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    I just ruined my LG 4k 32" monitor

    Today I was moving my LG 4k 32" 32UD99-W ...and I dropped it. It is now TOAST. (turns on but has lines all over it) So mad at my self, only had it 1.5yrs paid $750. Any suggestions for a replacement. Should I get the new LG offerings. I would like IPS 32" 4k. Budget is $500 - 600. Thanks.
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    Samsung's Ditching The Headphone Jack and Furiously Deleting Its Ads That Made Fun of Apple

    I stopped buying Samsung product, any products be it phone, tv, monitors, etc. Because I had some really bad experience with their shit quality phones and tv's. And the whole fire battery shitstorm. Never again will I ever buy another samsung product, and it would be good news it they just...
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    Theres a spider in my mouse !

    LMAO well that is pretty crazy, who thought of that one.
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    Big Navi is coming

    Good thread, lots of good talk both criticism and praises. My problem is I would build a new system with 3900X and new Navi, but there are simply no good games right now. So I just don't see how building a new system to play some good games is a waste.
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    Looking to get a RTX 2080 Super - which would be best...?

    Either one should serve you just fine. Personally I like MSI video cards, since I have MSI motherboards as well. Ausus has gone downhill with quality and service so stay from them.
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    Lmao EVGA and their super labels

    Nvidia Super naming convention, is SUPER DUMB!!! They should have named them "RTX 2070 Super Expensive"
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    Ryzen 3000 hype and review oddities

    So tired of hearing from Intel fanboys. Even if AMD had 25% more gaming performance than Intel's top cpu, these dumbasses would still find something to complain about. I thought this was [H] a hardware enthusiast site that appreciated new PC technology. Way too many fanboys, (including Nvidia)...
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    Intel Core i9-10900K - 10 Core Is Coming

    This here BIAAAAICHES. note to Intel fanboys, Ryzen 3000 you can buy right now. Or wait for this Intel CPU for god knows how long, if ever long it takes them to figure out how to manufacture these. I bettcha Kyle is glad he stopped working at Intel.
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    AMD Ryzen R9 3900X Review Round Up

    Hmmm interesting indeed. I was not aware of this, thanks for info.
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    AMD Ryzen R9 3900X Review Round Up

    What? I thought Intel couldn't figure out how to engineer 10nm, and they apparently scraped it? What proof do they have Intel is even capable of 10nm? I believe they are speaking bullshit?
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    AMD Ryzen R9 3900X Review Round Up

    Maybe right at this moment. But every new game release are using more and more cores. Also everyone that buys an AMD cpu are using it for more than just gaming. Lots of peeps here use multithreaded apps. AMD will ultimately pass Intel in gaming performance. Intel'= aint got shit for their next...
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    Popularity of overclocking

    What I'm really confused/disappointed with OCing new CPUs. Is when we had all these new processor releases that we could OC from 2GHz to 3GHz. Next year would be 3 to 4GHz. Back then (2008) I thought in 2019 we'll have 9GHz OC's. But instead we got more cores and less overclocking. Given the...
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    Popularity of overclocking

    Hey now, I have a civic. My mods are fart can (500hp) cold air intake ( 350hp) and a huge rear wing adding 1000hp. I blow by HellCats all day long.
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    AMD 9 3900X available for order now?

    Yes I agree I thought release date for all Ryzen 3000 was July 15.
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    The Division 2

    I bought this game close after launch, and never played it.... Until yesterday (for 5 hours). And I must say this looks and runs beautiful (everything maxed out on my 1080ti). Very well done, and I'm having some great fun so far. Love how they created downtown D.C. the attention to details is...
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    Too Good to be True, A Recap of The Lead-up to Zen 2

    Ha ha, was it Jayznocents? I am really getting sick of all the drama with youtube content creators. PC hardware and games. They are out there for one reason, and one reason only. To make money. All the greedy little youtubers sit at home and think up of stupid shit that will get the maximum...
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    Help picking AMD CPU

    I have a question. I have an X470 mobo MSI X470 Gaming M7 with an 2700X. I would like to upgrade to 3900X 12-core. Do I need the new X570, or will my current mobo work with Zen2?
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    Asus RMA- what on earth

