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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700 cpu + Asus 580 4gb video card +free games x2 $ $299 AC & AR

    Pulled directly from slickdeals.. Found a combo with lots of discounts I went ahead and bought this one since I don't know how long it will be live. apply two promo codes: EMCTATY33 (-$40) EMCSTATY2 (-$15) $20 MIR here on the card...
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    FS: AMD 3-Game Reward Bundle(Division 2, Devil May Cry 5, and Resident Evil 2) *One left

    Really easy process to redeem if you can't do it yourself. I will redeem it for you on your account and you can just change the password after. Usually takes a couple of days for the keys to filter into the account.. It is not instantaneous, AMD does it this way for some reason.. oh and you...
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    EVGA 2080TI FTW3 Ultra cards in stock now at Incase anyone still insists on getting one.. *Note Also eBay has it as well.. Could stack with at 10% eBay cashbacks.... 50 available quantity as of this writing...
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    FS: 1x Battlefield V Nvidia Key $35

    I have 1 Battlefield V Nvidia key for sale. Easy to redeem, you DON'T need any 2070 RTX or above to redeem(I verified this already by redeeming another key on an AMD system).Looking for paypal with friends and family payment since I have no way of protecting myself since this will just delivered...
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    Accidentally bought a key I already own.. and already redeemed it on accident lol.. oh well.. free to who claims it! Just post a message so everyon knows its gone.. CVK7Q-MXHHK-5HYRR
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    eBay 1050Ti GDDR5 4GB $69.99 FS + No Tax Not sure if this is some sort of scam???? I got this email thru eBay itself and was referred to this listing.. Can someone point me in the direction of what I am missing?? Note* looking into it more in depth.. just red flags all over the...
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    Help finding VESA mount for Dell U3415W to top mount on existing monitor

    Bought a AGON 35" 1440P widescreen monitor and I would like my mount my other Dell U3415W on top. Was trying to utilize a desk clamp type mount to do this. I tried buying the Dell MSA14 official mount but unfortunately it does not reach high enough to have the monitor rest on top of the AGON 35"...
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    $1054.98 EVGA 1080TI FTW3 Hybrid + 650W power supply combo $1054.98 EVGA 1080TI FTW3 Hybrid + 650W power supply.. since the price increase AGAIN, was trying to help others if possible.. i know it sucks guys.. but just trying to throw this out there to help out if...
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    Philips Curved 5120×1440 32:9 49 inch Monitor

    Yes please? Especially if they happen to keep it at that same price.. might be completely tempted..
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    *Nevermind.. not worth it...

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    Warm GIGABYTE AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming Box $699.99 + Shipping... Was thinking this is a bit warm.. You can always take the card out and sell the box to lower the whole cost of the 1080 in general.. Or am I overlooking it??
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    Xbox One X Scorpio Edition $478.49 Amazon(Seller) NEW

    Not to promote any seller but guy has 95% positive feedback from over 8K+ people. Anyways.. he has two consoles left... Only have to wait a week but seemed pretty good. I bought one myself, tax free and free shipping.. just have to wait a week or two.. Saves me almost $60 if I were just to...
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    Creative Sound BlasterX Katana $199.99 @ Massdrop Cheapest I have seen so far for this sound bar.. at $300 it was a tough sell but at $199.99, I feel it's pretty hot.. Look up some reviews of it on youtube.. I have a limited amount of space and this will definitely match my setup...
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    (Warm) AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper 1950X $879.99 Pretty good price honestly... Most people are probably looking at 8700K(maybe) but it's a pretty good deal if you were looking to build now. Edit* I guess amazon has it at this price too...
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    X399 Motherboard Pre-orders..

    So word on the street pre-orders will start in less than 24 hours.. Anyone know exactly what is a good site that will have the links to the webpages? I looked at and some other random websites but no dice.. Just wondering since I am really excited to purchase a board... As for...
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    Ryzen Build Dilemma...

    So currently I have a 3770k 4.6 GHz/2133MHz DDR3 RAM/ 6TB Seagate RAIO 0(For gaming storage)/1080TI FE hanging out in my Corsair Air 540 case... I use this for gaming.. I happen to stop by Microcenter and they ended up having that $100 off sale with a Ryzen 1700X and I noticed when I was there...
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    Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSHD 2TB 7200 RPM 3.5 - $64.99 Free Shipping + tax

    So I guess google express is having a 40% coupon off your first purchase utilizing their site(Max $40). Searching thru my available stores, I was able to procure this HD for the listed price from fry's electronic. I know its probably not the best bang for the buck, but I needed another somewhat...
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    Prime Members: MSI X99A GodLike Gaming Carbon Intel Motherboard $330 + Free S/H Ripped from slickdeals... Ya... If i didn't have a wife forbidding me from buying...
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    RX 480 1400/2250 for 3440x1440 Resoultion.. Viable??

