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    Julian Assange Arrested

    One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. Maybe is the US wasnt dicking around in so many places we shouldnt be we wouldnt be harmed by the leaking of information. Assange is a hacker who provides information. Information we should all have access to. Governments that operate in...
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    Julian Assange Arrested

    Gave 4 years and watched friends die for this country. Couldn't agree with what you said more. There is nothing left to protect besides my family and few people close to me. Assange showed people who were willing to really look what the hell this country has been up to. He embarrassed the...
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    Server 2012R2 Need to delete updates pending reboot

    I've got a server stuck in infinite boot loop due to a round of updates. If I delete the contents of the software distribution folder will that cancel those updates?
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    Microsoft Wins $480 Million Contract to Supply Hololens to U.S. Army

    You would think so, but after a few years in the army I realized I preferred consumer grade on many things.
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    The U.S. Justice Department Charges Chinese and Taiwanese Firms with IP Theft

    Should have been doing this a long long time ago
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    Youtube Making Sure You Youtube Correctly

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    Siri - Google - Alexa: Don't Care if You Kill Yourself

    So much suicide watch on Soapbox.........
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    Backpage Founders Indicted on 93-Counts

    Sorry written at the end of a long day.
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    Backpage Founders Indicted on 93-Counts

    When parents find children their missing children for sale on your website you should go to prison.
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    Check if Win 7 license key is in use

    The guy I took over for in my current position left a lot of things a mess. I am needed a win 7 pro key for a machine I need to rebuild. I've got quite a few copies of Win 7 pro laying around, buy have no idea which keys have been used and which haven't. Does MS have a tool anywhere that I can...
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    Facebook Loses Over $60 Billion in Market Value in 2 Days

    Read the whole thread. Both parties do it.
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    Facebook May Have Violated FTC Privacy Deal Someone is lying.
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    Twitter's CEO Admits The Platform Has Problems, Asks For Help

    Its great for breaking news other than that its a steaming pile
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    Net Neutrality Rules Officially Repealed and Now the Legal Fight Begins

    Wow how many people will die from this?
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    US Air Force to Scrap Computers Due to Windows 10 Compatibility Issues

    When I was in the military all of the computer equipment was severely outdated, and support was non existent. Guys who were infantry who joined for student loan forgiveness were made into IT people.
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    Two New Meltdown/Spectre Variants Found

    Odin's Eye "Design blunders"
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    .xls spreadsheet after 65,536

    One of my users used .xls rather than .xlsx to create a spreadsheet with over 400k rows. Took her a long long time to make it, and now when she goes to open it we get the hard limit of 65,536 rows. Even if I convert it to .xlsx we get more rows available but there is no data after row 65,536...
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    Confessions of a Digital Nazi Hunter

    You wonder? 4chan been doing it for years.
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    Twitter Begins Enforcement of Abusive Content Rules

    Always short twitter spikes. Made some good money doing it so far.
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    The FCC Has Repealed Net Neutrality

    At least 8 billion people will die
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    Break the Internet on 12/12

    This will surely win me over to their side.
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    Games Could Be Hit Hard by Net Neutrality’s Death

    The government regulating the internet is a bad thing and i will never say its not. Government has done such a bang up job with ISP's hasn't it? Its the fault of government we have only a handful of ISP's, that are all shit, to choose from. FFS lets just let government control absolutely...
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    Games Could Be Hit Hard by Net Neutrality’s Death

    There was no online gaming before 2015. All ISP's charged a billion extra dollars for online gaming before 2015.
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    Former Yahoo CEO Apologizes for Data Breaches, Blames Russians

    We completely failed as a company, but guys the Russians
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    Google Maps Pulls Cupcake Calorie Counter After Backlash

    Neo-liberal is a pretty good term I think. Liberals today are nowhere close to what is now called classic liberalism.
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    Dubai Becomes First Government to Launch State Cryptocurrency

    State run cryptocurrency? Doesn't this defeat the whole purpose of crypto's?
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    Google Now Hates Socialism Too

    Join us in the soapbox
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    PayPal Hates on Hate and Haters that get Paid for Hate and Hating

    Come over to soapbox if you want to talk politics.......What is it like 1$ for a year?
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    RDP to IP works but not to name......sometimes

    I'll take a look thank you!!!!
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    RDP to IP works but not to name......sometimes

    Yes over a VPN sorry That's where I was leaning as well. Had Cisco go through our ASA and they didn't see any issue. There's no problem logging into the VPN.
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    RDP to IP works but not to name......sometimes

    I have 2 remote users who when they try to RDP in the morning are unable to for roughly 30 minutes minutes or so if they are using the name of the machine they are trying to login to. If they keep trying it will eventually work. If they use the IP of the machine they get in right away. Had...
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    Anyconnect Compatability

    3.1 works fine for me, any 4.x version I get failed login. Maybe its 2FA thats causing the issue.
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    Anyconnect Compatability

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!
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    Anyconnect Compatability

    On my ASA I have 9.4(2)11 firmware, can anyone point me towards where I can find out what versions of anyconnect are compatible with it? Been searching a bit and cant find anything.
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    Cloud Imperium Issues Official Statement about Rumored Financial Issues

    On the flip side if they are wrong its going to be bad
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    Supreme Court Says Sex Offenders Can Access Social Media

    Thats a good point. I'm all for child predators losing every right that society offers, but people who get caught up in it for stupid reasons shouldn't lose anything.
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    GLOBALFOUNDRIES on Track to Deliver 7nm FinFET Technology

    Is it actual 7nm or is that just a nomenclature anymore?