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    885 Million Records Exposed Online: Bank Transactions, Social Security Numbers,

    WTF!? I almost posted some kind of yawn comment. It's gotten to the point where this is just business as usual. "Several million records said to include bank account details, Social Security digits, wire transactions, and other mortgage paperwork, were found publicly accessible on the server...
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    “RobbinHood” ransomware takes down Baltimore City government networks

    Woops. Systems at a number of Baltimore’s city government departments were taken offline on May 7 by a ransomware attack. As of 9:00am today, email and other services remain offline. Police, fire, and emergency response systems have not been affected by the attack, but nearly every other...
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    Anandtech: Seagate Ships 16 TB PMR HDD

    The pace at which HDDs are increasing in size in astounding. Here I am thinking that my 8 TB drives are huge. These aren't HAMR either. I wonder when we'll see them in the wild and what they'll cost. Link...
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    Expired certificate causing Firefox to disable all extensions

    I got the permafix a few days ago. I switched to Chrome. I've been a Firefox user for close to two decades, since is was called Mozilla, but this was the last straw. I had been staying on an older version because most of the add-ons I used weren't supported on newer builds and that's not...
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    Latest Firefox is disabling all extentions

    Not working for me. Add-ons stopped working last night. My God, YouTube is Hell without an ad blocker. I'm not using the latest version because of newer versions not working with so many add-ons, so am I screwed? Is it time to find a new browser?
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    Ubiquiti Halts Production Of USG-XG-8

    UBNT is ceasing production of the USG-XG-8. I hope this isn't a road sign for further decline in Unifi products. The explanation they give seems a little flimsy to me. We recently made the decision to halt production of additional units of the USG-XG-8 and wanted to explain exactly what this...
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    Elmnator Overclocks Intel Core i9-9900K to 5.44GHz with Custom Copper Loop

    Terrible quality portrait cellphone video doesn't count! Ever. For anything.
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    Come again?
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    I think that the protection offered by most routers would be sufficient. The reason I went with the hardware I did was because Super Micro has served me well. I've never had any of their hardware die and every single consumer motherboard I've owned has died. I wanted something that could handle...
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    OK. It appears to only keep logs from the current day so I can't see anything from yesterday when I had the issue. I do have alternate DNS providers. I have, in this order,,, and Should I disable dnssec now or wait until the issue appears again? Thanks for...
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    Yeah. I'm with you. It's a DNS issue. What kind of DNS issue? Why does it only rear it's ugly head from time to time? What's triggering the problem? Sorry. I'm not up on my memes. Maybe I should spend more time looking at instagram to un-fuck my router?
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    I have DNS resolver enabled but not DNS forwarder. I have Enable DNSSEC Support checked, system domain local zone type set to transparent and this is custom options: server: forward-zone: name: "." forward-ssl-upstream: yes forward-addr: forward-addr: server:include...
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    It just happened again and I was able to go through this list looking at it on my phone. 1: I can't ping a domain name. 2: I can ping an ip address directly. 3: Which logs should I look at? There are tons of them. I looked at most and didn't really see anything that stood out as pertinent. 4: I...
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    WannaCry is Still Active in Hundreds of Thousands of Computers

    The blatant racism against the Chinese on this forum is repulsive.
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    MPC-HC Is Officially Dead

    You can couple MPC with avisynth so really it's about as versatile as possible.
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    Banana Pi to Launch ARM Server with 24 Cores

