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    Anybody playing Gwent homecoming?

    I can't get past the 4th battle in the tutorial which is just silly, it's impossible. With the cards they give you there is zero possibility to win thus you can't go forward. I have some ore, keg but there is no IU in which you can cash those in yet until you are in the main game to improve...
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    10 can't see ssd

    Went to install a blue SSD onto a relatives computer, 6 year old AMD system set up in raid1 mirror for the OS Drive shows up in bios splash screen but 10 does not see it, nothing in storage management. Older black spinner shows up just fine. makes no sense, tried different ports, same. ports...
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    860 EVO on sale again for $100

    NE, promo EMCPXEE32 Bought two a few weeks ago at this price Amazon with tax, $117.
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    860 EVO, raid1

    Grabbed a pair for $99 each @ NE to update two V-raptors I've had for 5 years with 45K hours on them [but still rock solid] but out of warranty. simply swapped out, rebuilt, repeat, easy. Blistering reads plus redundancy. Only bad part, magician can't see the array so I can't bench but I did...
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    bittorrent won't shut down

    Never had this issue but the latest version when you exit it just hangs, can't even close it down with task manager. The strange thing is this is on a 7 machine, my 10 machine has zero issues. I uninstalled/reinstalled and it's doing the same thing. Anybody else have this issue? Both...
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    LG Gram

    Anybody here have the new LG gram? The base model comes with one m.2 SSD, there is a second slot and one of the slots can do pcie x4, or so a reviewer stated but not 100% positive. I want to say since the OEM Samsung is only SATA the 2nd slot is the pcie x4 so you have a choice, you can install...
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    SSD raid 1 with w7 and RST

    Anybody know if RST 15.x + trim works? Looked all over, can't find any answer. Currently have twin Raptors in raid1, would like to simply swap out with 860 evo's, copy, replace, repeat until I have two 860's in a mirror. I could break the raid but with the same size going in, it's not worth...
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    Asus z-170 owners, have you updated to 3703?

    Should have been painless like the 6 or so bios updates I've done on my z-170 pro except this time I got a no boot, bios could not locate my Samsung 850 even though it was listed in bios in the correct boot order. Flashed back to my previous bios and windows 10 fired right up except for one...
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    FS OCZ Vector 180 960GB SSD

    Open box, has a few hours on it just for testing otherwise it's practically new. It was put away, forgotten about and I just don't have any pending application for it right now. Priced versus what a used 850 Evo is going for, this drive keeps up and has enterprise non-bricking feature in case...
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    Two instances of firefox in task manager

    Anybody else have this? windows 7 64 bit, using 32 bit firefox. Out of my 2 windows 7 computers this is the only one that has this happen. My other two 10 machines do not get two instances either. Does not seem to effect the speeds, just odd. If I close down the exe taking up less memory it...
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    New Gigabyte 1060 borked after 10 minutes

    This sucks, new Gigabyte 1060 OC I had running fine until I decided to give it a mild stress test. Was nowhere near overheating and boom, screen got white blocks then blank. Tried all cables, no dice, it's toast. Sad thing is Newegg for this card will not do a refund, just exchange. Should...
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    FS LNIB Seagate Barracuda Pro 10TB

    Open box, tested it's not DOA with seatools and benched. Zero hours technically, probably 30 minutes. Largest and one of the fastest consumer drives currently. Current retail/MSRP is around $510 @ Newgg and Amazon. Asking SOLD Paypal only Thanks for looking :) Will be shipped in medium flat...
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    fresh 10 install with 7/8 key after 7-29?

    Just curious if when the free upgrade expires if they will still allow 7/8 users to do this. I still have a couple valid 7 keys kicking around for a future build if I can use it for 10. Searched around but did not find any information.
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    FS Corsair SF600 NIB

    As stated brand new Corsair SF600 micro-ATX PSU SOLD HEAT Reviews/Feedback for ep0x73 | Paypal accepted
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    GT 710 do not get along with 7

    So awhile back for a older core2duo system with a failed GT9400 [fan] I bought a 710. First card had nvidia driver crashing to desktop [black screen for a second]. Exchanged this card for another brand, same thing. Took this card and put into another core2duo system with 7-64, latest driver...
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    SSD raid1 on promise controller [AMD]

    Anybody attempt this and does it work? I have a older Gigabyte UP4 with two raptors in raid1 but was thinking of going SSD. Most of the latest SSD;'s have garbage collection good enough that trim is not completely needed. I am aware with Intel trim does not work with RST but can't find...
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    Trinity A10, raidxpert

    The last driver package is I can install is 15.7 but they have a newer 16.4 raidxpert. Does raidxpert need to match the driver package even though it's optional for compatibility? I could not find anything in the FAQ at AMD on this subject. Thanks.
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    What is the deal with W7 and nvidia drivers crashing

    Bought a EVGA 710 for a older stable computer, using the latest driver and getting the nvidia driver crash and recovery. Returned it and bought the Gigabyte 710, same thing. DVI cable is good, it does it with HDMI as well. Found a hotfix from MS about a timeout issue, installed but it did not...
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    W10 GPT for OS drive?

    Installed windows 10 fresh on a SSD and kinda missed the part to choose since it's EUFI and I think GPT was default. So far no issues with anything and GPT is the latest, even though the SSD is only 500GB. Any real benefit to use GPT if under 2TB?
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    GT 710 screen goes black

    Bought a new EVGA GT 710 for basic video for a older system. Latest drivers, screen goes black randomly and the system needs hard reset. I thought it might be the HDMI cable so I switched back to DVI, same thing. Tried older drivers, did it again. It certainly is not overheating, runs at...
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    Evo 850 now made in China?

