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    DOOM Eternal: The Final Preview

    I have to agree. I enjoyed Doom 2016, but i'll likely never play it again. I personally think Doom 3 is the best Doom game, but I just loved the atmosphere, graphics, and the guns/gameplay. Doom 2016 and from the looks of Doom Eternal it's going to be more of the same... I don't like that...
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    Counter Strike Source

    Okay we have 3. :ROFLMAO:
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    Counter Strike Source

    Well I would be in as one. So we just need two more now. :playful:
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    Counter Strike Source

    Anyone still prefer CS:S over the new one? I used to have a clan in high school (EW) or "Elite Warfare" and I really wish I had kept in touch with those guys. We never talked over mics or anything, but we all pitched in and ran a CS:S server and small web page I think and just ran Dust 2 and...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    I've been in a nostalgia kick lately. I have a bunch of older consoles and I like collecting games, and so this past weekend I got a RCA to HDMI converter from Amazon so I can play my old consoles on my computer monitor. So now i've been knocking out some old games I played years ago but never...
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    Nintendo Switch “Pro” GPU to be Based on Volta Architecture; 4K Support, Massive Performance Improve

    I don't want to derail this thread, but I just had to respond and say I agree with all of you. Zelda BOTW is extremely slow and boring, and the fact that the weapons break is absolutely ridiculous. I still had the most fun playing Twilight Princess. I hope they make another Zelda like that again...
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    Elder scrolls Oblivion

    So I resurrected this old thread to ask a question... I want to play Oblivion again but I noticed something in Steam and hoping someone can clarify this for me. What I need help with is how I can get all the other content. In the Store Page for Oblivion it shows there are versions of the game...
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    I accidentally broke a $2500 video card... like an idiot

    Tech reviews and benchmarks are best left to websites that I can read and look at graphs. Watching a video format for tech stuff isn't entertaining. There are problems with every single YouTube channel that talks about enthusiast PC stuff. The video format is not ideal. Linus squeezes by by...
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    FF VII: Remake. New news/teaser trailer

    I am going to be playing this game for the first time... well not the first time, but I tried playing the PS1 original recently and I just could not get into it at all. I hate turn-based combat, and I loved Final Fantasy 15 that it gave you a choice of how you want to fight and the real-time...
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    Gran Turismo dev wants games to run at 120-240fps

    Yeah... I don't know what happened to Polyphony over the years. I probably put hundreds of hours into GT 3: A-Spec on PS2 back in the day. GT used to be THE game to get excited for with every Playstation console, but now I haven't cared about a GT game since forever. I remember the forever...
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    I just finished it on Saturday and to my surprise there was a "post credits" scene, and at the end of it it said "Prey will continue." Really depressing considering we'll never get a proper sequel to the game since in the post credit scene they really set up for the sequel.
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    Sony Is Struggling With PlayStation 5 Price Due to Costly Parts

    It was. The 20GB all black SKU which is what I bought at launch was $499. The 60GB PS3 with built-in memory card readers and silver trim was $599. But you have to remember why it was that much... Sony spent billions developing a custom CPU for the PS3, Sony put the hardware of the PS2 into the...
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    Gamers are ditching Radeon graphics cards over driver issues

    I don't need to have a lifetime of AMD cards to know the history of AMD drivers. I've been reading these forums for years as well, online retailer reviews, and countless others over the years to know that yes AMD has had some success, but drivers have always been hit or miss with games. Less...
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    Gamers are ditching Radeon graphics cards over driver issues

    This has been the problem since the beginning of time. AMD drivers have always been unreliable. I've been PC gaming for over 20 years and only once have I ever bought a AMD card for a main rig which I brag about to this day because until recently it was still powering my HTPC. Drivers have...
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    Try the Play Asia site first and let us know how the purchase goes and if it activates on Steam. I am curious. Play-asia is reliable so it should be fine, but still curious b/c that's pretty much the only place I can find legit-enough to buy it digital. Also if you do end up buying it dgz...
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    More DLSS...