    Banana hammock.
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    Configuring the VPN in pfsense wasn't too difficult. I believe there's a really clear and concise guide on the PIA site about it. Pfsense has been fantastic in that respect.
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    Yeah, that's what I'm suspecting. This whole pfsensse endeavor has been more involved than I had anticipated, unfortunately. I'm going to keep plugging away with it and if these issues continue to stump me I think I'll just get a USG. If it's anything like the rest of their products it should be...
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    My home automation software and video surveillance software need Windows. Unfortunately.
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    I had this post of yours in mind when the router flaked out the other day but....... Internet access was, well, I didn't have any, so I couldn't check these items. I have copied the list to a word file and will consult it the next time this happens. Thanks!
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    Honestly turning ipv6 off on all devices on the network isn't really an option. Imagine me giving access to the Wi-Fry network to guests and first having to modify their phones? I don't want to sound like a fool but my previous DD-WRT router didn't have such hiccups which is why I'm thinking...
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    All ipv6 stuff is turned off on the router. Has been for about a year. I forget why. It was causing some issues that escape me at the moment.
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    OK, it happened again. I could ping which I have pfsense set to use. I couldn't ping The dashboard said that the WAN was online. Resource usage was effectively nothing. Something like 2% CPU, 20% memory (using pfblockerng) 0% swap. 1% disk usage. The log for the firewall...
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    OK, OK. You've all convinced me to stay with pfsense for the time being. I never thought to look at the logs. Foolish of me I guess but every time I've looked at them I got immediately overwhelmed. I actually tried sending the logs to the syslog server in my home automation software so I could...
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    Thanks for the input folks. Just got out of the hot tub so this is my last post for the night. This is my hardware: I have something like 16 GB of RAM and a 250 GB or so Scamsung SSD. I have been using...
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    I'm not inclined to use an edgerouter. I'm already using Unifi stuff so I might as well go with it. That said, if it sucks or is expensive, as I already have the hardware for the POS PFsense machine, and I can run one of the other solutions you mention and they will just work I'm in. I don't...
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    Tons of people use PFsense with no issue. I'm not one of them. If it were the modem then why does rebooting the router fix the issue? Instantly. I'm not ruling out the modem. I just don't understand the logic of the issue being the modem.
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    I've been running PFsense for about a year now and it's driving me crazy. Every now and then I loose internet connectivity even though PFsense says the connection is up. The only way I can resolve this is to reboot the router. Fk'n lame. I've had to reboot the system three (YES. 3) times today...
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    I need help finding a Windows 7 driver

    Oh Snap! Perfect. Since the driver download I saw was an .exe I just assumed that it would be an installer. Yes I am going to install from a USB stick. I'll just toss a drivers folder on after I put everything else on there. Thank. You!
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    I need help finding a Windows 7 driver

    I have a Lenovo D20 and I want to reinstall Windows 7 but I can't seem to find the driver for the SAS controller. I have found an .exe on the Lenovo site but that won't help me much during OS install. Does anyone have any ideas short of copying the entire contents of C:\Windows\System32\drivers...
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    Latest MSI Bios Unlocks the Multiplier on the $55 AMD Athlon 200GE CPU

    I dunno about overclocking these days. I ran a Q6600 at a 60% OC with no voltage increase for something like 7 years. I have some of the most absolute overkill water cooling ever seen which probably helped the longevity. These days processors are so powerful I don't bother and I don't have time...
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    Looking into building a home server or nas

    Just hit the encode button before you head out to work and come home to a machine that's idle. I myself have been encoding video for over a decade, since I figured out how to use Gordian Knot, AVISynth, etc. and I always encode on my desktop then transfer to my file server. My home automation...
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    Parker Solar Probe Survives its First Pass Around the Sun

    I love that book. I have no clue why more people haven't read it.
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    “Twisted” Fiber Optic Light Breakthrough Could Make Internet 100 Times Faster

    The bottle neck isn't the fiber, it's the switching. Rolling out fiber is simple in comparison to switching the data. Hell, there's still dark fiber all over the place.
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    Full Scale HyperloopTT Passenger Pod is Revealed

    What's up with all of the wacky names associated with hyperloop? Brogan Bambrogan? Bibop Gresta? Thay made a material they call vibranium? You can't make this shit up.
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    Tesla Cracks the America's Top 10 Best-Selling Sedans List

    You Carolla drivers are dead inside.
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    Elon Musk to Relinquish Chairman Role and Pay Stiff Fine Following SEC Fraud Charges

    This is something posted on Twitter? He's getting fined 20 million and his company is getting fined a similar amount over something said on Twitter? Doesn't Donald Trump say all kinds of crazy shit on Twitter on an almost daily basis? What are his ramifications? I must admit that I'm not...
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    SEC Charges Tesla CEO Elon Musk with Fraud for Irresponsible Social Media Posts

    Just because there is a law against something doesn't inherently make it wrong.
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    Steve Wozniak: AI Will Never Be Smart Enough to Drive a Car

    This guy is dead wrong. It's already here. A highway populated entirely with Teslas driving themselves at speed would see no accidents.