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    Titanium HD v. Sound Blaster Z v. Schiit Stack

    Good morning everyone, I'm wondering which would be the best option for audio for me. I have the following equipment already and have been thinking of getting a Schiit stack to use instead or maybe a mix of several things. Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated. I spend half my...
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    Budget white and black theme with green accents gaming build

    A buddy of mine was looking to have a 1080p gaming, moderate video and photo editing, and general use PC built for himself. With that said, he had 2 requirements in mind, it had to be built in the NZXT H440 White case because he loved it and he wanted to have a nice theme to it. After playing...
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    GTX 980 OC

    What are people getting on their OC's for this card? So far doing only the GPU and no memory yet. I've gotten. 1528mhz gpu boost with 0% power and 0mV on the core. I sadly don't know much about OCing these cards.
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    660ti Upgrade help

    I'm trying to figure out if it's worth upgrading now or waiting until the next architecture release. The majority of games that I play are H1Z1, CS:GO, and D3 RoS. I'm torn between the 970 and the 980, I just can't seem to determine if it's worth the upgrade or not. Any thoughts? My Specs...
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    Need information regarding a couple of receivers Denon AVR-1082 and Yamaha RX-V861

    I am looking to pick up a new am as my dayton audio DTA-120 headphone port intermittently cuts out. Looking on craigslist I found the Denon AVR-1082 for $80, a Pioneer VSX-41 Elite for $100 and a Yamana RX-V861 for $125. I can talk them down even cheaper or even possible a trade but my knowledge...
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    need new Amp for speakers/headphones

    I currently have a Dayton Audio DTA-100a T amp but the headphone port is starting to go out, I have to wiggle it around to get both sides of my headset to work. I was thinking about getting a Nuforce uDAC-2 and ditching my sound car altogether (X-Fi Xtreme Gamer) but I am not sure if it will...
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    Dell Inspiron M5030 intermittent short

    Greetings, I should state that I have been a technician for 6 years now and have a good knowledge base for repair. Onto the issue! I have a Dell Inspiron M5030 laptop that has an odd intermittent short. Some history, last week the computer would not draw power from the ac adapter (ac adapter...
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    Looking for a better cooler from H50

    Greetings. I currently have an i7-870 @ 4.0ghz at 1.3v with an H50 w/ single fan configuration and am getting around 87c load on prime95 after running for about 5 minutes. I would like to get this down to around 70c or even lower but I'm not looking to break the bank so to say on a new cooler. I...
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    Audible hiss dta-100a

    Hello everyone, I recently picked up a Dayton Audio DTA-100A amp and when I have my headphones plugged in I have a audible hiss kinda like a constant shhh. It is there regardless of volume and regardless if I have it plugged into my computer or not. Any insight? Is there a different amp I should...
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    New sound card?

    Hello. I currently have a xfi xtremegamer sound card in my pc. I listen to music quite frequently with probably a even split between movies games and music. I recently purchased the Dayton audio dta-100a amp to use with some bookshelf speakers and my icemat audio Siberia headphones. I am...
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    Looking to make a career in networking. Have some Q's though.

    First of all thank you for taking the time to read this. So, after much thought I decided I want to make a career in networking. I have been working as a Technician for about 3 years now and just want to step up in the world. I have been looking at getting my CCNA (along with CISCO NETWORK...
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    X-Fi Xtremegamer digital audio out

    WTF is this shit, the XtremeAudio supports Optical and S/PDIF for digital out but the more expensive XtremeGamer (what I have) only supports optical digital out and only stereo at that..........really....... edit: even the 25 dollar Audigy SE has S/PDIF out......I hate creative sometimes.
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    Want a better setup

    Hey all I have been browsing audio now for a while and would like to use bookshelf speakers instead of classic logitech, klipsch etc. I Already have 2x Bose 201 Series III & 2x Bose 201 Series IV speakers but not sure if I should get something newer/better since they are about 15 years old now...
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    Apple denies company of putting an app in the store

    This is just ridiculous..... please register at digg if you aren't already and lets get this on the front page.
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    e8400's in stock at for 209
  16. K has e8200 oems in stock for $180 free shipping

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    Fan recommendations

    I was wondering what 120mm case fans you fellow [H] members would recommend. Thanks, KSchaffner
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    Zalman cnps9500 led 48.99 shipped on newegg

    I just got one myself :)