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    RX 480 vs 580 vs 590

    underclocking & undervolting a 590 just turns it into a 580. Like primetime said, it's not worth the extra $$. Unless you really want the fastest clocks that Polaris can manage and power consumption be damned, you'd be paying extra for overbuilt power delivery and cooling that would be wasted on...
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    RX 480 vs 580 vs 590

    I think stay away from the 590 if you are sidegrading to get more efficiency. 590 threw away all the efficiency gainz of Polaris to chase that last little bit of performance, instead of getting the same perf as a 390 with less heat and power you'd end up with the same heat and power as a 390 for...
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    How much RAM you got?

    I had 32GB in the shiney Ryzen build I had to sell and now I'm at 12GB of random DDR3 sticks on the ol' FX-8230 shitbox... honestly my usage is so modest (even with the 1080P video work I do) that the memory downgrade hasn't been an issue. I'm probably an outlier with memory usage amongst "power...
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    Metro: Exodus

    Fwiw, I saw somewhere back when the expansions were announced that while Two Colonels is more like traditional Metro 2033/Last Light gameplay, linear with lots of cutscenes, Sam's Story will be nonlinear and more like the Volga or Caspian levels from Exodus.
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    PSU dead - no 5VSB

    got an OCZ Mod Xtreme Pro 500W PSU from Craigslist free stuff, received as-is/not working and found to be completely unresponsive when I got it back to the workbench. Nothing on the 5v standby rail even. Checked the board visually and I can't find anything obviously burnt or otherwise physically...
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    Vega 64 hotspot- how hot is too hot?

    so, an update- I switched the V64 from the Corsair H100i Pro over to a H115i Pro (240mm vs 280mm rad, same pumphead design), was a bit more courageous with mounting pressure this time, and lo and behold @330W my hotspot dropped all the way to low-mid 80's and core dropped a little to low 50s...
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    Vega 64 modded + Corsair AIO

    I decided to swap the H100i for a H115i that was being underutilized on a 'Zen 3600 and boy howdy was that a good call. I think I got the mounting pressure a bit better as my hotspot temps @330W dropped from high 90's to low-mid 80's and core dropped from high 50s/around 60 to high 40s/low 50s...
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    Vega 64 hotspot- how hot is too hot?

    Computers are just heaters that happen to be really good at math ;) Summertime is definitely not the time for cranking the GPU heat tho! Does it get very hot where you are? We had a lot of 35C+ days this year where I'm at... I was truly appreciating that undervolt then! FWIW, I've heard that...
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    Vega 64 hotspot- how hot is too hot?

    very nice setup there. these cards love being watercooled! edit to add- I like the VRM heatsinks you added. looks effective!
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    Vega 64 hotspot- how hot is too hot?

    Thanks for clarifying. 105C is more reasonable than 95. undervolting is the way to go with Vega! I was running UV during the summer but now that I don't have to worry about overheating my apartment I'm having some high-current fun. You must have really won the silicon lottery to get 1550Mhz+...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Super

    the only way I see 2080Ti Super happening is if Big Navi matches or beats the regular 2080TI and drops more than 3 months ahead of Ampere. Then NV releases a very slightly cut-down Titan RTX with 12GB GDDR6 as 2080Ti Super as a stopgap to spoil AMDs launch. If Big Navi can't match 2080Ti and/or...
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    GTX 1660 Ti for $ 64.94, It's might be fake lol.

    I've seen fake online electronics stores before, but seeing obviously-fake electronics listings hidden within a fake-but-passingly-legitimate shoe store is novel to me. Koio = real brand. This site = not real Koio, but looks convincingly like the real site. The built-in search function cannot...
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    GTX 1660 Ti for $ 64.94, It's might be fake lol.

    there's a lot going on here.... suspiciously cheap electronics section hidden inside a shoe store that may or may not be real but is definitely a copy of a legitimate shoe store? huh.
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    Vega 64 hotspot- how hot is too hot?

    Ok thanks for the feedback. Its staying below 100 so I'll leave the +50% PL for now and keep an eye on the temps. I've mounted the AIO with a modified Intel X-bracket on the pumphead side and the Vega's original X-bracket on the back. I think the mounting pressure seems OK as I'm only seeing a...
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    Vega 64 hotspot- how hot is too hot?

    throttles at 95C hotspot or 95C general? it seems less clear how the hotspot affects throttling- I saw somebody on Reddit say the max hotspot temp is as high as 105C.
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    Vega 64 hotspot- how hot is too hot?

    is on the edge of 100C too much for V64 hotspot temps? My core stays in the mid-high 50s under load no matter the power limit (aio fans just ramp up) but raising PL from 37%/300W to 50%/330W is enough to push hotspot from high 80s/low 90s to high high 90s. I'm definitely pushing the H100i's...
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    Stalker Remaster mod adds ray tracing, 8K textures and wild weather

    count me in. I've gone back for a replay of the series a few times and have had fun. The "complete" mod alone adds a lot, although there's no helping that the landscape somehow feels both cramped and sparse. but I enjoy the gameplay and there are some good creepy moments terrifying encounters...
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    InWin presents "Alice" a new take on PC cases

    I like it. dunno if it fits with my aesthetic but I can think of a couple friends who have been asking me for custom builds, who might be interested. People with fabric skillz could do cool things with this form factor! and I unironically like how trashy it is lol
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    The next which one should i try thread? considering my vega64 and blaster z

    i know I'm asking the obvious here, but does your mobo have an option to disable the M.2 slot? temporary disable to install Linux then re-enable? not really a resolution, I know...
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    New gaming board i been building.

    looks good. I like it (y)
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    Should I give family member on Verizon old Android Smartphone?

