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    The Mojo Story - Yes it's true

    It seems like every couple of years I find my way back to this thread. It's a great story, but more than that it reminds me of the peak of my computer hardware enthusiast days; working in a Mom & Pop computer store, building boxen, obsessively checking my Folding stats and gaming to my heart's...
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    The original apple band VS the third-party band

    I got my watch with the Nike band about 7 months ago and I really like it. I wear my watch 24/7 (minus charging it every 2 or 3 days) and the band isn't even starting to show any signs of wear. I chose it over the normal silicone band because I thought it looked too plain and was worried about...
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    IPad Air 2 > iPad Pro 10.5 today...

    I think you're mistaken, the iPad Pro 10.5 really isn't much better than the Air 2, or even the Air 1 for that matter. *Looks at iPad Air 1 on desk, continues to live in blissful denial*
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    Siri Won't Help You Unless You Subscribe To Apple Music

    There always has to be one :p
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    Download Every Tribes Game For Free

    Ha! Yep me too. I put a lot of time into WoW, so that's saying something. :D I also bought an NVidia Riva TNT specifically for Tribes 1, but I held out a bit longer and got a GeForce 2 GTS when they came out. It had a massive 32MB of VRAM if memory serves.
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    Making an EMI radiation shield for a laptop?

    I agree with what you're saying as a whole, but I need to point out (since you put it in caps) that the type of radiation that comes from a laptop is not ionizing radiation, but instead NON-IONIZING radiation. Any commercial RF (wifi, radio/tv broadcasts, satcom, etc) is of the non-ionizing...
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    Is the Nexus 6 still worth getting?

    I've had the 6 since the original price drop in June and I really like it. It is big but once I accepted that it's not a one handed device I don't mind the size at all. I do still keep my 4.7" Moto X for the rare occasions where the 6 is too big to carry; for me that's maybe once every couple...
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    Microsoft Lumia 950 & 950 XL

    It's because it's cutting edge to use a heatpipe in a phone, and geeks like us eat that shit up. However, from an engineering standpoint if you're using an SoC in a mobile device that requires a heatpipe you really need to question your priorities.
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    My new MSI GTX 970's arrived!

    1. I am very jealous (see signature). I've been happy with them until recently when I started playing Ark. 2. Where did you find 970s that cheap? I've been keeping an eye on over the last month and they've been steady at ~$425CDN
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    Fable Legends DX12 benchmark

    That's brilliant! So clearly AMD is the superior brand just based on foot warming utility. :D
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    The Downfall Of Microsoft’s Kinect

    Agreed! I bought one specifically to control my home theatre and it works well for that. I also chose it over the PS4 (which I think is better hardware) as at the time the PS4 didn't even have DLNA capability. As for games I've tried a few and I find the fitness ones the best. I'm really...
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    Legendary Sierra Entertainment Rises Mysteriously from the Grave

    That's exactly what I was thinking when I saw the headline. I do enjoy the sequels (still play Tribes Asend from time to time), but there was something special about Tribes 1. I'd like to see a remake.
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    YouTube Idiot of the Day

    I'm not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, he was driving like a jackass but most of what he was doing seemed like a calculated risk; It wasn't full on retard. On the other hand, I watched the video to the end secretly hoping for a fiery crash :D
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    Oculus to Show Off Latest VR Headset at CES

    x2 I'm at the "shut up and take my money" level of excitement. This + Star Citizen and my wife will never see me again :D
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    Notebooks with two battery slots

    Agreed, I think you'll only find this in business lines of notebooks. Have a look at Lenovo ThinkPads, they offer two options depending on the model: 1. 2nd battery via the UltraBay (takes the place of the optical drive), you can also get a 2nd HDD this way. 2. 2nd battery via a "Slice...
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    are there other web browsers for the ipad?

    Oh really? I have tried Chrome, Dolphin and Atomic and while they do add some nice features I find they really choke on media rich sites (like compared to Safari. Guess that might be part of the reason.
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    Buying my first MBP

    I'm in the same boat as the OP and I've come to the same conclusion. By the time to add the extra money to put an SSD in a non-retina MBP it's not worth it, especially since you're stuck with the 1280x800 screen. MBA has a better screen and is an excellent machine by all accounts. Yep they...
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    Best Buy Closes 15 Stores In Canada

    Yes this is true, I don't know what the heck they were thinking when they designed that; I normally just got to the FutureShop there instead. However, now that they've open up the new section of the parking garage I think you can drive right up there from inside. Not that it matters anymore...
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    How come certain cables don't work to charge my iPad

    It sounds like you're running into a classic case of Ohm's Law. I = V/R Where I = current, V = voltage and R is resistance. As R increases (due to poor quality and/or very long cables), I (current) decreases and less current is delivered to your iPad. It's like trying to drink a thick...
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    iPhone 5 Battery Life

    I have been nothing but impressed by my iPhone 5, well minus the fact that the first one came with "factory installed" scratches. I can't compare it to the 2 phones you mentioned as I had a Galaxy S before getting the iPhone. I typically go 2 days between charging it with light use, and 1...
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    Apple Store Support is awesome!

