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  1. Xrave

    This Is Probably the Movie Version of Sonic the Hedgehog

    More inclined to spend money on the ticket to reward them for listening to the criticism.
  2. Xrave

    Star Citizen's single player game delayed again

    More likely Amazon buys the IP and reskins it as an Expanse game.
  3. Xrave

    T-Mobile Partners with Ericsson and Intel to Complete the World's First 600 MHz 5G Call

    Are you referring to 600MHz capable phones? There's a decent list of supported devices from LG, Apple, Samsung, Moto, etc
  4. Xrave

    Nvidia Executives Allegedly Sold Shares During Crypto Boom

    If he sold during his assigned window then it's no issue...also for most people in the industry it was obvious the crypto craze was a fad that would have to go away eventually, so you might as well cash in while the stock is up as it would be expected to fall when the market dries up. So he...
  5. Xrave

    Ultima Thule Looks Like a Peanut

    'Meet Ultima Thule': 1st Color Photo of New Horizons Target Reveals a Red 'Snowman' We now know what Ultima Thule looks like, and it's not a bowling pin. The first resolved photos of Ultima Thule have come in from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, which zoomed past the frigid faraway object just...
  6. Xrave

    Ultima Thule Looks Like a Peanut

    The first high res photo is expected to finish transmitting on Jan 6. Just have to understand this is like downloading porn photos in 1998 on a 14.4kbps modem and watching each pixel load in...except 10 times slower than that.
  7. Xrave

    PNC Testing Fraud-Busting Credit Cards with Rotating Numbers

    I would assume the extra $10 the credit card company pays for the card is easily offset by the the money they save by not refunding fraud purchases.
  8. Xrave

    White Hat Hacker Contacted a Man Through His Security Camera

    What was the method he used to gain access? Did the owner forget to set a password or some stupid thing?
  9. Xrave

    Anthem Alpha Streamer Loses Entire EA Origin Library after Breaking NDA

    Losing all your games is probably cheaper than getting sued
  10. Xrave

    New York Passes Minumum Wage Law for Uber and Lyft Drivers

    So do they get paid min wage + what they make from driving? Also do they get min wage only when driving a person or whenever they are running the app? Can’t you create a fake account and get a ride for yourself. You pay yourself minus Uber’s cut but also get paid a min you net...
  11. Xrave

    NYC Politician Wants to Ban Cashless Restaurants

    Even if you don't qualify for a credit card you will at least have a debit card that could be accepted. If you don't have enough cash to open a bank account then you wouldn't be going out to eat anyways.
  12. Xrave

    NASA's InSight Probe Will Land On Mars Today

    Touchdown on Mars! NASA's InSight Lands to Peer Inside the Red Planet Watch NASA Mission Control at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory erupt in applause after the touchdown of the InSight lander. -- Touchdown on Mars! NASA's InSight Lands to Peer Inside the Red Planet. Credit: Bill Ingalls/NASA...
  13. Xrave

    Software Patents Stifle Innovation

    Don’t think this is accurate. US changed a few years ago and you can no longer file based on prior art. It’s now first to file like every other country.
  14. Xrave

    Computer Pioneer and Entrepreneur Bill Godbout Has Died in the California Wildfires

    The entire city was gone in a day. Lots of the dead were elderly who couldn't escape, as well as people who died in their cars trying to escape. Have read accounts that there are only a few roads out of these cities and traffic was preventing people from getting out with the fire moving faster...
  15. Xrave

    YouTube Is Now Showing Ad-Supported Hollywood Movies

    The difference is I pay for cable and still get I have to pay extra for DVR service so I can skip the adds, ala paying for add-free online services. If I was watching free over-the-air TV, or in this case free YouTube, then I wouldn't mind watching adds if it got me "good" content for free.
  16. Xrave

    Amazon Announces New Headquarters in Virginia and New York

    Amazon wont' want to put a HQ in a location no one wants to move to. They want to attract talent, not deter it.
  17. Xrave

    Over 1 Million Cord Cutters Ditch Cable and Satellite TV in One Quarter

    I always look at this but the pricing never makes sense...I'd end up paying the same amount, or more, to buy all the options as opposed to a cable package.
  18. Xrave

    Amazon, Apple Take Retributive Measures against Bloomberg over China Hack Story

    So he is earning stockholders more money with less invention risk. Sounds like he is doing what a CEO should do.
  19. Xrave

    China Embedded Spy Chips On Supermicro Motherboards

    China’s version of this story:
  20. Xrave

    League of Legends Superstar Loses Entire Cryptocurrency Balance to Port-Out Scam

    So if your banking institution only has text 2FA, is that not better than nothing? On another note Tmobile lets you set up a port out password to prevent this issue.
  21. Xrave

    Jeff Bezos Announces Philanthropic "Bezos Day One Fund"

    Even mentioned in those articles: In a statement, Amazon said its median pay figure includes people in more than 50 countries and part-time employees. So yea, when you take statistics of 500k employees including countries with much lower cost of living, and people who are working part time...
  22. Xrave

    Air Leak Found in International Space Station

    Micrometeorite is a general term referring to objects with <1g mass.
  23. Xrave

    Air Leak Found in International Space Station

    Nothing. Known risk of choosing to be an astronaut.
  24. Xrave

    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Didn't realize this was in a Humble Bundle, which I also just got. So now I have an extra Layers of Fear key for anyone who wants it. Edit: claimed
  25. Xrave

    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Layers of Fear please!
  26. Xrave

    Facebook Sued for Providing Advertising Tools That Violate the Fair Housing Act

    True...but here it means you can barely afford a 2 bedroom condo ;)
  27. Xrave

    Facebook Sued for Providing Advertising Tools That Violate the Fair Housing Act

    Jesus Makes me feel lucky I landlord in Silicon Valley...basically affording the rent here means you are a stable human being.
  28. Xrave

    North Koreans Play PC Games over LAN Networks According to Defectors

    I wonder what the punishment is from the NK government if you get caught playing an illegal game... You must really love gaming to take that risk.
  29. Xrave

    Facebook Sued for Providing Advertising Tools That Violate the Fair Housing Act

    Would like an update on that outcome once there is one.
  30. Xrave

    Facebook Sued for Providing Advertising Tools That Violate the Fair Housing Act

    Not sure the different of using this tool, or putting up your own paper flyers in public areas in very affluent neighborhoods. In both cases you are being selective about who you are advertising to.
  31. Xrave

    A Gated Box Only for You

    I wonder how much the nude DLC will cost
  32. Xrave

    Karlsruhe Team Develops First Single-Atom Transistor

    MOSFETs have 3 terminals: drain, source, and gate BJTs have 3 terminals: emitter, collector, and base
  33. Xrave

    Star Wars Resistance Trailer Revealed

    Ugh...cell animation Cheap, yes. Good look, not so much.
  34. Xrave

    Karlsruhe Team Develops First Single-Atom Transistor

    Although I am not quantum physicist, I am an electrical engineer. Quantum tunneling as it relates to transistors is due to the semiconductor manufacturing process. Transistors are formed on some type of semiconductor material, usually silicon, where the material is doped to create energy...
  35. Xrave

    Into the Mesosphere at Mach 2.4

    I missed that, nice easter egg
  36. Xrave

    Into the Mesosphere at Mach 2.4

    Virgin better be careful about going that fast or they'll fly off the edge of the Earth