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    Where is Tigger?

    Hi Peeps, long time no see ............ :D I'm well but I stopped working when I switched off my boxen. So my income is almost zero, therefore no spare cash to power the boxen.
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    got mowed by musky!

    I know what you mean about the kinda bitter-sweet mowing of monuments. I went through the same on my way to the top. I'm planning to be away on my Trice Q for around 14-15 weeks this year. First heading down towards Lands End then north untill I turn for home. I'll probably cover ~3k...
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    got mowed by musky!

    I'll be shutting the farm down towards the end of April, due to going on holiday. So its probably only going to be about 6 weeks before I loose the top spot. But the run at the tops been fun ............ :D
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    bigadv not working?

    I upgraded my 5 of my SMP clients from 6.30 to 6.34 just before my last post in this topic. They all grabbed new -bigadv A5 work-units as soon as they finished the the small A3 ones they where working on. If you are not getting A5 work-units just double check the top of your log file that...
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    bigadv not working?

    Which version client are you running ?? Stanford has just updated the Windoze SMP client from version 6.30 to version 6.34. You need to be running version 6.34 to get A5 bigadv units as they have are now stopped A3 bigadv units on version 6.30. Luck ........... :D [H]
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    CPU Folding not worth it?

    The SMP work-unit is a lot bigger and more complex than the GPU. So it folds slower but is worth more points. As you've just started folding SMP work-unit, you won't be getting the bonus points untill after you have finished the 10th one. After that your PpD for the SMP units will go up...
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    Bad work unit 2684(0,1,50)

    Just deleted it twice off my SR-2 box. The second time, I changed the Machine ID. So hopefully I won't get it a third time. Luck ......... :D [H] <- still need to fix the badges.
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    Three years ago today.....

    Back in Jan 2004, which are the earliest records here, I was running at around 833 PpD. I'm now doing that amount of points in 3:30 mins ............. :p Luck ............ :D [H]
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    SR2 case options at Microcenter

    I used a Lian Li PC-P80B case with mine. You just need to drill one extra hole in the mobo tray to fit a SR-2. Luck ......... :D [H]
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    Pimphat Plan

    As I'm on the wrong side of the pond, I'll just stick with the virtual one. Otherwise the postage is going to be silly. Luck ........... :D [H] <- still need to fix the badges.
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    GPU problem

    Just a couple of points to concider ......... Did you check over on the folding forums if it was a know bad work-unit ?? Thats the first thing I do if I suddenly get a protien that won't fold after a long run of successfull ones. When you cleared your work folder, did you get a different...
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    [H]orde SR-2 Owners Club

    But it's more fun joining the dark side and getting a bent ........ :p Add my nane to the SR-2 list. Dual X5650's @20x 194 for 3.88 Ghz. Voltages, Vcpu 1.22v-1.23v, CPUvtt 1.33v-1.36v, Vddr 1.62v-1.63v, IOH 1.35v. Temps are all in the mid 60's bar two hot cores, 5 and 6 on CPU 0, which run...
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    163K for Top 20 PPD

    Wait till the bug bites [H]ard ............ :p Then your PpD will increase. Plus don't sell yourself short. Its all the small PpD folders what make the [H]orde such a force that it is. My farm. 1x SR-2 system running the -bigadv client for +125k PpD. 1x Skulltrail system running the...
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    163K for Top 20 PPD

    I joined in the push for 5 million combined points from the top 3 teams. And the [H]orde was going for 3 million. My first farm's output from 6x dual 2400MP's was only ~1k PpD. That put me ~25th in the [H]orde. Also when I redid the badges, I stopped at 90,000,000 never thinking anyone...
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    [H]ard|DCer of the Year 2010 - Poll (1st round)

    /Uses a good left hook to get some popcorn. /Eats it while sitting back. Luck ........ :D [H] <- still need to get badge fixed
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    #3 on the team!

    I'm prob going to be shutting down for a few month in the summer again when I go on holiday. So keep up the PpD and you'll get me. Ps. Congrats on the place, however short lived. Luck ............ :D [H]
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    163K for Top 20 PPD

    Last March-April I maxed out at just over 200k PpD. And I was out producing everybody else by a long way. Now thats not even in the top 10. And you need double that to hit the top PpD spot ....... :eek: Luck ............. :D [H]
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    For The [H]orde" Boxen giveaway 2.0" Signup Thread

    I'n after the new year. ..... :p <- Need to fix the badge color, etc. Luck ........... :D [H]
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    Old timer ramping up a bit

    It will all depend on how fast you can turn the standard A3 work-units around if its possible to run -bigadv on your dual-quads. If you can get around 15k PpD with them, ~10k with the slow work-units, then a -bigadv work-unit will only take ~2.5 days and net ~30k. But at a guess you'll need...
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    163K for Top 20 PPD

    I've got my SR-2 rig clocked @3.2 Ghz running -bigadv for ~100k PpD. Changed my 5x i7 clocked @3.8 Ghz to -bigadv for an extra ~15k PpD each. And 6x 9800 vid cards running the GPU2 client for ~5.5k PpD. Total should level off at ~275k PpD. If I can clock my SR-2 rig a bit higher then I may...
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    163K for Top 20 PPD

    I've swopped over to -bigadv work-units. Plus got my SR-2 boxen online. So I should be back in the top 10 once the stats catch up to my new PpD in a couple of days ......... :D I'm just going to have to get used to taking ~2.5 days per work-unit again. Luck ......... :D [H]
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    Cheap PS3's worth it?

