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    Asus Rampage IV Black Edition

    Oh, I was going to go to the Z390 mobo and either sell it to help fund the upgrade or put it into my 12 year olds x58 system.
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    Asus Rampage IV Black Edition

    This is an old thread but I have a Black and was looking around to upgrade
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    Time to upgrade the rig?

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I was going to drop my current rig into my son's to replace his really old X58 build and get an entire new build. Might just put that off and go with getting a new GPU put my current one in his with more memory. He is 11.. fortnight and YouTube don't require...
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    Time to upgrade the rig?

    Hi I am getting the upgrade bug with Christmas coming on. I don't do much overclocking but I would like to have my comp be able to handle pretty much anything I throw at it. I was thinking of going with a Z370 mobo...THoughts? Here is my current setup. Cosmos Ultra II Asus RIVE BE Intel...
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    TRUE-120 on LGA2011

    Did this work? I am in the same boat? If it did could you post a pic? Let m make sure I am understanding right... don't put on the back plate or screws but put just the mounting plate (square w/ hole in it) screwed into the huge cpu casing area on the socket 2011 mobo with the other screws...
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    True Black Ultra 120 compatible socket 2011?

    Is the True Black Ultra 120 compatible with socket 2011? I would dearly love not to have to buy another.
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    I am interested in the 260...still got?

    I am interested in the 260...still got?
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    get another 570sc?

    updated signature to include ssd
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    get another 570sc?

    thanks, but...sigh
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    get another 570sc?

    no games are kicking my ass at all, I can play all new games w/o any issue whatsoever. The 1366 socket is not worth the upgrade in your opinion and I should wait for Ivy? Thats fine I just have an upgrade buzz. Maybe speakers and a soundcard...
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    get another 570sc?

    yes? to the 570, upgrade to 580, get 970? or wait??
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    get another 570sc?

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    get another 570sc?

    Should I get another GTX 570 sc and run sli or upgrade to a 580 and sell the 570 orrrrrrrrr sell the i-7 920 and get a 970...or just wait for new Ivy Bridge.
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    Noob to audio w/ silly question

    OK, thanks in advance and if I dont respond right away please forgive me...I work a 12 hour shift today and go to work in 30 min. I have a question about speakers and computer music. I have a lot of music on my comp (250+gb) and have been using the onboard sound card and OK speakers. I am...
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    Graphics card upgrade

    What about a 260?
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    2 260gtx compatability sli question

    Will I have any problems running the Sparkle GTX260 216 with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 216?
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    Beware of OCZ Rebates! I wish I had know this.

    Rebates in general are an evil way to make you think you are paying less. They are banking on you not filling out the forms correctly or just forgetting to do it. Avoid rebates!
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    i7 920 Memory recommendations

    Go for the Ripjaws. Not only is it a cool name but they rock!! Make sure you get this model.
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    G.Skill Ripjaw or Kingston Hyperx? ddr3-1600

    I like the Ripjaws but a different model... they are a little more, but really what is $30
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    Memory prices bothering anyone ELSE these days???

    I live in Boise (home of Micron) and they almost went out of business last year b/c of low memory prices. Laid off half their workforce, the entire town was freaking out.