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    Dell S2415H Woes

    I decided to keep this monitor. After two weeks I've gotten used to the glow, doesn't bother me anymore. Well that's not exactly true. I think it's more like I can tolerate it without going crazy.
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    Dell S2415H Woes

    Good tips, thanks. I think it's possible that the floor model you saw might have been feed a limited range signal instead of a full rgb one. When I first connected the S2415h to my gpu it defaulted to limited dynamic range, making everything looked washed and hazy.
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    Dell S2415H Woes

    Here's some pics in games with dark settings: Amnesia: L4D2: MGS:GZ I'd say the glow is tolerable enough, in fact as I was playing my...
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    Dell S2415H Woes

    29,174 hours. Even with all the yellow the NEC still spanks the Dell in image quality. :(
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    Dell S2415H Woes

    Here's the Dell S2415h next to my old NEC 20wmgx2. That's how bad the yellowing was. Aside from the glow in dark movies/games, the Dell looks very nice. Accurate and vibrant colors. Is the BenQ VW2430WH the best VA alternative?
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    Dell S2415H Woes

    It appears your Dell has some backlight bleeding coming from the right bottom. Mine has the same in exactly the same spot. I'm gonna try to take some pics comparing the Dell against my old trusty NEC 20wmgx2. Should be later this week because I seem to have lost all my hdmi adapters and might...
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    Dell S2415H Woes

    I bought a S2415h also. Pretty disappointed with the glow after coming from a NEC 20wmgx2. Is this pretty much the norm for all these eips/pls panels?
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    Glossy vs Matte - The Ultimate Smackdown

    I've had my 20WMGX2 for 4 1/2 years now. Feel the same about it. However, I've given up hope for a 23"+ glossy ips ever coming out. If my Nec dies I might buy a Dell 2311 on sale and try the paper towel thing.
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    5770 vs 4870

    Would having 256MB less than an HD5770 1GB make a noticeable difference?
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    Dell U2311H or Dell 2209WA?

    The 2209wa has a taller screen than the 2311, but overall the 2311 has a larger screen area.
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    Can I replace my NEC 20WGX2 yet?

    I've had my 20WMGX2 for 4 years now. This bad boy stays put until someone makes a 24"+ glossy ips that I don't have to import and/or make compromises with.
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    Galaxy's Name That Fan Contest

    Gestalt Fan.
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    NEC 23" IPS EA231WMi

    20" x 11.3"
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    Glossify Your Matte AG Screen?

    I don't think it works that way. You need to remove the ag coating first to get the full glossy effect.
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    Advice needed on 2 year old setup

    What about possible bottlenecks?
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    HP ZR24w

    Makes me think about what I'll do if my 20WMGX2 craps out. I'll have to go matte. Yikes.
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    NEC 20WMGX2 Problems

    The 20WMGX2 is a NA model. The 24WMGX3 is Europe only. No way you'd get one through an RMA. Damn, I didn't realize that officially the 20WMGX2 was released over 4 years. Mine will be 4 in May. Still going strong. This bad boy has been a real trooper and isn't showing any signs of...
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    Nec 20wmgx2.. splotches/stains?

    This is a pretty common problem with 20" ips lcds. My 20WMGX2 has a small stain in the upper left area. Developed about 2 years after I got it and hasn't spread any further for over a year now. Fortunately I can't see it at all while web browsing, but it is noticeable during movies/games...
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    What to replace an NEC 20WGX2 20.1" with?

    Ditto. I'm keeping mine until it dies. Thought about upgrading for a while but nothing out right now has the awesome glossy coating AND ips. It helps that almost 4 years after I got mine friends/family still praise the image quality when they see it.
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    Upgrading an E4300 and 8800GTS 640...

    I'd order the mobo/cpu first, then see if the 8800GTS chugs along well enough for your needs. Too many PC games nowadays are console ports which even a G80 gpu can handle easily.
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    NEC 23" IPS EA231WMi

    What can you tell us about the matte coating on it? Is the graininess issue overblown?
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    CRT Monitor supporting Sync-on-Green + PlayStation2 = success?

    Do you have any games that support progessive scan (480p)?
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    Galaxy - 8 weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 8

    Merry Christmas!
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    Nec 20wmgx lamp replacement

    I used to use the native setting, but also found it a bit yellowish. Now I use these "calibrated" settings. Contrast: 50 Brightness: 50 USER setting. R: 97.2 G: 95.2 B: 96.8 Looks much better than native in my eyes.
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    20wmgx2 users

    Alright, now I'm up to 14750 hours.
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    20wmgx2 user looking to move into multiple monitors

    3 x Dell 2209wa then remove the antiglare coating?
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    NEC 23" IPS EA231WMi

    For realsies? Using a glossy finish is more expensive than matte? I also have a NEC 20WMGX2 and this little guy always finds a way to escape being replaced.
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    Why are video card so expensive?

    Just me apparently. I went from Athlon 3500+(939) to Athlon X2 3600+(AM2) to Athlon X2 6000+(AM2) on the same motherboard.
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    Looking for 24 to 27 inch IPS Monitor

    Damn, how could I forget the Dell U2410 and the HP LP2475W.
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    Looking for 24 to 27 inch IPS Monitor

    Doublesight DS265W 26" $500 Planar PX2611W. 26" $800 NEC LCD2490Wuxi 24" $1100 NEC LCD2690Wuxi $1300 Apple Cinema 24" $900 (Needs a displayport video card) NEC has an upcoming IPS line to replace the 90 series lcds, Full line from 23" to 30", but who knows when they'll be out...
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    Need to upgrade Gpu in this rig.

    So what games did your 2900XT choke on? Umm, besides Crysis I mean.
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    My monitor is 16:10, so the Wii image is scaled correctly to 16:9. On the EA231Wmi the image...

    My monitor is 16:10, so the Wii image is scaled correctly to 16:9. On the EA231Wmi the image would be scaled 1:1 perfectly with no distortion.
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    NEC 23" IPS EA231WMi

    Portrait or landscape?
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    NEC 23" IPS EA231WMi

    Personally, I'd recommend the Vdigi vga cable for hooking up a Wii to a monitor. Works great for me.
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    NEC 23" IPS EA231WMi

    Hey, real 7, would you say that the NEC EA231WMi is better or equal to the image quality on the 20WMGX2?
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    A new NEC professional IPS? PA series

    Hmm, the 23" and 24" seem interesting to me. I wonder how much better they would be compared to the EA231WMi. Probably around $700-$800 msrp, huh?
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    Galaxy - 8 weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 5

    I am definitely in.
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    Will using PS3 to my 2209wa damage the monitor?

    The 2209WA can take a 1080p input, but it will be stretched vertically, same thing with every 16:9 res.. If it had aspect scaling it might downscale 1080p to 1680 x 945, but it doesn't so it won't.