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    Android Receives FIDO2 Certification to Usher in a World Without Passwords

    I brought up 2FA because the certification was for FIDO(2). Current keys that support this are all for 2FA systems. While the article mentions passwordless transactions, the immediate effect is that you don't need a Yuibikey or whatever device you are currently using, you could use biometrics...
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    Android Receives FIDO2 Certification to Usher in a World Without Passwords

    I certainly wasn't trying to imply that the other methods of implementing this should go away, just that it's convenient for me personally to have this as an option. Also, I'm curious about your statement that this wouldn't constitute 2FA. What are you basing that on?
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    Android Receives FIDO2 Certification to Usher in a World Without Passwords

    It's for 2-Factor Authentication, so there will still be a password or some other authentication mechanism. I currently have a Yubikey and one of Google's Titan keys, they're both fine. I'd still rather use my phone for a second unlock with the same tokenized protections (ie, not SMS) just...
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    Global Foundries May Be Sold

    Basically all advanced process nodes are 300mm, legacy process nodes are likely on smaller wafers. A few years back everyone had planned to move to 450mm, but I think that all fell apart due to the cost of having to replace all their equipment in the fabs. It could be that when fabs start...
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    Bank Forgives Programmer Who Withdrew $1M in Cash after Finding ATM Flaw

    Didn't he watch Office Space? You burn the building down, go get a job you actually like, and pretend that nothing ever happened.
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    Sapkowski Reportedly Settles Witcher Lawsuit

    Dude wants to go back and renegotiate a bad contract? He related to the Winklevoss twins? They should hook up and teach him about bitcoin as the future of digital cash.
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    Metro Exodus Is an Epic Store Exclusive

    They should just market games like any other commodity. The developer sells keys to various stores for a set wholesale price, those stores charge whatever the hell markup they want. If Deep Silver want $40 a sale, then they should get that directly from the store, and then let the stores fight...
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    Metro Exodus Is an Epic Store Exclusive

    Time to shift priority on this and the new FarCry. I'll probably buy a key from a reseller eventually; I'm not doing business with Epic directly with their store's EULA.
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    The Original Ghostbusters Cast Will Return for New Movie you make a movie that ignores the original movie, and that's great. But you make a continuation of the original movies which ignores the newer movie and that's somehow a "dick move." I'd say it's far worse to paint over the top of the franchise name you're stealing, but that's just me.
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    Intel Mixes Atom, Core and 3D Stacking in Lakefield

    If they can get the scheduler right to allocate low-priority background junk to the Atom cores while leaving the important work to the beefy core, this could be a nice setup. I'd like to see this extended even into larger configurations such as having a couple of "helper" cores on an i7/i9 to...
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    Combination possible or no?

    It should *work*, but your cards are going to be losing PCIe lanes to the third and fourth m2 slots. Looking at the manual for that board, the DIMM expansion slot for those drives uses 4x PCIe from the CPU, so your cards won't be x8/x8. They don't specify how that split occurs, but it's likely...
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    Creative Launches Super X-Fi Amp

    I got a notice about shipping this morning as well. Just a label at this point, but things are moving.
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    Blockchain Storefront RobotCache Signs on 700 Games from 22 Publishers

    I wish there were a way to short-sell on this company. Entry into a crowded and competitive marketplace: check Business plan that involves the word "blockchain": check No functional product over a year after founding: check ...seems legit.
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    Where do you guys get your Linux know how?

    For what it's worth, I'd recommend the Gentoo install as well. I teach at a small University and I use this approach for Linux Server Admin classes. By the time you've partitioned a drive and set up a filesystem, gotten a working kernel, and added in a GUI and other needed applications on the...
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    Qualcomm Introduces 8cx Processors to Compete With Intel

    Crysis: Immortal We all have phones, right? /s
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    Qualcomm Introduces 8cx Processors to Compete With Intel

    ARM on desktop is going to have the same problem as the Linux Desktop experience: there's so much legacy software floating around that people use that it's a hard sell to get people to move to a new platform. If they ever get the x86->ARM translation to work seamlessly and with acceptable...
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    The Game Awards 2018

    After Obsidian brought me the Fallout 3 I really wanted, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it looks like they're bringing me the Mass Effect: Andromeda that I wanted too.
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    Far Cry New Dawn

    So are you going to be the deputy again, Joseph Seed, or random new person? I think you should be Seed and be out to twist the world to meet your visions, but that's probably not a thing. Would be interesting though.
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    Rumor: 8 Core Intel NUCs and Intel "Compute Modules" are Coming

    According to Intel that's a 14nm chip. I know they're shipping *some* 10nm, like that one goofy i3, but they've definitely failed in meeting their volume shipping targets (multiple times). There's...
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    Rumor: 8 Core Intel NUCs and Intel "Compute Modules" are Coming

