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    ATI...arrogance or just ineptitude?

    Slow down, take it easy ;)
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    NEC 2490WUXi - The Full Story

    Here's just a thought that I think you could do, you could just insert your part 2 in your first post, in this way people wouldn't need to scroll down, they might miss your part 2 :)
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    Intel Q8200 QUAD CPU $149.99 + $1.99 shipped !

    Thye're probably trying to get rid of stock on this one. Or not :o
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    Buying a 4870 right now a bad idea?

    Great price... it's always a time to buy if you have the $$ ;)
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    E2400HD vs T240 for gaming?

    So you don't need the Samsung for the accurate colors (if you were a designer) but it's still a nice monitor :)
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    Where are all the good monitors?

    If you wait, they'll come :cool:
  7. T Deals 3/2

    What?! Lol :confused:
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    What are good specifications to look at in an LCD monitor?

    6) holds the truth :cool:
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    Dell 25% off accessories coupon code (hurry!)

    It's dead... (top of the page) ;)
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    Seagate 1.5TB 119.00 Dell EPP(expires 2/27)

    I've read that somewhere else but I didn't know EPP meant that :p
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    New monitor time, 24" is the sweet spot?

    It has some mixed reviews but overall it's alright ;)
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    Ebay Live Cashback.... back. 25%

    Too much work...:o
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    24"+ monitor for graphics

    +2 on that ;)
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    Galaxy 9800GT $84.99 after $30 MIR

    That's exactly right, there will always be people forgetting/not caring about the rebate that's how they manage to get away with it :cool:
  15. T Deals 2/23

    Could be better...;)
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    dual 24" or single 30"

    One 30" ;)
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    Out of the loop with video cards a little...Budget Upgrade

    You forgot the resolution mate :)
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    ASUS W90Vp-X1 NoteBook "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4870 X2" $2200

    It's still a laptop so it can't really compare with the desktops performance or what we're used to :)
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    Newegg PC Game Sale

    Eh, I have to get back into Trackmania again...
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    20% Off Gaming Consoles Dell Home

    Nice, thanks for the heads up.
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    26 Inch for under or close to $300 possible?

    Coupon not working? :confused:
  22. T Deals 2/16

    Wait in your chair then :)
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    best 'business' laptop

    Lenovos are very reliable, have a good battery life and are amazing, they're usually high quality machines (it's a branch of IBM so no surprises) ;)
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    Is the Dell 2209WA really worth the hype?

    Same here ;)
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    Newegg open box Asus P5Q Pro $69.99

    Thanks :cool:
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    Best Multi Button Gaming Mouse

    Seems like a good mouse :cool:
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    MSI GTX260 216 55nm + FC2 $229.99 - $30MIR - $20Code = $179.99 + F/S YMMV

    Nice "solution", have you tried that yourself? :p
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    EA suffers huge loss

    The way I see it is this: EA looks at the games they release and the gaming industry like a factory. There must be an assembling line and a list of specialized factory workers doing what the managers want them to produce and work through the line in the way they want it to go. Profits come...
  29. T Deals 2/2

    I don't think they'll answer to requests, at least not singular ones. From a marketing and profit point of view these deals are probably announced to clear the warehouses or some other kind of similar explanation :)
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    Powercolor HD 4830 512MB $79.99 AR @newegg

    It rates in the middle of the performance chart. It's a nice bang for the buck card and it seems to be a pretty good deal, especially if you get 2 or even if you use it on alt computers
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    Corsair HX 620W PS - $104.99 after MIR & Free S&H

    The power supply may not be an item to be excited about but it's one you should never be cheap, don't save on it or you may find it more costly or inconvenient later on, never save on the PS and get a good one ;)
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    Western Digital 250GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA $40

    I've seen this with other stuff, why do they say limit 9999 per customer, I don't see any purpose with it, are they expecting for someone to retail from a retailer? It doesn't make much sense ;)
  33. T Deals 1/26

    They do deals for what they think they need to sell faster, if it was based on everyone's wishes they'd be hardly making a profit at all or have a consensus on the deals they're currently having by asking the users :cool:
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    question re: ebay coupons

    They're sent by email and it's not everyone that receives them I think I've read something about only some people receiving these ebay coupons and they're not very common but if you can use them great :cool:
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    Steam Weekend Deal - Mount & Blade $7.50

    I bought it when it was the 0.808 version I believe, maybe a year or so ago. This is not for eye candy people.
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    Newegg Open Box?

    The newegg open box seems to me that most people consider it a gamble but it's one that usually goes well at least the odds seem to indicate that and I see most of them going right the first time