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    1700x B350 build - Completed with Win10 Pro 64-bit

    Parts list: MSI Tomahawk B350 AMD Ryzen 1700x Evo 212 Intel 600p 512GB(haven't confirmed whether it's on the new firmware or not) Ballistix 16GB DDR4 kit Mastercase 5 by Cooler Master Radeon RX 480 video card It's working fine. Booted from USB for install, took about 8-10 minutes start to...
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    Case for Research Computing

    So, I work in a research environment that sometimes requires some very... unique... hardware. I'm looking for a mid-tower case with room for some VERY(450mm and larger) long PCI/PCIe/ISA cards that we can keep around for any potential issues we run in to. I haven't found anything in the form...
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    Just ordered a new GTX 770

    Got a great deal on this card: I'd been rolling with Radeons since the 3XXX series, just threw together a new system (Z87 board with an i5 4670k stock speed and cooled...
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    OK Fine! I'm Converting

    So... After many sleepless nights of being unable to decide what my next system upgrades should be... I've decided on a Core i7 860. I've been an AMD guy for many moons now, and finally just decided I'm a big boy that makes big boy money and can spend the extra on something better. I'm...
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    Realtek HD Audio 5.1 connected analog: NO subwoofer in-game.

    It works fine in the test, it works fine in AC3 playback, any DD/DTS source. In games, particularly noticeable in Dead Space. My sub does NOT receive audio at all, and therefore does not produce sound at all. I'm sorry my first post is a cry for help, considering I've been reading this site...