    I really need to give DLSS another try. I tried it on some Battlefield game... I think BF5 and it was a terrible implementation. It just looked blurry. It was like somebody trying to upscale a 1080p image to 1440p. I've been hooking up my laptop to my monitor thinking I could just sell my 2080ti...
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    Metro Exodus is returning to Steam after lengthy Epic Games Store exclusivity

    No. The deal was always just for a year of exclusivity. This isn't news. Let alone surprising news.
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    Anthem seasons are being dropped as BioWare pledges to 'reinvent' the game

    Honestly I just wish they'd go and make a Mass Effect game. I don't want that series to be dead.
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    I must have bought it a long time ago on Steam then when it was still available digitally. Actually I just Googled it, and not sure how legit this website is but it can be bought digitally for $5 here: Also here...
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    Not sure what you mean that you can't find Prey anywhere. It's on Steam. If you want to buy a physical copy I just recently bought the Limited Collector's Edition for $20, and I saw regular PC versions of the game on eBay too if physical is your thing.
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    So I was replaying Prey just now and Tommy the main character said something funny I didn't notice before. Funny since Prey is one of the few games that were made using id tech 4 and released 2 years after Doom 3.
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    ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti $999.99

    I still hate myself a year after doing the "Step-Up" from my 2080 to the 2080ti. I remember seeing the amount I have to pay after the trade-in and I just closed my eyes and hit submit. I hate myself for always needing the latest and the greatest.
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    More DLSS...

    The problem is getting developers to jump on board and build RTX features into their games. Nvidia can't make anyone use a feature... all they can do is make the technology and hope it gets adopted.... like SLI. :p
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    Tesla disables feature after car is purchased, claims feature 'wasn't paid for'.

    No. Full self-drive is a $6,000 option when buying a Tesla new.
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    Metro: Exodus

    Anyone's cloud saves fucking up in Epic Game Launcher? The local save that's newer never uploads to the cloud and I just get error code: CS-UL-0. I googled that code and nothing has helped me fix it. I've uninstalled and reinstalled everything and it just gets stuck. Been like this for weeks.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Super

    I don't understand the point of even releasing it. Nvidia should just use the time and money and improve Ampere. 2019 was absolutely flooded with cards and we don't need a 2080ti Super.
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    Games that should be revived...

    I think they could get away with remaking Max Payne. The graphics look really rough, and a remaster/remake of FEAR would be excellent. With the graphics and capabilities of today that'd be amazing. FEAR to this day is still super enjoyable and the gameplay always feels fresh, and every time I...
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    Death Stranding - New Kojima game

    I really need to play this again... I couldn't get past the first 2 hours of the game.
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    New Forum Software Feedback

    Loving it. Would still like a HardForum app or something. Mobile Browser isn't that great.
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    Number of Switch vs. Wii games launched over first 3 years

    110% this. Exactly what I wanted to say when I saw OP's post. There is so much bullshit in the Switch eShop that it's starting to look like the fucking Android Play Store.
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    After Xbox 360 - Microsoft was originally planning to go all digital and ROMless right?

    Armenius is correct, and besides MY whole argument with physical media is that you can sell and resell it. The vast majority of my physical games are pre-owned. Very very very rarely do I buy a game at launch at full retail price. Although lately i've noticed that my backlog is so large at this...
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    I predict the 30xx series will be disappointing and overpriced. The 2080ti is insanely powerful even compared to the 1080ti and 2080 I used to have. Good thing is that it may lower the price for the 2080ti but I doubt by much.
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    After Xbox 360 - Microsoft was originally planning to go all digital and ROMless right?

    Holy shit... he actually said if you don't want to be online then buy a Xbox 360. What a dick.
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    After Xbox 360 - Microsoft was originally planning to go all digital and ROMless right?

    Jesus... i've forgotten just how much Microsoft fucked up the Xbox One launch. It's all coming back to me now too... the reveal talked about TV like 80% of the time instead of games, the ridiculous requirement of Connect, and the large price tag. Thank god for Phil Spencer because he really...
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    After playing Doom Eternal for three hours, here’s what we liked—and what we didn’t

    This is the main thing I hate about the new Doom games. 2016 was okay but it was too fast-paced. To me I still love Doom 3 the most out of all the Doom games. That might seem like blasphemy around gaming circles, but I just love the pace, atmosphere, weapons... it's great and I want another...
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    The NEW Doom Trilogy Console Ports: There's Good News And Bad News

    That is strange in of itself. It''s like Japan denying their atrocities during WW2.
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    Games that should be revived...

    I would love to see: Dino Crisis Prey (the new Prey was good, but honestly it shouldn't have been called Prey and I want to see a sequel to the original alien abduction / Indian protagonist Prey) No One Lives Forever (I just want a silly shooter with cool gadgets that doesn't take itself too...
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    The NEW Doom Trilogy Console Ports: There's Good News And Bad News

    Just doesn't make any sense to change that shit. Isn't the message that "Nazis and Hitlers are bad?" So without the imagery how would people playing it for the first time know what the hell the point is or why they should hate the enemy? This reminds me of Lucasfilm editing the Star Wars films...