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    Advise on buying for multi-monitor setup

    I'm looking to upgrade both me and my girlfriends displays, but since we got multi-monitor setup (old BenQ GW2670's) they can't be too expensive, so instead of just throwing money at expensive screens and hoping for the best any advice on good-for-gaming displays matching the following without...
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    [plz delete] ASUS ROG Swift PG278QE still worth buying?

    EDIT: I just got told that it doesn't support Freesync and since back in 2015 I'm no longer running Nvidia cards. Sorry for wasting your time :dead: So way back in 2015 I was looking at the ASUS ROG Swift PG278QE display but never got around to actually order it. Is it still worth buying or are...
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    How to test for PCI-Express bottleneck?

    Hello experts :) I'm running a brand spanking new GPU on a very dusty motherboard. Is it possible somehow to see the PCI-Express bus utilization and if it is bottlenecking the GPU? I know you can google some tests, opinions and theoretical numbers but I'd like to be able to see/test it myself...
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    Help picking AMD CPU

    I'm completely out of the loop on hardware these days so would someone mind giving me some advice on what would be a good upgrade? I'm thinking a boost in performance like ~50% (see link below for current specs) and the ability to upgrade CPU for as long as possible. Usage is something like 60%...
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    New GPU in old board. How fast?

    Hello experts. My GPU died and I'm totally lost in the jungle. What is the fastest card I can put in my old machine without having a huge bottleneck? I5 2500k @ 4,6 Sabertooth P67 (only has PCI-e 2 x 16) 12gb RAM My monitor is 1080p 60hz.
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    Fastest RAM in an old Sabertooth p67?

    I'm about to get some new RAM to overclock an I5 2500k but I'm unsure what I can use in this motherboard. ASUS' site says up to 1866 but I see tests (like DigitalFoundry's) that recommend paring the CPU with 2133. Can I run that in the Sabertooth?
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    How fast a GPU before bottleneck?

    Hello experts. I'm looking at upgrading GPU but I'm unsure how high I can go before it will be bottlenecked too much by the rest of the system. Currently the system is a I5 2500k @ 3,?ghz with a R9 380 4GB. The motherboard is an ASUS Sabertooth P67 (PCIe 2.0 x16). So, how high can I go...
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    Another "For the love of god help me get rid of buzzing/mic noice!" thread

    So, I have quite a lot of noise on my microphone and to not annoy those I talk with I'd really like to fix it. Sadly I have no idea how. The noise is either from all the stuff I have connected in my living-room or from the power outlet as it is a problem in both my PC and my PlayStation 4 (same...
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    New card or use an old one?

    Simple question (though I have no idea if the answer is simple too): I was happy with my onboard audio (the ASUS Sabertooth P67 has a Realtek ALC892) until I needed to use my microphone for Mumble. Yikes! So. Much. Noise! So now I'm thinking, do I need to buy a new dedicated card or is my old...
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    Upgrade to more power and less noise

    EDIT: Going to grab a Gigabyte GTX 770 with a Windforce X3. Hello experts :) So I'm thinking about upgrading my GPU and last I asked I was told to wait. Well it has been a while now. Mostly it's to get my PC to shut up now that it has become nice and quiet otherwise, but more power is...
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    Case with room for 3x5.25 (hdd's in enclosures)?

    I'm looking for a htpc case that can hold three internal disks in cooling enclosures (5.25) either internal or internal + the CD drive bay. Any on the market that isn't huge two level boxes? If not, then with room for two at least?
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    Multi usage server/HTPC: Xeon or FX CPU?

    Hello experts. My old trusty atom file-server just died on me, so I need some advice on CPU choice before I build a new one. I had almost ordered the Intel Xeon E3-1225 V2, but now I'm in doubt if the AMD FX (8350 Black?) would be a better choice, since my server will often be doing multiple...
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    Sony PS3 Pulse Elite vs. Mad Catz Tritton 720+

    Well, which should I buy you think? :confused: I know there are other choices out there, but these are the ones I have found available around here for a good price. They are mainly for gaming on the PS3 (PS4?) but also for PC gaming use.
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    Does having Win on a SSD make a difference in-game?

    Hello experts (: I'm a Linux user running games in WINE but have a few that requires Windows to work. Now I'm unsure if having Windows on my SSD would make any difference (in-game!) compared to just having the game on it? In other words, would having Windows on my SSD disk make any difference...
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    Spend ~$300 on my rig

    Yeah I know, not the most original thread ever, but I thought it would be interesting to see what others would upgrade my stuff with, for around US $ 200-300. I tend to end up looking at a single very expensive piece of hardware if I browse around myself, so any ideas would be appreciated, just...
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    Need advice: RAM overclocking

    Hello experts :) So I'm thinking about grabbing a new CPU soon (looking at a Q9505) but first I want to play around a bit with my current one. I'm new to overclocking but I had a go at it anyway and so far nothing smells burnt :p I'm not sure about my RAM though. It seems it cannot go above...
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    Do I need to upgrade and to what?

    Hello experts. I'm in need of advice about my PC. I play ArmA 2 and I'm having problems with very low FPS (>30 avage in benchmark 1). If I ALT + TAB out while gaming my CPU seems to be okay (>40 % most of the time) so I'm guessing it is my graphic card. Could someone tell me if it is indeed...
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    Random RAM errors and game crashes

    Hello experts :) I have some kind of error that I can't seem to find the cause of. I'll try to explain in detail what is wrong and what I have tried to correct it. The error that started it all was some games crashing to desktop with a message that "The driver stopped responding" (and the...