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    Recommendations on new headphones

    The other closed headphones are 569 and are on Inner Fidelities wall of fame. Sennheiser HD 569 ($179) image: The Sennheiser HD569, while relatively new, delivers a mature and high-value experience due to its roots going back...
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    Recommendations on new headphones

    I had a pair of those and didn't find them comfortable for long listening sessions.
  3. rezerekted

    Recommendations on new headphones

    Senn makes some closed back headphones now. Here is one model but I think thye have another too, 556 maybe.
  4. rezerekted

    Anyone give up on PC Surround sound and just go stereo? Any regrets?

    What's this plugin you speak of? Plugin for foobar or what? p.s. OK, found it, it is for Win10 only so no good to me because I still use Win8.1 and will until it is no longer supported.
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    What non-maintstream browser do you use?

    I sometimes use a portable version of K-Meleon but not very often.
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    The Top 10 Highest Paid YouTube Stars: 2018 Edition

    Markiplier's voice is reason enough not to watch him.
  7. rezerekted

    Game Developer Revokes Game License over Bad Review but Later Apologizes

    Revoking the key without a refund is just criminal.
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    Windows 10 Update annoyances

    You will have to pry Win8.1 from my cold dead hands.
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    New high-end desktop mini monitor (KEF LS-X)

    These are good small speakers that are not very expensive.
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    Racing Games: Do you play 1st person or 3rd?

    Sure it is, it allows you to see over hills better.
  11. rezerekted

    Racing Games: Do you play 1st person or 3rd?

    3rd person is cheat view and never use it except in motorbike games.
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    Looking for on the ear headphones

    How much you want to spend? Sennheiser Momentum are good on ear headphones.
  13. rezerekted

    1070==>1080 Sidegrade?

    So, you are frame rate limiting, which you can do in any game by using Nvidia Inspector. But you say it is like vsync without the tearing. You have to turn vsync on to stop tearing even if you do use a frame rate limiter.
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    So, Avira Flagged Something in my Portal Download from Steam?

    I stopped using Avira because it gets so many false positives. Microsoft Defender is good enough form me and even that gets false positives sometimes.
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    Origin missing content

    They can't do that. Just change your email address and you that is all that should be required.
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    REPLACEABLE EARCUPS. Why are they so rare?

    Yea, and just two posts down we have: "call me crazy. i much prefer the sound of the dt990. at least it's not boring." 3rd post down: "Call ME crazy, but the DT990 is my absolute favorite headphone. The DT880 doesn't even come close to the enjoyability I get from my 990s" As I said, it is...
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    EA DICE Responds to Battlefield V Chat Filter Censoring Phrases Like "DLC"

    But it doesn't censor "cracker". Fuck EA, I am not buying this shit.
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    How big is your Gaming screen?

    24" TN 144Hz because most of my desk space is needed for speakers and an integrated amp. I do have a 27" IPS in the closet though. I should have bought smaller speakers because as it is now I can never go larger than 24".
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    REPLACEABLE EARCUPS. Why are they so rare?

    Exact same driver as the DT990 so it is arguable.
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    Creative brings '3D' sound to headphones after US$100m R&D

    I used Razer Surround for a while but it has no on/off mode so I can switch between drivers. Only way to stop it is to uninstall it, so I did.
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    Best headphones of 2018

    The list I posted had audioquest Nighthawk at #3 but I went and looked at the list again and they have removed them and put Campfire Audio Cascade in their place. I guess the Nighthawks were too cheap for their list. Anyway, I like the Nighthawks and at $350.00 USD they are a bargain.
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    PC Gamer Has Released a Top 100 PC Games List for 2018

    Why does she care if Steam knows how long you played a game? It's just a harmless statistic. And you can set Steam to offline mode where I don't think it does track your game time.
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    PC Gamer Has Released a Top 100 PC Games List for 2018

    I have the Witcher3 but I just can't get into it for some reason. Actually, I find a lot of games these days just annoy me and are not all that fun. My go to game is Battlefield 4 for these past five years. Tried BFV beta and have already uninstalled it. A game has to grab me or I just won't...
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    The Last Remnant Will Be Removed from Storefronts in September 2018

    No great loss. I have it and don't think all that much of it.
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    best windows utilities package preferably free
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    Best headphones of 2018

    I have the SHP9500 too and they are good but the top end is a bit harsh/bright I find.
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    REPLACEABLE EARCUPS. Why are they so rare?

    Same thing has happened with the headband on my Shure 840 headphones. The cheap pleather is rotting off already and I hardly ever use those headphones. For earpad replacements I find them on amazon made by 3rd party manufacturer's but that is for beyerdynamic and not Bose. My latest headphones...
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    is there any program / way / script that will show me what is hanging at boot ?
  29. rezerekted

    Which PCI-e SOund Card to use for Headphone gaming only

    Those headphones are 50ohm so don't really need amplification. Might sound a bit better with an amp though. You could buy just an external headphone amp and not a soundcard.
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    Safe sites to purchase games online? legit
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    youtube mp3?
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    Best Speakers 2018

    How about ATC speakers? They have home and pro line. They deserve to be on anyone's best of list.
  33. rezerekted

    Aliens: Colonial Marines AI fixed by a single letter

    How about $3.00?
  34. rezerekted

    Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Stupid AI Was Caused by a Single Typo

    I bought it. <hangs head in shame> Actually, it's not so bad as it is made out to be and is worth $3.00. I just fixed the spelling error too. Plays like Quake4 but with Aliens.
  35. rezerekted

    A Windows Update Fails To Install

    Microsoft has published a workaround for this issue. I haven't tested it yet but will after I post this. OK back, I used Workaround 2 and it fixed the issue for me.
  36. rezerekted

    A Windows Update Fails To Install

    It's gone back to the code I already posted after trying a couple of other fixes. I think I have found the issue though, it's called *Microsoft*.
  37. rezerekted

    A Windows Update Fails To Install

    Nope, didn't fix the issue except the code is different now. Already tried sfc and that didn't work either.
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    Request: Windows 10 Power Options Program - Keep Windows awake when certain programs are open

    This has a timer too so you can set it to put your computer to sleep or shutdown after a set amount of time.