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  1. NeghVar

    Hypothetical ? about VPNs

    I have a what if question about nesting VPNs. Suppose I am subscribed to PIA, Nord and Express anonymous VPN services. What would happen if they were all active? Would there be 3, 2, then 1 levels of encryption on the connection as it exits each VPN service? Or would it end up as a total...
  2. NeghVar

    onboard graphics

    Does a motherboard with an HDMI/Display port require a CPU with an integrated GPU? Or is the GPU somewhere on the motherboard? I am piecing together a system and I selected Asrock X570M Pro4 and a Ryzen 7 3700X. I do not need a graphics card. Onboard will do fine for what I need. The...
  3. NeghVar

    data usage per app for OSX

    So far all I have found is Activity Monitor, but the data resets whenever the system is rebooted
  4. NeghVar

    data usage per app for OSX

    Do MacBooks have a feature that shows how much network data each app uses? Like Windows 10 has "Data Usage" and view usage per app?
  5. NeghVar

    Windows firewall: allow communication within subnet only

    Would this setting limit the application to LAN only
  6. NeghVar

    Windows firewall: allow communication within subnet only

    Is there a way to make a rule for windows firewall which will allow a program to communicate within a LAN but not outside the subnet? Basically forbidding internet communication but allowing LAN communication
  7. NeghVar

    April Fools Tech Roundup

    I love the Mage one: Due to global warming, Glacial Spike is now 20% smaller every year.
  8. NeghVar

    GBWR: Largest Collection of Video Games

    I heard this on the radio this morning. I wonder how much this cost? How many were bought new or used? What percent of those games he has completed? Or if any of those games include some of the very rare ones such as the NES World Championships cartridge. This gamer has the world’s largest...
  9. NeghVar

    EU passes the "link tax"

    If Google, FB and the other big boys decide to discontinue the news services instead of deal with it, I bet the EU's major news sites will suffer the same fate as Spain's did in 2014-2015. Traffic to them plummeted.
  10. NeghVar

    EU passes the "link tax"

    Article 13 creates just as bad of a predicament. Can you imagine what would happen to Youtube, plus many other sites, if we had such a law as article 13? There was an article I read a few years ago titled "Welcome to the Splinternet". As major regions and countries start making their own laws...
  11. NeghVar

    EU passes the "link tax"

    For a long time there have been much controversy surrounding Article 11 & Article 13 of the EU Copyright Directive. The final vote is complete. It passed by 5 votes A 'Dark Day': Copyright Law That Threatens the Internet as We Know It Passes Final EU Vote In the EU today, because of Article...
  12. NeghVar

    <ignore>. already covered

    <already covered>
  13. NeghVar

    Irdeto Launches Denuvo Anti Cheat

    Just like when StarForce claimed their DRM has no effect on optical drives But as for cheating, as long as it is only enforced on multiplayer games. Not single player.
  14. NeghVar

    Loading website on port 1433 without using “:1433”

    I convinced her to just go with ":1433" Told her that the browser will only support 443 and 80 without the extra port specification. Other options are more costly and impractical. The exact URL can simply be saved as a bookmark. "Is it really worth buying a load balance or reverse proxy...
  15. NeghVar

    Loading website on port 1433 without using “:1433”

    Boss wants me to set up a website so that by typing "" (no :1433) in the address bar of a web browser, the request will go through port 1433 on a Watchguard Firebox to an apache web server with domain-ssl.conf containing Listen 443 <VirtualHost *:443> ServerName...
  16. NeghVar

    Footage Shows a Click Farm in Action

    Use it to mass 1-star a game over draconian DRM
  17. NeghVar

    Classic World of Warcraft Content Progression Revealed

    I remember reading an article a long time ago about how joining a top-notch raiding guild was just as, or more, complicated than writing the perfect resume to get a high paying job. And, god forbid, the guild you are in is so hardcore that the leader tells you, "I don't care if your only child...
  18. NeghVar

    Classic World of Warcraft Content Progression Revealed

    I am looking forward to this. My main motivator is to participate in the opening opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj. Though a full experience of classic will be new because when I first join WoW, shortly after the AQ patch was released, I was a soloist. So I never learned about the difference...
  19. NeghVar

    Windows 10 Update Can Degrade Graphics, Mouse Performance in Certain Games

    World of Warcraft is affected. I uninstalled that update and performance is back to where is was before
  20. NeghVar