    The two year old G6 will be alarmingly superior to the brand-new Moto E6, it's like comparing a brand-new netbook that's $100 on Amazon to a used Ultrabook that originally sold for $1500 years and years ago, just such a different class of machine that it almost defies comparison. I found that...
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    RTX 2060 Super or RX 5700 XT or RX 5700 ?

    I vote 5700XT unless you really care about DXR raytracing specifically. Generally it looks to be the faster card at 1440- the 2060S is really more of a 5700 competitor but at $100+ more, not that it's a bad card but those RT/Tensor cores aren't free. Even if there have been Navi driver issues at...
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    Is it time to upgrade? 3800x or a 3900x....or wait for the 3950x lol

    I'm merely a 3600 peasant, but I can speak to the benefits of the big@$$ cache. A couple of my content creation workflows got massive speedups (as much as x1.7) coming from an OCd 1600, and that's with "only" 32MB of L3. 64MB on the 3900X is bonkers! idk if that will affect gaming much though. I...
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    laptop 180watt psu

    that is correct abt the current measuring... it will only work if one lead is taken out and measured separately. the contactless clamp meter is basically half of a transformer; if both the power leads are inside the clamp the electromagnetic fields they generate will cancel each other out from...
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    laptop 180watt psu

    you would know if the charger wasn't sufficient; either the laptop would throttle- or you would see the battery draining during heavy use even though you're plugged in. I've seen both happen. on the other hand, if you notice the charger getting extremely hot- even if the laptop is running fine-...
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    What 18 GB looked like about 20 years ago

    I had one of those extra-thick SCSI/SCA disks in a SGI workstation abt 15 years ago! it was like the size of two or three regular HDDs stacked on top of each other, already super outdated at the time, and sounded like a very unbalanced gas turbine spooling up when I started the workstation lol
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    Californian ‘RoboCop’ had to handle its first crime, and it didn’t go well

    that... was actually much more benign than I expected. the headline had me anticipating a more ED-209 type scenario
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    Nvidia Creates New Studio To Remaster Classic Games With Raytracing

    oh yeah d3 is jump scares all the way down for sure. but some good scares & cool art direction imo. fun for what it is/was
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    Nvidia Creates New Studio To Remaster Classic Games With Raytracing

    it's fascinating how ppl believe that because they have a preference, that said preference is so objectively correct that anyone who claims a dissenting opinion is not only wrong, but incapable of knowing their own experience. Different people have different experiences and priorities, how wild...
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    Rumor : AMD Bringing Ray Tracing Support to Navi in December

    It would be nice to eventually get DXR support on Vega too even though performance wouldn't be fantastic, seeing as Pascal & Volta got it. It would be enough for light rt effects- not everything needs to be pushing full GI/AO all the time. Fwiw Vega 64 can do like 45-60fps in Metro @ 1080...
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    apparently me and RTX is not meant to be...

    yeah, something is... not quite right with Turing failure rates. I really hope my 2060S continues to be "super" and doesn't crap out like the first one. At least I still have the Vega 64 so I'm not totally out of luck if this one decides to act up.
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    Nvidia Creates New Studio To Remaster Classic Games With Raytracing

    long shot, but a re-release of Oni with DXR, high-rez textures, updated particle effects, and controller support would be awesome. The gameplay has really held up, even today there's nothing I can think of that matches the smoothness and pace of the hand-to-hand combat. i agree that Doom 3 with...
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    ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo : Dual screen laptop

    I really like the idea of dual-screen laptops, but the few that have been made over the past half-decade or so haven't been that attractive to me (and everyone else, apparently) because Windows has no real support for the concept, leaving the manufacturers to tack on proprietary apps that don't...
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    GlobalFoundries unveils 12LP+ (real 12nm)

    GloFo pretty much confirmed a shift to "2nd-best" when they announced the cancelation of their 7nm process. They didn't explicitly rule out doing a 7nm process later when equipment & R&D costs are down but It sounds like GloFo's leadership is content to go for the volume on "good enough" 14/12nm...
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    Ryzen 3950X disappointment

    I'm expecting an announcement about Tejas any day now!
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    Surface Duo (Christmas 2020)

    so it's like two regular metal-and-glass phones stuck together with a hinge, and it's (windows ink?) pen compatible? Nice. How many times have I wished my phone folded out into a fragile tablet? basically zero. (sorry Sammy) How many times have I wished my phone had a second display, Nintendo...
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    Refresh Rate Poll

    damn, no love for 1080/144 panels eh? I'm one of those who insists on cranking up all the settings and adding Reshade fx which means I gotta compromise a bit on resolution on my midrange cards (V64/2060-S) Add raytracing in the mix and my 100-120fps drops to 60, my framerates would be f**ked if...
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    AMD upgrade suggestions from an RX 570?

    One of the short PCB Vega 56 cards like Pulse or Red Dragon rigged to an AIO would be cool
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    NVME support

    also, it probably goes without saying, but any boards that don't have a built-in NVMe M.2 slot will need a modded BIOS to allow booting from an adapted NVMe drive.
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    Metro: 2033 Redux is free on epic

    I just played through 2033 Redux and Last Light Redux over the past few weeks. Lots of fun and the graphics still look great especially with raytracing added in thru Reshade. I actually played Exodus first, earlier this year and found the gameplay & narrative structure of 2033 and Last Light...