    I just was able to snag a rx 480(yay!) finally and bought a ARCTIC Accelero Mono Plus Graphics Card Cooler from amazon. I have been trying to find videos depicting gameplay at this resolution but the only video i have found on youtube is... . I can clearly tell by the video that the card is...
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    23.8" LG 24MC57HQ-P Glossy Black 5ms IPS Monitor $85 + Free Shipping

    I ripped this from slickdeals... $84.99 after temporary promo code CSUMMERFUN2016 = paypal only... I was building 2 computer systems for my buddy and he was looking at upgrading his 2000 something dell monitor 15in to something a little more modern for under $100. This came by and I was...
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    Question about Dual GPU card running at PCI-E 3.0 instead of 2.0 + locking up issue

    Sorry if this doesn't go here. Wasn't sure to ask here or the motherboard forum... I recently bought the Powercolor AXR9 390 II 16GBD5(Dual 390) card and running it on my ASRock Extreme 3 Gen 3 motherboard. Since I still utilize a 2500k, it is running at PCI-E 2.0. However, according to GPU-Z...
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    FS: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Siege PC CD-KEY(UPLAY) $25 CLOSED*

    Bought the HyperX Headphones and trying to off-load this cd-key. I will take paypal as payment. Let me know. Thanks.
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    Shoe Bot Buying Script/Recommended PC Spec

    So my one buddy is a hardcore shoe advocate. He is looking into buying a shoe script bot and running the extensions in chrome. My question to you guy is how much ram and what type of processor to you think he needs? My original guess was a dual core but hes looking at having a lot of tabs opened...
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    WTB: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

    Let me know.. looking to pay 35$.. Thanks. I'm sure they will be a crap load of these threads today...
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    Antec 300 front usb header part

    So I accidently swung my leg near my tower the other day and broke both my front usb 2.0connectors on my case. :( Anyways I have been looking online to find a replacement for them. Antec's site does not have any listed in stock but I was looking online and noticed the Antec 300 v2 has 2 usb 3.0...
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    Geforce 660 TI SLI Advice

    So I've been itching to upgrade my Radeon HD 6950 to something more current. I have decided on a whim to purchase 2 ASUS 660 TI open box deal from newegg. Came out to $350 total with the "Wallet" promo. Now I have seen benchmarks showing the SLI performance comes real close to the titan which...
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    Samsung Enterprise SSD NVMe-XS1715 3000M/Bs Just saw this and was quite impressed... not sure how much this baby will cost though :)
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    Radeon HD 6950 Power Draw at 1000/1400

    Basically I have a XFX Radeon HD 6950 (shaders unlocked) card and have been curious to how much power I am drawing off my graphics card (est). I've been looking around the internet but all I seem to find are just power draws at stock frequencies for the cards. I know I could just go out and buy...
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    Inspiron 17R - 5721(Refurb) for $355 + tax

    Inspiron 17R - 5721 Save $350 on any Dell Outlet Inspiron 17R - 5721 priced at $705 with coupon* code below! Was $705.00 Now $355.00 Certified refurbished...
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    Free TERA Head Start Buddy Codes Event(3x)

    I have already pre-ordered tera online but I guess I can invite 3 other people to try out tera again this weekend(april 28th). None of my real life friends would ever give this game a chance so their loss is your gain. I have 3 codes each that I will give out to the first 3 people to pm me. good...
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    Hard Drive Connections Setup

    I ordered 2x Seagate Barracuda 7200 3 TB 7200RPM SATA 6 Gb/s NCQ 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Bare Drive ST3000DM001 for $330 total at amazon. I have a ASrock Gen3 Extreme3 Motherboard and also a OCZ Agility 3 AGT3-25SAT3-60G 2.5" 60GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) installed on...
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    7600gt 99$

    so i was looking for a cheap card for my buddy and he didn't want to spend more then a 100$ so i saw that deal from newegg for 113$ AR and did some looking around and i found this link they seem to be legit and they have lots of reviews...
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    Windows Verisons After Vista...

    So now that we all now Vista has hit RTM, I have been wondering what Microsoft has up next for their future OS development.. I can't really find much but this article which kinda shows where they might be heading with...
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    EVGA Geforce 7800 GTX for $546.11

    Found this while looking for some prices :) Lowest price I have seen around.
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    Geforce 7800 GTX Into Shuttle SN25P?

    I was just curious. Does anyone know if one of these cards will fit into a shuttle sn25p case? I know the card is longer then the geforce 6800 ultra and I was thinking of purchasing one, but I don't want to purchase one to find out later it does not fit into my system. Thanx in advance.
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    Dell UltraSharp 2005FPW - $449.40 Shipped w/o Tax - Dell Small Business

    Taken from Not quite as good as the previous deal we had from before but you can get the Dell Ultrasharp 2005FPW for $449.40 with the 40% off coupon SVLT1D6KSWVBLB to save $299.60. Note: This is on the Dell Small Business site not the home. Coupon is valid through...
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    Logitech Z5500 239.20 Free Shipping Not Incl Tax.

    Dell has an offer for these logitech speakers.. seems to be the best deal i can find. im probably gonna buy it tonight.. if someone finds a better deal please post :)