    I have heard several stories from friends about similar stellar customer service from Apple stores. I don't have an Apple store where I live, but when my iPhone 5 arrived with scuff marks direct from the factory I called and complained. Apple shipped me a new one right away; I swapped my sim...
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    Nissan to Introduce Steer-By-Wire Cars in 2013

    Agreed! A CVT is the only kind of automatic that I would buy, with the possible exception of VW's dual clutch automatic. I have no idea what kind of drugs that other guy is on...
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    Nissan to Introduce Steer-By-Wire Cars in 2013

    Actually the article (and video if you're too lazy to read) addresses all the concerns brought up here. There is some pretty neat tech coming our way, have a look.
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    Tribes Ascend now live

    I'm so addicted to this game, it's sad really. I find my favourite class/role rotates every couple of days; currently I love using a Pathfinder with bolt launcher for capping and light defence. Capping really well takes a lot of practice I've discovered. Right now I only have a slightly...
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    Intel to Target TV Viewers with Facial Recognition

    I would cancel my cable if anything even remotely close to this happened. The only reason I haven't already is because I can skip the ads on my PVR....and my wife probably wouldn't let me. :)
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    Any good MMORPGs for android?

    I'm currently playing Order & Chaos (on iOS though) and it's really good. It's basically a good WoW clone. I wasn't sure how well it would play with a touch interface, but I was pleasantly surprised. I picked it up when it was on sale ($0.99 or $2.99, can't remember), but having played...
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    Coil whine

    I have 2 MSI 6970s. One of them has what I assume is coil whine while the other is fine. They are exactly the same model and purchased at the same time, so it could just be a manufacturing issue. It's noticeable when bitcoin mining, but gaming sounds drown it out quite easily so it's never...
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    BF1942 revival?

    Well I'm certainly getting a strong feeling of nostalgia reading this thread (and watching the linked videos). For some reason just reading "Forgotten Hope" gives me chills. I remember it being so well done that it gave me that immersed feeling when I played.
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    Best mobile games for iPAD

    Careful with that kind of talk around here ;) I can't judge you though, I'm in the same boat recently. Here's my list: - Junk Jack - great game if you like Minecraft but in 2D - The Sims FreePlay - I wouldn't be caught dead playing The Sims on PC, but it's a fun time waster for the...
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    SoftwareTo Replace Daytimer

    Have you looked at Google Calendar? I think it does most of what you are looking for, and there are Android apps that add functionality to Google Calendar. I would check it out to confirm for you but I'm on the equivalent of a dial up connection right now.
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    Famed USS Enterprise Takes Its Final Voyage

    Wow...geek failure. I don't even recognize that one, or the one on the top left.
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    Remote desktop RDC from Tablet/Android phone

    I personally use Wyse PocketCloud Pro (there is a free version as well) and I find it very good. It does use a small client program to allow Google authentication and UPnP, which I really like, but may or may not work for you in your case.
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    Smokes Build

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    Ivy Bridge Delay confirmed my Intel

    Fixed! :D
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    Report: iPad 3 to be Announced in First Week of March

    The Asus Transformer Prime HD tablet (releasing in 3 or 4 months) is going to have a 1920x1200 display, so the iPad 3 having a 2048x1536 display isn't beyond the realm of possibility IMO.
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    Thinking about switching back to an iPhone, am I the only one?

    Voice search/commands isn't in the same caliber as Siri IMO, at least not on Gingerbread. It does work, but it isn't that intelligent. I have tried a few "Siri for Android" apps and here are my thoughts. Well first impressions might be more accurate since I only gave each one about a 5min...
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    Thinking about switching back to an iPhone, am I the only one?

    No I haven't been drinking :D I've had a Galaxy S for the past year and a half and I like it, and before that I had an iPhone 3G; however I'm seriously thinking about switching to an iPhone 4S. All I seem to see around here are people falling over themselves to get a Galaxy S2 or Nexus, so...
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    Motor That Run On Liquid Air

    Thanks guys, way to crush my dreams, I was half way through filling out the ecat pre-order form :D It was an interesting article though.
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    Official [H] Star Wars:The Old Republic Thread

    Exactly. By visual inspection mine is not working. Also if you mouse over the AA settings there is a tool-tip that says "This feature has not been implemented yet" :(