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    Free Assassin's creed syndicate - Uplay

    I have a free key for the first to pm me.
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    Win7 Install issue

    I'm here because my Google-fu turned up the same problem but no workable solutions. I'm trying to install windows 7 Pro on a new build after the old version would seize up after a few minutes of use. During the install the system would freeze up and become unresponsive at the Extracting Files...
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    very bad, no good, rotten day

    In my haste to finally complete my 4p (big thanks to Musky), I dropped a chip and bent a few pins in the socket. Does anyone have any experience fixing this or do I have to ship it off to be fixed? Untitled by maverick651, on Flickr
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    Joining the 4p club

    I am looking to further my folding addiction and thought what a better way than one or two 4p systems. I need help choosing a motherboard, but pretty sure Supermicro is the way to go. Also does the support for 1600 speed ram have that big of an effect on performance.
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    knights corner

    hey found this could we apply this tech to folding
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    They are almost here...

    The next ramp up for a lot of people is almost upon us October is too far away
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    FS: 2600k system and other stuff

    For Sale: 2600k system 2600k Asus P8P67 pro B3 Corsair H50 Sapphire Radeon 5570 4GB 2x2 Kingston Hyper-X 1600 Thermaltake TR2 430w PSU NZXT Phantom case Win7 HP Willing to part out if no interest in the whole thing $1000 plus shipping from 44094 also offering i7 920 $150 Asus P6T...
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    WTB x5650

    am looking for a x5650 to match one i just got so i can upgrade my SR-2 to full hex PM if you are interested
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    ES or Regular

    recently bought a X5650 off the forums and have been searching for another whilst looking through ebay came across xeon x5650 ES now for a little bit more that the first xeon is it worth sending back the first and just getting two ES chips (the seller has 4 ES) would be in an SR-2 and mainly...
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    Hard Stickers

    I've been looking through the forums trying to find links for stickers, does anyone know where to find them. I want some for my boxen and other misc gear
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    quad g34

    I was considering getting a quad g34 mobo and running one opteron 6128 and then loading up when the 6200 series came out and running linux does anyone have any experience with these systems and how does smp scale to 32 or 64 cores
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    is the SR2 worth it

    im considering buying an SR2 i already have 2 e5620's running on a workstation board but CES is right around the corner and am wondering should i just save for the new sandy bridge or bulldozer stuff