy from the Windows Store

    Mine is tied to my MS account and I am affected.
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    Windows 10 Pro Has Amnesia and Wants You Buy a New Copy from the Windows Store

    Seems Microsoft nailed my main desktop machine, but left my server and HTPC alone. Notebooks seems OK too. Weird how random it is.
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    Meltin is Making Robotic Avatars for Space Work

    Boston Dynamics has some very advanced mobility for sure, but I think the point here is the overall hand dexterity that MELETANT offers. I have seen nothing from BD with actual hands with fingers that articulate like a human... yet...
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    AMD to Showcase SMACH Z Handheld Gaming Console at the Tokyo Game Show

    Is it just me or is SMACH Z a little too close to shmucks in pronunciation? :)
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    Preorder the New AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper Processors Today!

    While absolutely true, that would not necessitate making the move to the 2990WX though. If you want better gaming performance I would guess the 2950WX is the better way to go.
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    Western Digital Formats Hard Disk Drive Factory as Demand Spins Down

    I don't expect I will be replacing my 107TB of spinning storage with SSDs anytime soon, but I do look forward to the day...
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    Official RAGE 2 Gameplay Feature

    Rage 2 utilizes Avalanche’s own Apex engine seen in Mad Max and Just Cause games.
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    AMD Ryzen 2nd Gen Threadripper 32 Cores Confirmed

    Looks like I have my 2018 upgrade in my sights. Gotta live up to my title...
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    FS: Synology DS2415+ (Upgraded to 16GB RAM) *** SOLD ***

    Bump for another price drop. This is my bottom line.
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    FS: Synology DS2415+ (Upgraded to 16GB RAM) *** SOLD ***

    I have a Synology DS2415+ purchased April 2017. In perfect working order. I have all of the boxes and packing materials. SOLD Pictures are available upon request. Thanks for looking.
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    Intel 900p Optane ...WOW

    I have been using a 900p with my Threadripper system for nearly four months now. It has been a tangible improvement over the 950 EVO I was using prior. Everything just feels snappier. I would not go back to a traditional NAND drive for my OS drive. The difference is real.
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    38" UW-QHD+ (3840 x 1600) vs 32" 4K? Which would you choose?

    Are they based on the stock FE design just with different coolers? If so, I threw an EVGA liquid cooler on mine and it never gets above 57C heavily overclocked at max utilization.
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    38" UW-QHD+ (3840 x 1600) vs 32" 4K? Which would you choose?

    Funny that you ask this question as I was faced with the same query. I bought an Acer 38” and LG 32” 4K monitor late last week and compared the two over the weekend. While the 38 has a real wow factor and really helps with immersion, the 32 was the better overall choice for me since I do...
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    Cryptojacking Attack Hits Water Utility in Europe

    Well, I'd say that network needs an airgap, but Hopefully that method is one-way...
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    Break & Enter Dropbox for Amazon Key

    Once again, why does anyone think Amazon Key is a GOOD idea?
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    Is Netflix Planning the Ultimate Super Bowl Surprise with “Cloverfield” Sequel?

    RAW ( is available on iTunes and VUDU. I am assuming, of course, this is the one you are referring to.
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    New NVIDIA Game Ready Driver for a Game I have Never Heard of

    I've been following that game's development for about six months now. It looks surprisingly good. I'll probably pick it up at launch to tide me over until Far Cry 5 in March.
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    Serial Swatter Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter

    Convict him for murder and then execute... I don't need my tax dollars paying for this idiot...
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    Stupid People Should Not Own Drones

    Awesome video. I fly a DJI Mavic Pro and while it is a cinch to fly you should always go in understanding the limitations of the system and surroundings. That guy didn't have a clue... He's the guy that gives the rest of us a bad name...
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    Linus Torvalds Trusts Lisa Su's Commitment to AMD CPU Security

    Yes, damn near every processor on the planet seems to be affected by Spectre. To what degree seems to be the question.
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    Intel 900P 960GB, 1.5TB Mentioned In Official Document

    I love my 280GB, but there is no way in hell I would drop what Intel will want on either of those two larger drives. Diminishing returns in my opinion. The 900P is awesome as an OS drive as it makes the system super responsive and that is all I really want out of it.
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    Go-To SSD These Days

    Pretty much Samsung across the board for both M.2 NVMe and SATA. I am now using an Intel Optane 900p as my primary boot drive and it is ridiculously responsive compared to the 960 EVO I had been using, but it comes at a pretty steep price so it is hard to recommend unless you take value out of...
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    Treasure Trove of AACS 2.0 UHD Blu-ray Keys Leak Online

    That is absolutely true. My UHD-BD purchasing has skyrocketed since ripping became a possibility. I'm not looking to upload it to the net or do anything nefarious. I just want the highest quality available to be streamable around my house. I am at a crossroads with HDR at the moment. I am...
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    Treasure Trove of AACS 2.0 UHD Blu-ray Keys Leak Online

    I spent $12k on my Sony 4K projector (600ES) and sold it 18 months later for $6k. What I discovered is that the HDR component is more important than resolution with UHD-BD. My Sony 75x940C smoked the projector with UHD-BD content and that was the last straw. I won't consider another projector...