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    Anyone give up on PC Surround sound and just go stereo? Any regrets?

    I had a gen 1 Scarlett 2i2 ... it would make my pc bsod when coming out of sleep mode (solution from focusrite.. don't use sleep mode =\) not really liking this idea.. I replaced it with a Steinberg UR22mkII nearly identical feature set no more BSOD's so I'm pleased with this, I also feel the...
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    Affordable balanced DAC?

    I have a Steinberg UR22mkII has balanced outputs (TRS) .. sounds good costs about $150 (24/192khz) actually I guess for next little while it is on sale for $115~...
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    Recommendations for Computer Speakers under $300 (CAD)

    yeah.. I have always wondered about Edifiers many of their speakers look pretty nice but I haven't ever heard them personally curious how you like them / noise floor etc type feedback.
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    ~$200: Powered monitors or bookshelves and an amp?

    Luxman is generally quite well regarded.. that is a good get assuming it works fine.. you may find you need a little contact cleaner on the pots ..but that's generally to be expected.. over on audiokarma there is a pretty good deoxit guide and a post about checking DC offset before hooking...
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    Are any of these true wireless ear buds any good?

    I have the Dudios Free Mini... it is "fine" .. however more prone to dropouts than I would prefer I also have (because I got them NIB from ebay $13) some altec lansing MZX635's which probably sound ~better then the dudios for music..but have too much lag for video (audio will be ~1sec out of...
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    Pcie sound card with coax audio out

    look for a mother board with SPDIF out header and then buy something like this.. or alternately make one using a rca plug and soldering and connector from your parts bin (which is what I did to connect my pc to my Sony TA-E77ESD's coax input...
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    ~$200: Powered monitors or bookshelves and an amp?

    I didn't see a budget listed but I'll assume it is around up to $200~ as that seems to be what the monoprice 8" monitors cost. You can certainly get something decent~ if entry for $200~ with a small class d amp and a couple bookshelf speakers I'll list this LoXJIE A10 $70 because it has the...
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    2-channel power amp recommendations?

    I mean.. it is kewl to drop $$$ on new gear if that is what you wanna do... but for anyone finding this in future... you can sometimes find used gear for pennies on the dollar... blah blah blah there are pitfalls with vintage.. gear needing repairs, no warranty..etc etc.. still none the less...
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    Best $100 or under bookshelf speaker in 2019?

    as will likely be the case in any year.. if you have the patience / luck / ..etc the best $100 speakers are used These are my vintage Yamaha NS-344 10" 3ways.. I paid $50 for these a few years ago.. next to them a $40~ (I think) 7yr or a bit more ago buy of JBL L1 bookshelf speakers.
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    windows 10 1903 update killed my sound card! what other card can I use?

    drivers were insecure before so m$ nuked them.. oh well ask creative to make updates.. if m$ let people use vulnerable drivers knowingly everyone would be mad at them.. bad enough my cpu is apparently F'd by design from a security standpoint don't need my sound card drivers making things worse...
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    Anyone give up on PC Surround sound and just go stereo? Any regrets?

    SD did indeed.. however I have since moved (not super thrilled but it was pretty unavoidable) to Thousand Oaks.. the Sony stack and Yammy 3ways are all T.O. finds to be honest these are a few years old finds now... it seems that goodwill has caught on.. was in there a week~ or so ago and some...
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    Anyone give up on PC Surround sound and just go stereo? Any regrets?

    Thanx.. I was well pleased with my good fortune getting this gear.. honestly both came from the same goodwill (about 2~yrs apart) got the full sony ES stack for $75 (don't hate me.... much at least) on 1/2 sale... absolutely couldn't believe my luck... I was as stoked as I possibly could have...
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    Looking for something to drive these DT-770 80ohm headphones.

    I'd look at the JDS Labs atom $99 (amp only) and just use the onboard sound to that for the time being.. It is a quite well regarded headphone amp for the money
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    Anyone give up on PC Surround sound and just go stereo? Any regrets?

    Years ago I ditched a Logitech 4.1 (why?? Logitech why?? but it was ...) system for stereo (see pic) ZERO REGRETS.. of course I only game with speakers when my wife is outta town.. and she got a new job and isn't out of town nearly so often now.. and I don't watch movies on the pc at all...
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    Recommendations on new headphones

    I think if you beyers aren't sounding that alive / engaging the SB is too blame.. I own the Sony MDR-V6's , ATH-M50's and DT770 Pro 80's the DT770's are considerably harder to drive than the sony or ATH headphones.. I have a Creek OBH-11 amp I got nib off ebay for $45~ not the most powerful amp...
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    Huge hand seeks new mouse for hot, accurate action

    I have pretty big hands and long fingers.. I have arthritis in my hands also.. I have been using a Steelseries Sensei 310 which I like quite alot.. I got it hella cheap on ebay.
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    I need new Computer Headphones... recommendations?

    for $40 the JVC HARX700 is a solid (if someone bulky choice) the hinges are prone to creaking.. i fixed this with some silicone spray with my pair.
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    I own the DT880 Premium 250's great headphones (with the right amp) .. an OTL tube amp say I have a DV336SE or vintage warmer SS amp.. avoid bright amps.. these headphones can have harsh highs if paired with the wrong amp... comfort and build are exceptional I really like my DT880 for a...
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    Looking for buying advice for comapct (Tenkeyless ?) keyboard

    Filco Master Race... build quality is unmatched.. costar stabilizers unlike the suck that is cherry stabilizers This is my Majestouch 2 TKL (mx reds with dampers and Vortex PBT double shot keycaps) oh and the stabilizers mentioned before .. costar stabs are much much better (which is...
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    Seasonic X-750 750W PSU 10 Year Redux @ [H]