    Diablo Is Now Available for Purchase on GOG

    Remember how rampant cheating and hacking was on the games. I remember an app called Bobafet. One of its abilities was to create a hotkey which would instantly kill all other players on the dungeon level you were on. You could then steal their gear. The flaw of it was that each...
  21. NeghVar

    YouTube Disables Comments on Videos with Minors

    After reading about this Momo thing, I conclude that this is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  22. NeghVar

    YouTube Disables Comments on Videos with Minors

    This has its pros and cons. As mentioned above, pedos could leave timestamps for particularly appealing scenes. I have no clue how often that happens. But I do know that some channels with minors as the main participant rely heavily on comments. For instance. My daughter watches a lot of...
  23. NeghVar

    GOG Ends Its Fair Price Package Program

    I hope they remain in business. If they close down, we'll have an increase in traffic on those abandonware sites again.
  24. NeghVar

    replacing all entries of <oldowner> with <newowner> in multiple php files

    Ok, my employer bought out another company. As we are doing some changes to the website and intranet website. Every php file has the string copyright . We want to change this to Is there a command in Centos 7 cli which will replace the old...
  25. NeghVar

    Scammers Blackmail YouTubers with Copyright Claims

    I bet if filing a false DMCA/copyright claim became an enforced criminal offense and those who take down are considered an accomplice. Then Youtube would really be putting some work into verifying these claims before implementing sentence. Too bad.
  26. NeghVar

    Tesla Rival Nio Causes Traffic Jam as Software Upgrade Incapacitates Smart Car

    Wow! Could not open doors or roll down windows? Imagine what would happen, plus the aftermath, If that happened during a Texas summer.
  27. NeghVar

    Does Adjusting Graphics Settings Lower Than the Game Allows Constitute Cheating?

    Reminds me of when I was playing Minecraft when I maxed the gamma in-game and through the video card software to prevent the need for torches.
  28. NeghVar

    The Original Ghostbusters Cast Will Return for New Movie

    Perhaps we'll have a pattern similar to what happened with the Planet of the Apes franchise. The first ones are classics, Tim Burton's sucked, the trilogy (2011,2014,2017) was a big hit.
  29. NeghVar

    Removing users from a CentOS domain controller (solved)

    found samba-tool. Users removed.
  30. NeghVar

    Removing users from a CentOS domain controller (solved)

    BIND DNS Server DHCP Server Postfix Mail Server Read User Mail SSH Server ran "systemd-cgtop" in the cli. One of the results, /system.slice/samba-ad-dc.service
  31. NeghVar

    Removing users from a CentOS domain controller (solved)

    Management has been handed down and numerous people have left including the person who configured the DC's. I need to know where to look on these domain controllers to remove the departing users. I installed Webmin on both. Neither is running Samba or LDAP Users and Groups. What else could...
  32. NeghVar

    Bethesda Confirms Fallout 76 Developer Room Bans

    This is what happens when what's more important is to release a game by a specific date than to release a thoroughly tested game with minimal bugs and glitches. Glitches are like honeypots to the curious gamer. A glitch that exposed this secret room. hmmm. I'll check that out.
  33. NeghVar

    California Lawmaker Wants to Move toward E-receipts

    No more "If you were not given your receipt, your meal is free" policies.
  34. NeghVar

    Microsoft's Direct3D Team Mounts Old GPUs on Their Office Wall

    Being a collector of old CPU's. I'd love to have space to also collect old video cards. I like how they laid them out in a timeline
  35. NeghVar

    Found my first MP3 player

    The only drivers available from Creative are XP drivers. Before I disassembled it, I tried to access it on Windows 10 and Windows 7. No luck. I suspect I would need to install a VM of Windows XP to conventionally access it. I could reassemble it to be displayed as an artifact for a computer...
  36. NeghVar

    Found my first MP3 player

    I did consider that. Replacement batteries were about $8 - $15 each. But what are the odds of me using it since my smartphone can serve the same purpose plus a better interface, organizational features, and not require wired earbuds.
  37. NeghVar

    Found my first MP3 player

    Well, it still works, but the battery will not charge. So it is useless. I opened it to find a fujitsu 20GB 2.5" IDE HDD
  38. NeghVar

    Star Control: Origins Has Been Removed from Stores Due to DMCA Take Down Notice

    I got it yesterday too. Good timing. It is no longer available on GoG.