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    Doom Eternal

    New trailer is out. Can't wait.
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    RTX 2080 Spontaneous Reboot Crashes From Certain Games...

    Awesome! Glad it wasn't the card!
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    RTX 2080 Spontaneous Reboot Crashes From Certain Games...

    I had a titan X (Maxwell) go bad on me this way. It would reboot randomly when playing certain games. I had replaced the PSU because that initially looked like the culprit but that didn't solve the issue. Turned out the card was going bad and it eventually got to the point where the card will...
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    Final Fantasy XIV Official Release Thread

    The DPS/Enmity rotation is gone. Tanks now have just 1 rotation to worry about. Your tank stance only dictates whether you are the main tank or off tank since it only affects enmity generation, it makes no diffrerence in DPS or damage resistance. Your combos are still important, but you no...
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    Final Fantasy XIV Official Release Thread

    Nice! My main is also Dark Knight, tho I also play Gun Breaker and then Samurai if I need to play as a DPS class. :D
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    Final Fantasy XIV Official Release Thread

    Ah. I'm on Hyperion. If anyone else is also on the Primal data center, hit me up. I'll run stuff with you. :)
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    Final Fantasy XIV Official Release Thread

    I absolutely love this game. It's what I've been playing primarily for the last couple of years. What data center are you all on?
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    Poll: AMD RX 5700 Series vs NVidia RTX Super. Which gets your money?

    This would be my call as well if I need to replace a GTX 1080 class card. For my own use tho, I'm holding on to my current card (Titan XP) and waiting for the next gen. Due to the current pricing, I want to move down a bracket to the x80 instead of the x80 ti product line so I'll have to wait...
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    Why does raytracing suck so much, is it because of nvidia's bad hardware implementation?

    Exactly. I'm seeing the same pattern that we had when we went from software rendering to 3d hardware accelerated rendering with RT. It's not a new rendering technique, but we're only beginning to see it becoming realistically usable for gaming. I remember back in the 90s, looking at ray...
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    Why does raytracing suck so much, is it because of nvidia's bad hardware implementation?

    What about when "3D accelerators" came into the picture? Hardware anti aliasing? Hardware T&L? Bits and pieces demoed here and there too until it became widely implemented. I don't own an RTX card and honestly, I wasn't expecting stellar ray tracing performance from a 1st gen product...
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    Who is looking to upgrade to Zen2

    Looking forward to reviews. Going to be deciding between the 3700x and 3800x depending on how they do in games.
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    Quake II RTX

    LOL. I found my disk. Now I have to find where I put my optical drive.
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    What was your first pc?

    My first PC was an AST 486DX2/66 w/ 8mb RAM and a 420mb HDD that my parents were kind enough to buy me. The first one I built with my own money was a P166 w/ 16mb RAM. I ran that CPU overclocked to 200mhz and later added a 3DFX Voodoo to it :D
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    Man these new RTX 2090's are bitchin fast!!!

    Smacking the shit with the screwdriver. LOL
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    A "Legend" Reborn: Logitech Brings Back the MX518 Gaming Mouse

    Fairly certain that's an MX500
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    Battlefield V

    We have almost the same system specs, so I'd say leave it in DX11 and try the tweak I posted up there ^. Should smooth things out quite a bit more than the default values.
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    Battlefield V

    You can turn that off.
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    Battlefield V

    For me, it's an overall more stable frame rate and without the input lag that can be introduced by having it at the default of 3. Worth a shot to see if you see the same results. You can always change it back to "use global setting" if it doesn't work for you.
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    Battlefield V

    Also, if you have an nvidia card and running on DX11, try making a custom profile in the control panel with max pre rendered frames set to 2 and turn future frame rendering on in game. I found that this setting works much better for me, YMMV. 2 is what the game sets it to in DX12, 3 in DX11 by...
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    Battlefield V

    They're reverting the TTK changes tomorrow, thankfully.
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    Battlefield V

    Speakers + Surround if you have spatial sound / HRTF with your equipment. On my SBZ, I have it on that with SBX Pro Studio on. Otherwise the built in HRTF (3D Headphone) option works just as well. Try it both ways, see which one you prefer.
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    Quake Champions Dumps Loot Boxes for a Battle Pass

    Yeah, going from the 320x240 software renderer to 640x480 w/ a 3DFX Voodoo was magical.
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    Quake Champions Dumps Loot Boxes for a Battle Pass

    It was probably Doom. I had some great fun on that 486DX from Wolfenstein 3D, Doom/II, Descent, up til Duke Nukem 3D. I just remember finally building my own PC because it couldn't handle Quake :)
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    Quake Champions Dumps Loot Boxes for a Battle Pass

    Quake was unplayable on a 486 DX. It was one of the first that required a Pentium. I had to upgrade my trusty 486 DX to play it.
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    Battlefield V

    Performance for me post patch is lower. I noticed GPU utilization staying at around 70% instead of 100% pre-patch in DX12. -edit- Nevermind, looks like it was firefox eating my CPU cycles. Seems to be ok now.
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    Descent (2019)

    You'll want to check out Overload if you haven't done so already. That one was actually made by the team that made the original Descent.
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    Battlefield V

    The future frame rendering setting has no effect in DX12 from what I understand.
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    AHO: Memory Inductors Are Frequently Burning Out on Certain NVIDIA GPUs

    Would be interesting if they could compile a list of which brands do it the most. I've had a 780 6gb and a 980 that I bought when they were first released die this way within 2 years and they were both EVGA SC models. My other cards are doing just fine at the moment: Titan (Asus), Maxwell Titan...
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    Windows Embraces New Space-Squeezing Photo Format

    So roughly about HEIF the file size?
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    GeForce 256 Launched this Day in 1999

    Ah yes. I was just about to start my first year of college and was rocking a TNT2 at the time. Didn't get to replace the TNT2 until the Geforce 2 GTS got cheaper since both time and money were in pretty short supply back in those days.
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    Corsair TX850M PSU & Type 4 Cable Kit Luck Draw!

    Have a corsair TX750 , Vengeance RAM and an H105 AIO cooler. They have all worked beautifully.
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    Hello GV100

    This is the path I'll be taking as well. No need for me to upgrade from my Titan X til we see what this beast can do.
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    Win10 Creators Update - Startup / Shutdown issues

    Ran into this very issue. Disabling fast startup fixes it. Under power options -> choose what the power buttons do -> hit "change settings that are currently unavailable" and untick "Turn on fast startup"
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    Quake Champions Official Thread

    Hell Yes!
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    Quake Champions Official Thread

    Yup. This definitely feels like a proper Quake game.
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    Project Mercury - CPU Priority Booster for heavy multitaskers

    This actually works very well with an MMO I'm playing at the moment, Blade and Soul. From what I can tell, it doesn't slow down as much as it used when there's a lot of people on screen.
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    NieR Automata

    Further weapon upgrades are done in subsequent playthroughs since you keep your level and equipment. Some quests are only doable with other characters and equipment.
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    NieR Automata

    Well, each major play through is done through a different character. So it isn't exactly like your're playing the same thing over again. On your 3rd playthrough, you continue the story from where the first 2 left off. Don't want to say more than that to keep spoilers to a minimum. PM me if you...
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    NieR Automata

    Took about 50 hours here.