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    Securely erasing encrypted WD My Book before RMA

    I have a WD My Book that is already dying after a few months of usage, bad sectors, access issues, very slow reads, etc and I will RMA it. But I want to make sure the data that is on it cannot be accessed before returning it. The drive has always been run encrypted with password protection using...
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    Looking for a display with support for 1080p at 24 Hz / 25 Hz and 30 Hz signal

    I am looking for a display (computer monitor or small tv) that supports 1080p signals over hdmi at 24 Hz (and also 23.976), 25 Hz and 30 Hz (and also 29.97). Reason: it will be used as proofing monitor for a signal sent to a projector when screening movies. Same signal as the one sent to the...
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    Access HFS/APFS formatted external drives on Windows 10

    Not sure this is the right forum but... I need to access HFS/APFS (mac) formatted external/flash/thumb/etc. drives. I only need read-only access, and to be able to transfer files to a Windows 10 machine. Paid solution is fine, no need for freeware/open source. I have found the following...
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    PSU recommendation for Skylake Pentium G4400

    Building a small cheap computer, Skylake G4400 Pentium, 4 or 8gb RAM, 1 SSD, couple of optical drives, mainly small office work. (no gaming, no dedicated video card) I find it difficult to find a cheap yet reliable and not overkill PSU. All the ones that are recommended from calculators are...
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    Small build for optical drives

    I'm gonna build a small pc with a bunch of optical drives. Going to burn some masters, need to scan then, etc. Main work will be done on my current Z87 machine, so no need to power, just something that can run win7/8/10 and maybe the next one(s) in the future without hassle. I found a cheap...
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    Asus 1215N issues with flash/optimus/ion

    I hope someone here faced the same issue because after 48h I am cluesless. I had to reinstall windows on my 1215N laptop. Everything went fine, but I cannot for the life of me get flash playback to work properly on the netbook screen. Regular HD playback with MPC-HC works fine, ION kicks in...
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    External USB3 backup nightmare

    A while ago I decided to backup lots of personal data. Pictures, music, what have you. For this I purchased a 2TB WD Caviar Black and an external enclosure, namely the Silverstone TS07 ( I suppose this was not quite an intelligent choice...
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    Calibration software question

    As you may know, I bought an Eizo CX240 about a year ago. Back then, at least here, you could choose whether you wanted the monitor only or to include the bundled colorimeter and colornavigator. I didn't really care for that, and it added quite a few $$$ to the price, so I bought the...
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    Best easy way to clean an IPS screen?

    What do you use? Would a glasses cleaning cloth be ok to remove fingerprints?
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    New Z87 non-gaming board: most reliable brand?

    So I'm going to have to RMA my Intel DZ87KLT-75k board, which is loaded with flaws and won't even POST anymore. Not sure yet if they'll accept to refund or will send a new one, but I am contemplating replacing it with another manufacturers. I don't game at all, so I don't need a gaming...
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    RAID and Z87 Chipsets / different mobos

    Hi, I currently running into trouble with my Intel Z87 mobo (Intel DZ87KLT-75k). The SATA controller is (was..) set to RAID, with a non-array system SSD, and two RAID1 mirrored storage disks. The RAID is controlled from the Z87 chipset, as fas I understood. Questions: 1. If I RMA the...
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    Please help, mobo won't POST

    I have an Intel DZ87KLT-75k board. The CPU is an i7 4770 (standard, non k version). The whole system was purchased (separately) in august 2013, but not active before october (motherboard was not available right away) Since yesterday the board is looping during POST. It starts and then...
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    Keyboard wrist rest: any recommendations?

    I have thumb pain in both hands, and my chiropractor recommends putting a wrist rest in front of my keyboard for a while to see if it helps reducing the tension (I work behind a computer as well). Are there any recommendations as to the best ones out there?
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    External (raid) enclosures - best manufacturers?

    I am looking at building a few TB of external storage. I might do it in RAID1 in case one the drive has issues. Not decided on that yet. And yes, I know that RAID != backup ;). The goal is to have external "cold" storage, so not often plugged in to store data every once in a while. I've seen...
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    Eizo CX240 Review

    As some of you know (well at least Namelessme and NCX :p), I recently bought a CX240 after having been hugely disappointed with the Asus VN279QLB. Context: I don't game (or very little), watch lots of movies and do a lot of work (Ultraedit, Excel, etc...) I found the Asus, which was supposed to...
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    Monitor gamut database?

    Anyone know whether such a database exists anywhere on the interwebs? Would be nice to be able to find monitors according go their gamut (standard or wide). For example on prad you can search monitors according to loads of criterias, but gamut is unfortunately not one of them.
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    Define R4 fan control questions

    Hi, just acquired an Define R4 and currently building my new box.The R4 has two fans, one at the front and one at the back, which I plugged directly on the motherboard. I only afterwards noticed there are three black cables as well as a molex power cable coming out the top front of the case...
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    New display, Eizo FS2333, CG243W... or something else?

    Hi Hardforumers, new here, and currently at the end of a long quest to buy a new PC, ending with the monitor. I just fully renewed my box, from a P4 to an i7 4770 with a GTX770. Only the display is left to choose. I didn't really think about it, but now that I am building the new box, and...