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    WiFi Mesh/extenders

    This is the only correct answer. Service provider WiFi gateway modems are only ideal for light usage and minimal coverage. For a modern home WiFi network I dont recommend repurposing old routers as extenders. This likely still leave you wanting. You are left with one of two choices, wire...
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    4k60 Streaming Stuttering

    can you move the htpc to a hardwired location and retest? That way you can check if it's the wireless connection that's causing the problem.
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    Why is this no longer popular?

    Once the novelty and newness wore off, the hassle wasn't really worth the expense or the performance.
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    Benefit of having a separate router / FW?

    yup, I've had Monero miner malware infect an outdated CentOS machine on my network.
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    Cisco 2821 15.1.3(T4) Multicast Tun0 int not formed for second VRF

    I would recommend posting this on /r/networking over on reddit.
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    Lightning killing cablemodem ethernet port.

    I agree with this solution.
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    Only getting 250ish Mbps with 343Mbps Modem why ??

    Nope, though the 6141 bonds eight channels, you also share those channels with your neighbors. Time to upgrade that modem to a 6183 or preferable an 8200
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    Nvidia Skips Ampere at GTC 2019

    Jensen really needs to shut the fuck up sometimes
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    Facebook Outage Caused by BGP Routing Error

    It's really not the most complicated routing protocol.
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    Ipmi in non epyc boards?
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    Potential Navi Benchmark: Better Graphics, Lower Compute Performance than Vega 64

    From a power, heat and cost perspective, a gaming architecture without the professional compute performance is welcomed. Unlike Polaris, I hope Navi is scaled to the high end.
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    RTX Space Invaders Wanted

    This kind of analysis keeps these companies feet to the fire. It's thankless work, but some of us here really appreciate those going beyond the benchmark and RMA experience reporting. Sometimes you just gotta know why and it itches at your brain until you do.
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    RTX Space Invaders Wanted

    Kyle, can you say whether there will be an article on what you've discovered based on this test sample?
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    RTX Space Invaders Wanted

    Kyle, have you seen this video from Tech YES City? It's not quite a deep analysis of the problem, but it implicates Micron GDDR6 as a major source of failed RTXs
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    Anyone running ASUS Zenith Extreme + 2990WX + 2x TITAN RTX?

    Was the 2990WX used in the 2080Ti and also the Taichi tests?
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    AMD Confirms Refreshed Radeon Product Stack for 2019

    Will NAVI be Radeon 5 and 3 ?
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    Hardware Unboxed Considers Ending Day One GeForce Coverage

    Sounds like the Science Studio grumping about the Ryzen launch samples.
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    Watch AMD's CES Keynote Here

    I'd rather not have the bundle and the lower price tag :)
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    Watch AMD's CES Keynote Here

    It is my opinion that Vega 7 is priced too high. 599 makes more sense when you factor in hardware features (regardless of available software or practicality)
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    Watch AMD's CES Keynote Here

    i can see where the second CPU chiplet will go
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    RTX Space Invaders Wanted

    Someone doing some forensics?
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    NVIDIA Gives the Bird to All RTX Early Adopters

    So this is why nvidia pushed their new nda so hard?
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    Researchers Want to Drop Some Antimatter Before the LHC Shuts Down

    If it falls up that's gonna be really neat
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    Is the Cost of a Cable Box Really Too Darn High?

    I know how much they cost, but I'm not gonna tell either ;)
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    Most Americans Find the Cost of Cable TV Is Too Darn High

    Broadcasters are killing American cable. They with whom the blame lies
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    AMD Radeon RX 590 Graphic Card Releasing November 15th

    Careful, dissing on old ass GPUs is how I earned this here title.
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    Microsoft's Problem Isn’t How Often It Updates Windows, It's How It Develops It

    Microsoft would do a lot of people a favor by creating a "Windows for Workstations" SKU that slowed down the micro-release cadence, rolled back the forced updates and gave businesses the Windows 7 experience they desire.
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    Microsoft's Problem Isn’t How Often It Updates Windows, It's How It Develops It

    I'd argue that they insist on the mobile OS model. It didn't work with Windows 8.1 for one good reason... Windows ISN'T a mobile OS FFS!!!
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    NVIDIA Launches GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB GDDR5X Memory

    i find it interesting that NVIDIA doesn't consider the 2060 a competitor to a Polaris refresh. This is a weird time to be alive in GPU land
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    Intel's i9-9900K Is Only 12% Faster than AMD's 2700X at Gaming, but 66% Pricier

    It's the nVidia price model. Quelle suprise...
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    12nm AMD Polaris Up and Coming Alright - Pretty Soon Already

    Silicon's a tough business to be in nowadays.
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is Out

    snooze you lose
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    NVIDIA Previews Real-Time Ray Tracing with Vulkan

    seems like it should be the other way around
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    D-Wave Launches Free Quantum Computing Service

    It's what plants crave