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    Why do my CPU's keep dieing on me?

    Ok, heres the situation. I upgraded to an A64 system in February.I originally built a 3500+ w/ a K8NS Ultra and 2x512mb of Plat. Rev 2's. it was perfect at 260x10 1.45vcore for 2 months, then out of no where the cpu died. Ok fine bad luck, i then got a 3200+ Venice which worked for a few weeks...
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    Dell support is dumb

    Me: I have one dead pixel in the middle of the screen. Them: you have one red pixel in the middle of the screen. Me: NO, one DEAD pixel in the middle THem: just one Me: yes, just one, really annoying Them: let me research this to see what can be done Me::mad: maybe since it is just...
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    I think i have one dead pixel

    right in the middle of the screen, only shows up on light colored stuff as a black dot. since i have a Dell LCD, i can just give them a call, and they will send me out a new one, right?
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    my 1801Fp came today

    it is really nice:D perfect shape, this thing rules!!!!
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    Why can't i search the board???

    it would be much easier than just asking questions that have already been answered.
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    How to tell if you have dead pixels?

    what do they look like?
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    Just ordered my 1801FP

    on the website it is not on sale, so i called. They gave me the 10% off and free shipping. 521.00 shipped. works for me.
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    how much difference is there between 400:1 and 600:1

    i can't decide on the 1703FP or 1801FP, the 17's contrast is 600:1, but the 18's is 400:1. how much difference is there really?
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    lots of monitors on sale at Dell.....

    but not the ones i want: 1703 or 1801 what kind of crap is that:(
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    1703FP or 1801FP??? coupons?

    i can't make up my mind on which one i want. I do game, but not that much. anyone know where i can get coupons?