    A few weeks ago we're getting articles that Intel is short-supplying the consumer CPU segment in favor of higher-margin server chips because they can't make enough chips with the 10nm fail. Now the rumor is they're releasing new products that need access to the exact same CPUs that they aren't...
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    Microsoft is Working on Dual-Screen Surface PC

    I really wanted a Courier when they posted about that project years ago. I'm still interested in something in this form-factor, I think it would be great for productivity. We'll see how it all turns out when (if) they actually make a product announcement this time. Cautiously optimistic, but...
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    Bitcoin Price Ends November with Worst Monthly Decline in 7 Years

    If there were a buyer for every seller the price would be stable. There's obviously more demand for selling than buying right now as illustrated by the fact that we are looking at these declines. That's how markets work.
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    TSMC Challenges Intel Dominance in Chipmaking

    Intel has a wealth of IP to draw upon, both their own and what they can "borrow" from AMD via their cross-licensing deals. I could totally see them adopting the chiplet design paradigm, possibly doing something like an I/O chip with CPU chiplets and FPGA or AI accelerator chiplets for the...
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    Ohio to Become the First U.S. State to Allow Taxes to Be Paid in Bitcoin

    Can I get them to accept Beanie Babies or Pogs?
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    Just a Reminder...

    What Patreon level is expected to totally replace revenue from a normal user per month if they block ads? I'd rather just contribute directly, but I'm not sure what the replacement cost should look like. Does the default pledge suggestion cover it? Not trying to be nosy on your financials...
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    Jaguar Land Rover Tests Traffic Light Connection Technology

    I hope they put a sizeable delay in that green light estimator. Anyone who rolls into an intersection around here as soon as the light flips green is going to be t-boned in short order.
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    SMACH Team Releases New SMACH Z Alpha Prototype Footage

    It definitely plays PC games, all the demos have been running stuff from Steam. As for pricing, I believe they start around $600. Whether you believe that's too much for some sort of cross between a PC and a Switch is up to you.
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    Tell me about RPG programming

    We teach a course in RPG development periodically in our CS department for the same reason we periodically offer COBOL: there's (good-paying) jobs available. The majority of the workforce that specializes in this sort of development is either about to retire or already retired and being paid...
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    Samsung Reveals Exynos 9820

    And the middle-sized ones can do Bixby... ;)
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    Powercolor Launches the Radeon RX 590

    The best they can do from a die shrink is 156mhz (Red Devil 580 ->590)? Talk about diminishing returns....
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    Japanese Man Marries a Hologram

    I guess this is a healthier reaction than the "incel" thing; guy isn't hurting anyone at all. Kind of reminds me of that movie where the guy loves his AI assistant; I'm betting this behavior pattern becomes more common as these systems enter the mainstream and move further towards fluent...
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    Creative Launches Super X-Fi Amp

    Store just went live. I put in an order, but their designer should be smacked a couple of times. They have the Apt/Suite blank marked as mandatory in the address...I guess they don't realize that US customers may live in a house? The layout of the site is kind of janky too.
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    Is the Cost of a Cable Box Really Too Darn High?

    For God's sake, don't give them any ideas!
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    Is the Cost of a Cable Box Really Too Darn High?

    Asshole companies in a monopoly market act like assholes! News at 11! /s (but not really)
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    MIT Publishes Self Driving Morality Survey Results

    Hey, 3 out of 4 isn't bad....
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    AI Portrait Sells for $432,500

    Every time the commercial comes on with the guy popping in explaining things and he says "It's a blue dot" about the modern art painting, I laugh. In a similarly honest appraisal: "It's a piece of shit" about the AI work.
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    Microsoft Completes $7.5B Github Acquisition

    Nokia never made any damn sense with their waffling support of a mobile OS. Even if they wanted to go all-in on mobile, they didn't need to buy a company for that; they had their own hardware division. While there's no telling what might/will happen in the future, I'd say that Git should be...
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    MIT Publishes Self Driving Morality Survey Results

    I'm very dubious, to say the least, of their data interpretation. I took the quiz quite a while ago, and they presented my "decision summary"; it had nothing to do with why I made the decisions. Maybe with a significant number of participants they can tease out underlying patterns in the data...
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    Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. System Requirements Are Available

    Yeah, I might have given the game a chance if I did the beta and found it to be less terrible than I'm imagining. Limiting the beta to pre-purchase only is a flashing sign that reads "Got your money, suckers!" No thanks.
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    Get Monster Hunter: World for Free When Purchasing Select NVIDIA Video Cards

    So, does the fact that this is on 10xx cards instead of 20xx cards say more about the inventory glut of old cards, the lack of inventory of new cards, or some of both? I would assume it's more about generating sell-through on older inventory that's already bought and paid for, but that's just a...