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    WiFi requires router reset every couple of days

    I have a tp link 5400 and many devices hardwired through switches. Every few days the WiFi doesn’t work properly. The wired seems to be fine but all wireless devices do t work. If I select one of the WiFi either 2.4 or 5, I get a variety of errors like it says password is wrong and putting in...
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    slow speed test on 2nd router

    I have ATT fiber and use a TP-Link router for my home network. I do this to handle a large number of devices in the house hoping for superior throughput from the TP-Link. For years things have been fine but there was some sort of a power outage when i was away that resulted in my home network...
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    Is spybot still a worthwhile program to use

    I run malwarebytes (paid addition) and i also run spybot which i update/immunize/scan weekly. Spybot always finds some low grade stuff. I run the free version of spybot since i used the paid for 1 year and it was too intrusive and seemed to have problems auto updating such that i was spending...
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    Method to stream HDMI signal

    i have directv with several directv boxes in the house. Still I have a few rooms where I’d like to have directv reception but aren’t used regularly such as spare bedroom and gym. Is there a device that I can connect the hdmi out from a directv box that will then allow me to “sling” the signal...
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    Do i need a seperate router and best way to do it.

    I recently switched to 1 gig service with AT&T. Previously i had comcast 125 down. With the comcast, i had my own router behind the modem, ASUS AC87U. I have my house hardwired. Behind the router i have a 30 connection or so gigabit switch. Those 30 connections run either directly to a...
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    Best hassle free 1080 gtx

    I'm looking to get a 1080 for VR and want it as solid and hassle free as possible. When I've looked at different models at newegg some have had heat pad issues and I'd like to avoid any of that if possible. Which brand/version would you get for a hassle free experience?
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    What should I upgrade

    i purchased a htc vive for my son for Xmas His system is an i7 3.2ghz, 8 gig, SSD, 290x video card. He hasn't mentioned any issues with his VR but I wonder if it would look even better with in particular a video card upgrade. I've only personally tried a Star Wars demo. If I were to upgrade...