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    Windows XP legal issues.

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    PSU Issues

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    PSU Issues

    Hey guys, I have a new 350w power supply.. the thing works in all but one of my computers. All other power supplies I have work in the computer that the new PSU doesn't. Is there some kind of compatibility thing I am missing here? The psu / computer in question is an AMD 1.1ghz with...
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    HDD on for everything

    Hey guys on one of my comps I have 256mb ram... the computer is quick, but everything I do - the harddrive needs to work.(even just moving a window) Is this a sure sign of lack of memmory? Thanks!
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    Toshiba Battery Life

    Ok, I needed something for minimal internet use and some word processing / excel so I got a Toshiba A85-S107 - not the fastest thing in the world, but for the price I got it for I'm pretty pleased with it. I read the user guide and the thing says that in "Normal power mode" the batter...
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    Intel extreme graphics

    Ok - I know it's not great, but I have the built in Intel extreme graphics and a video card is not an option because this is a tiny tiny computer in a totally custom case which does not allow for another video card unless I were to get an AGP riser - and even then with modern day video cards...
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    Windows XP legal issues.

    OK, i have a laptop that came preinstalled with windows xp home edition. Now - i do have the restore disks , however they say "wrong machine" although this is the machine that came with them - they worked before, but stopped working for some reason, the manufacturer says its something with the...