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    Windows boots to blank screen with MSI Radeon 6970 Lightning

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    Windows boots to blank screen with MSI Radeon 6970 Lightning

    My old PC had the MSI 6970 Lightning (which I bought from a user on this forum 4 years ago). I had an AIO liquid cooling system on both the GPU and CPU. I recently upgraded my current PC and moved the AIO liquid cooling system from my 6970 to my new GPU. I reinstalled the old air coolers on...
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    A problem with birds, dust, and cooling.

    Update: I already have filters on all the fans. Dust from these suckers STILL manage to get in the case. I clean the filters regularly with a mini shopvac. TL;DR at the end. So, my fiancee has birds. They aren't going anywhere, and they are on the farthest possible part away from the bedroom...
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    PC Cooling for dusty environment

    TL;DR below if you don't need the whole story. So, I have some rather unique requirements. My computer room is unfortunately the same room as where my fiancee's birds reside. If you do not know, birds are extraordinarily dusty creatures. The main reason being is that when they grow new...
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    AMD E-450 APU vs Intel Pentium G630T

    Looking at putting together some tiny machines for light gaming (TF2, WoW, LOL), and potentially as a HTPC. I can't find any benchmarks comparing the two. The options I'm looking at are: Jetway HBJC700C9J-H61-B + Intel Pentium G630T Or Foxconn nt-A3700-0H0WBANA + AMD E-450 APU...
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    AMD Radeon HD 6520G vs. ATI Radeon HD 6470M

    Looking at two different laptops. Both have the A-Series APUs. I can't find any specific detail comparing these two, but does anyone have any insight?
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    Looking for a recommendation on a low-mid range gaming laptop

    Looking for something for my GF, her birthday is coming up. I have been impressed by the A-Series APUs that AMD is putting out. This product seems pretty solid to me, but any suggestions would be great. I would like to...
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    Anyway to stop all programs from "popping up"?

    One of the things that irks me is when I am in the middle of typing something, and some program, or something pops up, takes focus, and I start typing on that, or better yet hit "enter" and accept, or agree to something that I haven't even read. Is there a way to make EVERYTHING pop up in the...
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    How to get Office key from hard drive?

    My mom's computer died. I'm building her a new one, but I was just going to use the same copy of Office. She had a legit copy of Office 2003 I gave her, but she lost the CDs. The computer won't start up, so no way for me to turn the computer on, but I can take the hard drive out and plug it...
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    Looking for recommendations on gaming laptop

    I am a consultant, and will soon start traveling. I'm looking for something I take with me to game on. I'd like it to be 14-15" range. I've been looking at the new AMD APU's and they have been getting good reviews. Apparently they wipe out all integrated cards, but still not as good as a...
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    Having issues with my video card ATI HD6850

    This is kind of a repost of my previous thread located Here It seems I am continuing to have problems. I have upgraded my RAM to 8GB, and tried multiple other 4GB sticks, seems that RAM is not the problem. I upgraded my power supply to something much beefier and more expensive, that didn't...
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    Having major problems with ATI HD6850

    Went to ATI and got the most recent drivers. Computer freezes for a second and displays "Your display driver has stopped responding and has recovered". Sometimes it doesn't come back at all and I have to do a hard reset. I've tried the Windows Drivers, I've tried the previous 5 older drivers...