    My X750 got "grumpy" when I got a RX580 (replacing a HD7950) and wouldn't boot with the RX580. Seasonic did RMA it however send a later revision that uses different cables resulting in additional delay.. in the end it worked worked out.. I guess .. but it was a good thing I had a spare...
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    Hifiman HE-35X $90 Preorder at Massdrop

    umm these do NOT have Planar drivers.. It has dynamic drivers .. if you want planars keep looking because these are not the droids you are looking for.
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    Slim mechanical keyboards

    The Filco Stingray is an option with cherry MX low profile reds $165 however
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    why won't Filco sell KOBO frames seperatly?

    this is the question... that has annoyed me for years since I got my MT2 TKL I would like to buy a KOBO frame but near as I can tell you can only get them (in the USA at least) on mechanicalKeyboards when purchasing a new keyboard.. seems dumb.. as I'm sure many people would buy them...
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    Polk Audio DSW Pro 500 - No power

    if you wanna use the sub there are three options as I see it. 1. call Polk and inquire about obtaining a replacement amp plate. 2. find someone to service the amp for you. 3. Attempt DIY repair.. my guess from the pics is C7 and D4 and maybe the IC (U1) are toast.. order new parts and solder...
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    How Facebook Tracks Your Ovulation and Heart Rate Through Apps

    as a man.. i wish facebook good fucking luck tracking my ovulation... good luck indeed.. pretty sure they are fucked if that is what they wanna track.. from me at least. hopefully facebook doesn't have a fap tracking algorithm however..
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    replaced worn headband on my old ATH-M50's

    oh a shot of the headphones completed: oh and one more funny thing.. apparently when they built this they pinched this cable a bit with the screw.. HA???
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    replaced worn headband on my old ATH-M50's

    Funny how the internet works years ago everyone loved the AudioTechnia ATH-M50's moving on over the years and at many places all you hear.. is M50's suck..etc..blah blah.. regardless I like em' they are good going out and about headphones fold up ok and ear cups rotate.. These are the orig...
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    Vox Media Goes After YouTubers That Mocked The Verge PC Build Video

    ummm... ???? Vox seems to be part of Vox Media?? anyways.. whatever any sites below need to die of d*ck inhalation.
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    Vox Media Goes After YouTubers That Mocked The Verge PC Build Video

    hopefully a few good things come from this: 1. Vox media dies of d*ck inhalation 2. Some younger people get insight into the hypocritical nonsense coming from the left. 3. Bitwit gains a ton of subs. screw you Vox Media the internet never forgets.. y'all done ****ed up now... well...
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    I like my TKL because it moves the mouse closer to the typing position most of the time I don't need the number pad.. if it comes up I have a WASD full sized keyboard I can switch to or a Rosewill. But almost never bust them out.. puts less strain on my wrist having the mouse closer .. A TKL...
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    Speaker and Headphone Rigs Picture Thread

    Sony DR-S3 headphones (circa 1979-82) made in Japan
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    Lubing Mechanical keyboard stabilizers

    how to fix cherry stabilizers?? sell the keyboard and buy a Filco / other costar stabilizer keyboard.. no seriously cherry stabs suck sooo much Filco Master Race
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    Gonna treat myself... What Keyboard brands should I look in to?

    I'm going to show this "cultured and wise" bit to my wife.. and say SEEE I told you :) Anyways.. changing the key caps with costar stabilizers is a bit fiddly.. but not so bad.. sorry about your spacebar what was it made of paper mache?? having a decent wire key cap puller and then gently...
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    Gonna treat myself... What Keyboard brands should I look in to?

    Filco Master Race... the end.. this is my Filco MT2 TKL.. it is ~4yrs old (I don't remember).. but I have been using daily for some years now.. it is still perfect.. I did replace the stock keycaps because they are kinda junk.. I have Vortex PBT double-shots on here... if you are going mx...
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    PC General us speaker setup

    I am helpful?? NHT SuperOne 2.1 speakers ea $103~ Topping MX3 dac /amp $136~...
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    Rockville Studio monitors, anyone use them?

    I'm a big fan of separates.. mostly because I have proven to be a prolific finder of cheap older stereo gear.. but active studio monitors much better than cheap plastic abominations as mentioned above. I have heard some active speakers I quite like in the past, I just like my vintage gear...
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    have a bunch of gear / try mixing things up a bit?

    I haven't been buying gear for awhile but I have a fair bit of stuff around here.. for various reasons (don't know why?) my firestone audio BlackKey usb dac dropped the left channel.. in trouble shooting I swapped cables to a cable to short to reach my Sony TA-E77ESD preamp so i hooked it up to...
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    Subwoofer/bookshelf speakers/PC

    probably the easiest thing to do if you are set on this edifier + dayton Sub setup.. your money your choice.. is to get a 3.5mm splitter and 2x 3.5mm to RCA cables (assuming your pc has 3.5mm output as pc sound cards tend to do.. if you have RCA outputs then get rca splitter cable). hook one...
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    Need help with a QUIET keyboard and mouse please

    I don't know ... honestly I'm not sure you are going to get a set up quiet enough for a room with another human trying to sleep at the same time.. mx-reds on your current keyboard are pretty quiet as far as mechanical switches go.. you could switch to a membrane keyboard but those tend to...
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    New high-end desktop mini monitor (KEF LS-X)

    pfft priorities.. I've managed to fit quite a lot of speakers in here with my computer..