    This here. I stopped buying Asus mobos years ago. I now buy MSI or EVGA boards.
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    The Endgame is Near for Phones

    Zorachus, I completely agree with your points. I believe we are getting screwed, and these companies are making huge amounts of profit on flagship smartphones. When these flagship phones started costing a grand, I swore I would never ever buy one. Then I got suckered and finally bought my first...
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    eBay luck ran out - fraudulent return

    Everybody, including OP needs to just wait until he gets the CPU back, this is all just speculation right now. IMHO you are overreacting on a return request from the buyer. Calm down until you have the returned CPU in hand. btw I stopped buying and selling on ebay years ago, too many idiots on...
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    logitech playing stupid games?

    WTF? Really, this is the most asinine thing I have ever heard. Looks like I will stop buying logitech keyboards or mice in the future.
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    Rise of Skywalker

    I know, we have way too many star wars movies now. I remember when star wars only came out like one every 2-3 years. Now there is 1 every six months.
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    Why are some of the most popular games not having new ones?

    OP your title is confusing. Just say "Games we are waiting for"
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    So what's really wrong with todays PC games?

    WTF did I just read, can I have my life back. Your craigslist story is dumb. wack jobs on craigslist have anything to do the gaming? And I really don't see any issues with craigslist buyers. you win worst thread April fools day after, after day.
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    Phanteks LUX new Ryzen build

    Oh man I didn't even notice that hair until you pointed it out to me. And I whipped it down too with some microfiber just before I shot the pics. LOL
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    What If Zen 2 Actually Sucks?

    Well if there is any time for AMD to put up or shut up, its right now. With Intel's CPU shortage, and Nvidia RTX debacle, they could really swing over more Intel fanboys. My prediction, Zen 2 will be good, but not great, just like Zen 1.
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    New laptops for "gamming" around 500 bucks

    Here ya go, the Acer with a 1050. Cert refurb on ebay for $500.
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    New gear for home

    Very nice! ..and here I thought I was the only last one with popcorn ceilings. lol
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    Phanteks LUX new Ryzen build

    Here are some pics of my new build. AMD Ryzen 2700X 4.30Ghz 1.40v MSI X470 Gaming M7 \ 16G Vengeance ProRGB 3600 Cooling: TT Ring Plus RGB 280mm Case: Phanteks Enthoo LUX / PSU: Corsair RM850x MSI Duke GTX1080ti, 32" LG 4k Monitor
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    New gear for home

    Here's my new stuff. I haven't purchased the Sonicwall license and support yet, will probably get the advanced security suite in a couple weeks. But I was able to download and update to the newest firmware.
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    Super tempted...

    Do NOT buy a laptop with RTX 2070 MaxQ cards, they are under performing 1070's by 30%. Best is to got a previous gen 1070 MaxQ Laptops. Get this one
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Using the Corsair K70 LUX RGB and Steelseries Rival 700.
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    New lab switch

    Well... a 10gb switch is NOT cheap. Just create a Portchannel/LAG between your switch and media server and get 2 GB throughput.. What is your budget, are you looking for enterprise level hardware, or some lower cost Netgear switch like this one...
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    Devil May Cry 5

    Are you guys playing this with PS4/Xbox controllers, or using the keyboard mouse?
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    LG V40 ThinQ - OMG this thing is crazy cool

    Ya I've had this for about 6 months now, and I still love everything about it. If you're looking to buy one, go for it you won't be disappointed.
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    New gear for home

    Well I got everything setup. And I must say the Sonicwall and Cisco AP are outstanding. I'm still playing around with things, VLANS, rules, etc. I'm getting my full 480mb download speed with IPS turned on. And all my laptops are getting 900mb for wireless.
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    Netflix May Be Losing $192M per Month from Piracy, Cord Cutting Study Claims

    Meh I stopped my Netflix sub last year because their content completely blows. I'm back on Comcast now.
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    New gear for home

    This one here
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    New gear for home

    Thanks everyone for all the feedback. I decided to just go with the TZ400 and the Cisco AP ac wave 2. Will be ordering tomorrow. Can't wait to start playing with this.
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    New gear for home

    I am at $903 for the TZ400 w/no support and Cisco AP on Amazon. I can always add the support later.