    Just bought one, no longer states KOREA. I guess this is to cut cost and compete but it sucks. Just a FYI. I checked it with magician and it's authentic. Anybody else buy one recently not made in KOREA?
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    Anybody here still have a Abit board?

    Weird thing happened, Uguru lost my hour count and I don't understand how. At first I thought it was the urugu program but that just relays what's in bios. I reinstalled it just to make sure, nothing changed. I had roughly 65533 hours last check, it reset to zero. No corruption, board is still...
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    Win7 BSOD upon wake

    Searched around but did not find any real answer. Here is the kicker. Same exact hardware running win10 has no issues [separate drive] Both have the latest/last driver for my GPU. blue screen view showed nv something or basically Nvidia. Have clean uninstalled and even tried a older...
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    atimpud.dll flagged as trojan

    Had Skyrim installed for about 2 years. During a scan today MWB flagged that file as a trojan.injector CHR and it was removed. I looked it up and it deals with ATI crossfire that I don't use so probably not a big deal. False flag perhaps? Oddly there are two other ATI files for those who use...
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    960 vs 970

    The 970 is a year older but obviously more powerful. Not sure if the 960 with 4GB fixed the 3.5 + 5 issue. The 960 is touted as playable at 1080 although reviews show this is not the case with newer games maxed out. I have a 32" 1440 monitor but must play at 1080 with my 750ti. I notice the...
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    Latest Nvidia drivers, DA II still has goofy graphics

    2nd play through and did not have this before but in Kirkwall some of the buildings usually at night look like a disco with all these vivid colors. There are also some characters missing their bodies and just have heads like Templars. I thought this issue was fixed many moons ago.
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    Anybody get KB2882822?

    Only showed up on one W7 machine. Update adds ITraceRelogger interface support to Windows Embedded Standard 7 SP1, Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Labeled as important but I don't see what application most people would have with this.
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    SFC found corrupt files on three 7 machines

    Never had any issues but now 3 different 7 machines show corrupt files. All three work just fine except one that has suddenly liked to BSOD upon wake. 10 and XP machine, no problem on the SAME exact hardware. WTF, how can 7 get corrupt without doing anything to it? Last time I ran...
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    W7 BSOD upon wake

    This is new, never had any issues until just recently, nothing has changed driver wise. From the quick glance at the screen it seems related to Nvidia. I have the latest/last driver for my GPU. Funny thing is I have 10 pro installed on a separate drive on the same machine and sleep/wake works...
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    W7 no longer can single click to install programs

    I am the admin and I could always click a program such as CCleaner to install it. I have changed nothing but I have to right click install as administrator now. Makes no sense unless some recent KB removed this right but I don't see how.
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    Game save folder, windows 10

    Have looked everywhere but can't find them. They should be either under "user" or documents but the documents folder can only be seen by showing hidden folders. It does not stop there though, even as the admin if you open the folder you are denied. Changing permissions also throws a error...
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    10, trim, SSD raid

    Anything about windows 10 going to allow pass through for raid? Most recent SSD's can handle their own garbage collection without the OS telling it to do so, but was curious if 10 [or new Intel drivers for that matter] allow it to happen yet. Still waiting for the day when I can toss 4 SSD's...
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    FS : NIB Klevv Genuine 8GB LED 2400 Ram

    Klevv Genuine 2x4GB 2400MHz DDR3 1.65v memory. Top binned Hynix IC's Timing 11-13-13-31 No longer need it and I don't have a windowed case to enjoy the LED lights either. SOLD Free USPS flat rate shipping Paypal Accepted Heat
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    FS: NIB Asrock Z97E-ITX

    As title states, NIB mini-itx bought for a build that I don't plan to do now. Reviews around the net suggest this is a decent board. SOLD Paypal Accepted
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    Where does MWB store it's info?

    One of my computers awhile back when I updated it and goofed up and with the new key system put in #1. I figured if I clean out everything related in the registry [even tried that MWB uninstaller] I could use my old CD and install it again and do it right for my lifetime key. Nope, throws a...
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    10 pro 64 pre-order for $130

    Not terrible for a price through NE. OEM Promo :EMCAVKR223
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    Any quality top mounts still made?

    Just curious if all the top tier have gone to the bottom mount orientation. I still have a original Antec solo case, top mount I'd like to use for a build. My V1 Corsair HX650 is top mount but I believe the V2 is not. I suspect all the latest Corsair and Seasonic versions are designed...
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    MWB hosing lifetime keys?

    Bought and paid key. Updated to their latest build and it says my key is invalid. They give you a choice to get 1 year with a new key or buy another key. What kind of extortion is this? Lifetime means fucking lifetime, not a year. My pro was reduced to the "free"...
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    Gigabyte GTX 960 Windforce 2x

    Small and compact, nowhere to be found even though it's been released. Only 181mm long.
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    USB stick is now read only

    New Corsair Voyager USB stick apparently lost it's MBR. It's stuck in RAW and cannot format, I could not even format it with Acronis disk director, it tossed up about 6 errors. Guess it's corrupted/toast. Anybody ever had this issue? I have 4 older USB sticks from Micron and Mushkin...