    Don't forget the old favourates. My 9800's are still pulling ~5-6k PpD. A 260 will pull around 1k PpD more. Etc, etc. You dont need a lot of cpu power to drive a the gpu client. So if you can find a low wattage cpu, couple it with a couple of PCI-E slots. That will still probably give you...
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    Cheap PS3's worth it?

    Unless you have free power, not worth running. A PS3's Points per Day per Watt is less then 1 PpDpW. A low end SMP rig is around 4 PpDpW. A mid range SMP rig is around 40 PpDpW. A GPU rig is around 60 PpDpW. A high end SMP rig willl pull well over 200 PpDpW. So you'd 10 PS3's to match...
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    Dual GPU Help

    The only way I can think to adjust a second vid card like that is to mod the cards bios. Put it in a Windoze box, if you have one. Then mod the bios so the fans speed up at the temp you want. Maybe even mod the clocks as needed. Then when you put it back in a Linux box, it will run at the...
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    Best setup for my e6600 rig

    When I was useing a Q6600, I ran .......... SMP on the CPU, set to idle. GPU2 on the Vid card, set to low. That way you max your PpD. Luck .......... :D [H]
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    o/c and a failed wu question

    It all depends on if the failed work-unit was sent back. If it was sent back and you download a new work-unit then no. If it was just deleted and you redownload the work-unit then yes. But you won't know which one will happen untill it occures. Luck ............ :D [H]
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    145K+ PPD -- You bastards!

    Looks like I need to buy an SR-2 system to make it more fun ............ :p Luck ........... :D [H]
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    2 machines working on same unit?!

    Not quite correct. The UserID sent to Stanford is made up of your UserID plus MachineID. Which is why you only need to change your MachineID when you get stuck on a bad work-unit/server for Stanford to think it a new machine starting up. I've max at 4 out of 13 GPU clients folding...
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    2 machines working on same unit?!

    Just double check in the top of the log files that the UserID number and/or the MachineID number are different. If they are then it's a duplicate work-unit and you'll get points for folding it. But if the UserID number + MachineID number are the same then its a copy work-unit and you'll get no...
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    %wu completed

    I'm don't how the tracker works but I can think of a reason why a report like that could show up .............. Failure to upload a finished work-unit within the preferred time limit. How close to the preferred time are you running ?? Luck ........... :D [H]
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    100,000,000 pts = New Badge Time.

    When I redesigned the [H] badges, I never thought anyone would get to 100 million. Hence stopping at 90 million. Now I'm the first one for the [H]orde .......... :D I think King_N will need to be contacted as he's in charge of the hardfolding site. Maybe recolor all the badges. +1 =...
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    100,000,000 Points. Luck ............. :D [H]
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    Nominate: Hard DC'er of the Month --- December 2010

    "Past winners cannot be nominated until one full year after they last won. " I cannot be in the running for this one as I last won it in Jan. Luck .......... :D [H]
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    100,000,000 pts = New Badge Time.

    As of the last update from from stanford I've cracked the 100,000,000 points barrier. Tigerbiten&pts=100,000,000 The [H] badges only go up to 90,000,000 pts. So someone's going to have to add a new color [H] so I can show off my new badge ....... :p I'm not going to stay 1st for long now...
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    Folding At Home User Name, Passkey etc

    Go to This page and type in the name you want to use. If it brings up no stats then your good to use it as your folding name. If it does show any stats then somebody else has used that name and your best trying another name. Luck ......... :D
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    Summer farm shutdowns...

    I'm switching the whole farm off in about 8 hours time. I don't trust then to run for 3 months unattended. Luck ............ :D
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    SMP and your Upload - A painful reality

    Mine's not over fast ............ :( You can see why my bigadv uploads take a bit of time from here. But bigadv are better than plain SMP for uploading for me. Only 1x 100mb upload every 2.5 days as opposed to 2x 50mb uploads every day per boxen. So total amount uploaded is less, it just...
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    Completed Big Adv but no credit?

    I think this one did not get any credit for me. [18:46:57] Folding@home Core Shutdown: FINISHED_UNIT [18:49:51] CoreStatus = 64 (100) [18:49:51] Unit 3 finished with 62 percent of time to deadline remaining. [18:49:51] Updated performance fraction: 0.601832 [18:49:51] Sending work to...
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    80,000,000 .......... :D
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    Vote: Chimp Challange participation

    My boxen will be switched off due to going on holiday. So I won't be takeing part. But I've still voted no anyway, due to it causing more agro than its worth. Luck ......... :D