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    DDR memory, more system specific than DDR2/DDR3?

    These motherboard drivers should work for 32 bit windows 7 That Mushkin will work fine with a 939 chip
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    Been away a while! My computer is STILL a DFI Lanparty nF4 SLI-DR with an Opteron 165! I definitely need to get back into this and teach you guys a lesson again! New rig soon~~~ Who is still here from the 754/939 days?
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    Love your socket 754?

    WOW I can't believe this thread is still active! I miss this community so much!
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    Finally upgrading from Opty 165..go with 3X 720 or what? please advice

    Ahahaha yeah, I'm sort of passively trying to get back into the scene. Phenom II has potential, it seems. Who knows, you might see me post more.
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    Finally upgrading from Opty 165..go with 3X 720 or what? please advice

    Yeah, RDRAM had 184 pins, didn't mean it accepted DDR1 memory ahaha
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    Intel is making waves about AMD's split-up

    Is your name a Sunn O))) reference?
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    PC Club Tubes AGAIN

    Yeah I can confirm that they filed bankruptcy, though this time around, they apparently did it for real. LOL
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    Rumor Has It

    Everyone at CCSR is stoked beyond belief. We have a really tight crew here. Let's hope everything is back to normal, if not better! And let's also hope the new owners continue to NOT do secret shops since, secret shoppers are faggots.
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    Rumor Has It

    100% True. PC Club is back. Hope the new owners are liquidators like CompUSA's new owners ahahahahahaaa.
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    Rumor Has It

    Our customers (CCSR) were really loyal and sad about it, I think they'll forgive PC Club.
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    Rumor Has It

    Oh Jonas wasn't bad. He was at our inventory once.
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    Love your socket 754?

    Turion X2 has pretty much replaced that though and that is all Socket S1/DDR2.
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    4GHz on AMD's 65nm process!

    Did you get my voice mail?
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    Yeah, the intel Bearlake boards. P35 chipset I think?
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    Microsoft To Dump 32-Bit After Vista

    It was prescott "F" that first had it. E was the first prescott.
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    Is it me, or was AMD 'Barcelona' supposed to...

    Aggie edit: Go to hell Tsueh
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    AMD to intro the new FASN8 platform

    That's a fascinating prediction.
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    The "I just bought a GTS/GTX cuz the 2900 XT was disappointing " Club...

    [H]'s reviews are based on actual gameplay experience, unlike other sites. Get your facts straight. The AMD Radeon HD 2900XT is a disappointment right now. Maybe drivers, will help. We'll see.
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    AMD needs to come out of the closet....

    Who the hell cares about computers anyway?
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    Cores 5C apart

    Yeah, otherwise his chip will die in 12 years instead of 15.
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    Today's Phenom News

    Yeah, the server socket with HTT 3.0
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    Today's Phenom News

    Show me a case where a performance difference can be noted between 2000MHz HTT and 400MHz HTT on the desktop. AM2 won't cripple AM2+ chips for I/O bandwidth. Even synthetic benchmarks won't pick it up unless its merely measuring the raw throughput. Disk access, audio, PCI-E, etc will all have...
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    A new player from Creative~! *Zen stone*

    Yeah, because that creative zen really takes up a lot of space. I'm going to have to rent a space at public storage before I can buy it.
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    All AMD Processors FSB List
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    Physx games, list, links, comments.

    Red Steel for the Nintendo Wii uses PhysX. The Wii console itself costs about the same as the card, I believe. Too bad Red Steel got terrible reviews from everybody. edit: Oh, looks like the price is down to $160 for a PhysX card. Nice. Sort of.
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    Best ever AMD cpu?

    FX's were pretty much always the fastest, cost aside, so I'll go with that. Personal favorite was the 939 Opteron single cores.
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    Best way to hold a CPU to clean it?

    Pushing the chip down into some rough gravel is a good way to keep it in place while you soak it with gasoline.
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    So Intel has Quad Core, what about AMD?

    Even at lower memory speeds, the ODMC still has better bandwidth efficiency and latency than the i8xx and i9xx series chipsets. The performance hit was very minimal. Try using a K8 system for an extended period of time with different memory speeds.
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    What affects performance more? ghz, cache size, fsb, nm??

    Only if you are using an nvidia video card or the game itself is multithreaded. Nvidia cards have drivers that offload some of the work onto the CPU, and that part is multithreaded.
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    IS this the same as my E6300 but with 4mb cache?

    The box itself says 2mb of cache. Newegg just likes to misrepresent stuff to sell it, I guess.
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    QUAD CORE MY .....

    I wasn't nitpicking, I just was unaware of a new drive technology that was mainstream that wasnt IDE. Christ, sorry.
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    X1900XT 512mb WONT FIT ALL THE WAY DOWN!!!

    Probably 60% of the video cards I install for customers have to be adjusted on the part of the bracket that was bent on yours. Pretty awful QC on the part of video card companies.
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    QUAD CORE MY .....

    IDE = integrated drive electronics. SATA is part of this family of drives, just as DDR and DDR2 are part of the SDRAM family of RAM.
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    QUAD CORE MY .....

    The drives and ram we still use are called IDE and SDRAM.
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    Try this new dual core benchmark...

    1084 Multithreaded 651 Single This is with a 2700MHz Opteron 165. I'll do 2900MHz in a sec Ok so 2900MHz is 1171 and 682 with RAM at 3-3-3 and 225MHz. Wish I still had my godly BH or CH ram. I would smash core 2's with it, haha
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    ZOMG Samsung Exec Pleads Guilty to Price Fixing Memory!

    I kept telling you guys that TCCD was a ripoff and that winbond and micron made more sense...
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    BH-6 and Memtest errors

    I'm trying to remember BH. It's been ages since I used it, but, I think Trc of 7 is better for BH and it's CH that likes 12 Trc. Also disable the Dynamic Idle Cycle Counter in the BIOS. That thing is whack for latency.
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    7950 gx2 strange issue with aquamark..

    The PCI-E switch exists on the card. The chips talk to eachother independantly of the motherboard, so any PCI-E board works fine.